“Do You Sometimes Just Cry?”

By Polly Conner

The blog helps me make friends.

Seriously. People read my parenting posts (or parenting woes), totally relate, want to talk to me about their similar experiences, we connect over harrowing kid stories and eventually become friends. 

Real life example: my friend, Laura. 

This gal is a doll. Love her. Like yours truly, her first born is a spirited three-year-old who is giving her mom a run for her money. We both love our little rascals to death but we are both trying to navigate the hostile waters of raising a strong willed three-year-old. 

When I posted this on my Instagram, I got quite the response. Pretty much everyone I ran into brought it up. IMG_4265

When I saw Laura today she brought up the picture and then shared some nap time shenanigans going on in her house which led to a conversation about how dang hard three-year-olds are. In her vulnerable sweetness, she simply asked me, “Do you sometimes just cry?” Read more