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  • Instant Homemade Breakfast Sandwich

    As I mentioned in a recent post called Healthy Breakfast Ideas, not only is breakfast my favorite meal of the day, but science tells us it’s the most important for our health.  So today I share with you yet another one of our family’s quick breakfasts–Instant Breakfast Sandwiches. When you

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  • Homemade Rice Cereal for Babies

    Did you know you could make your own rice cereal for your baby? No need to buy the boxed stuff from the store. It is so easy to make your own, healthier version out of brown rice. Here’s how you do it. (Note: this is for babies 6+ months old)

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  • Super Sloppy Joes - A much healthier and tastier version of the canned stuff!

    Goodbye Manwich, Hello Super Sloppy Joes {Freezer Meal}

    The term “Manwich” has always been equilavent to the phrase “sick nasty” in my book.  Sloppy Joes have traditionally ranked up there with my notion of bad meatloaf. Just bad ones…I don’t mind a good one every now and then. However, I decided to give this poor man’s entree a

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