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  • Rainy Day Activity with marshmallows and toothpicks is one of the simplest learning activities for many ages.

    Marshmallows + Toothpicks = Rainy Day Activity

    This activity isn’t rocket science…but it might further your child toward that career. Simply give your child toothpicks. Gasp! You mean hand my child those sharp pointy objects!? They will poke their sibling’s eye out! Yes, hand them toothpicks. And then hand them a bizillion little marshmallows and watch the

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  • Boredom Buster: Paint a Box!

    We’ve been cooped up way too long. Between yucky weather, fevers and snow days, my kids were getting major cabin fever. I needed something… stat. As of late, my three year old has taken to painting and can actually do it now without creating a masterpiece on the table, wall,

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  • Ball Toss Game: Learning to Add by 10s

    Anybody remember The Bozo Show? I think I just dated myself…big time. But, that’s where this ball toss game idea originally came from. My kids, ranging in age from 4-8, love this game on rainy or cold days. As they play, they are learning to count by 10s. Even my

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  • preschool math learning game

    Preschool Math Learning Game: Twist On the Game of War

    Here’s a quick and easy math learning game you can play with your preschooler. My 4-year-old son loves this one. It’s a twist on the game of war which will help your child learn the concept of “more than and less than” in a visual way. This War Game also

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