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  • moving truck

    3 Lessons from Moving Across the Country

    By Erin Hawley, Contributor Our family has recently relocated for my husband’s job.  There have been some difficult moments as we moved our two small children away from their school, friends, and family.  But through all of the transition, God has shown up in grace-filled, after-the-fact funny moments, and in

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  • Truths to remember during trials. Life doesn't always go as planned. Here are a few great reminders to hold on to when life get hairy.

    A Few Truths to Remember During Trials

    Dear readers, life is just HARD sometimes. I don’t know why I’m surprised by trials when they come but I always am. I become all melodramatic when my comfort and easy life is interrupted as if it’s an abnormality. When in fact it’s actually an abnormality to live in the

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  • No time for grumps--perspective for motherhood

    No Time for Grumps

    This morning I was woken up at 5:30 a.m. by my dog, who sleeps under our bed, scratching. And scratching. And scratching. I still have no idea why we let our 70 pound lab/Shepard mix sleep under our bed but we do. He’s got issues. I laid there for a

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  • Where is God When You Can’t Get Pregnant?

    Today’s post has been prayed for, labored over, talked about and worked on for weeks and weeks. Rebekah from Barren to Beautiful has poured her heart and soul into these words and we have high hopes that they will encourage many women out there struggling with infertility. Please pass this

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  • I Heart Operation Christmas Child

    Before I jump in, I wanted to remind you of our $100 Target gift card giveaway going on. Make sure you enter by commenting on this post of my review of up & up diapers and wipes! One of my favorite posts I’ve shared about on Thriving Home was about

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  • “Mommy, Are You Happy?”

    Mommy Monster has been on the prowl. I’ve just found myself in a little funk in which I’ve been quick to anger and acting like a hormonal teenager in the way I have been snippy and quick to anger with my kids. After a middle of the night battle with

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