Dinged Up Dresser Finds New Life

By Polly Conner

Painting used furniture can save you loads of money! Here is a step-by-step tutorial of how an old dresser found new life for a little girl's room. Lots of other before and after projects on this site as well.

I’ve noticed a pattern in my life. I tend to paint things turquoise. I hadn’t really noticed this as a pattern until I finally got around to putting this post together.  When looking through past before and after makeovers to reference, I realized that I have a serious problem of branching out.

Regardless of the blue/turquoise repetition, I think this dresser for my daughter’s room turned out great.

When my in-laws asked if we wanted this solid wood dresser, I was all over it. Despite their warnings that it had been well-loved over the years, I was happy to take it off their hands. While in the before and after picture above the dresser looks like it was in good shape, allow me to take you a bit closer for an inspection.  Read more

Repurposed Changing Table: Before and After

By Polly Conner

Repurposed changing table into entertainment center

Painting furniture is my jam. It’s easier than most people think and the results are always totally worth it. In this makeover, I took an old changing table that I bought for $100 and turned it into this functional yet trendy little entertainment center. It’s perfect for what we need in our living room. The open shelf allows for the cable boxes and such while the drawers below hide a plethora of toys, games, DVDs, cords, you name it.
Read more

Dingy Dresser Transformed into Kitchen Hutch

By Polly Conner

before and after dresser makeover

Furniture makeovers are one of my favorite things to do. Before I had kids I had a knack for finding great furniture deals at thrift stores and garage sales, giving them a facelift, and then reselling them for more. It is a fun hobby that has slowed down a bit but I still like to get my hands dirty every once in a while.

This dresser to hutch makeover probably is my favorite I’ve done. I LOVE how it turned out and the piece is perfect for our kitchen. Keep reading to find out more about how I revamped this dinky dresser into a pretty awesome, much needed kitchen hutch. Read more