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  • Freezer Friendly Sweet and Savory Salmon Recipe

    Sweet and Savory Salmon {Freezer Meal}

    I’m not a huge fish person. I know, I know. The Omega-3s that are in fish are incredibly good for you and will help you to live until you’re 120, right? Despite my Omega-3 deprivation, I still rarely get salmon, or any other fish for that matter at the store.

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  • Crunchy Dijon Salmon Recipe

    Baked Dijon Wild Salmon {Freezer Meal}

    A simple marinade plus a sweet glaze and crunchy topping make this Baked Dijon Wild Salmon recipe a winner with all ages. I’m always on the scout for new wild salmon recipes, especially ones that my whole family will enjoy. That’s because there are few foods that are better for

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  • broiled parmesan tilapia

    Broiled Parmesan Tilapia {Freezer Meal}

    A comforting and non-fishy tilapia recipe that kids, and adults alike, will love. The flavorful sauce on this fish makes this a meal worth repeating again and again. You know those dinners when you prepare something a little out of the ordinary for the fam?  Little kids cling to your

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  • Parmesan and Cracker Crusted Tilapia

    Parmesan and Cracker Crusted Tilapia is hands-down my favorite tilapia recipe ever. Crispy, moist, and full of flavor! You can’t go wrong here. Freezer Meal Instructions: Bread the fish and freeze unbaked. When ready to cook, thaw in the fridge overnight and bake according to instructions below.

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  • Firecracker Asian Salmon - A healthy and deeply flavorful marinated fish recipe.

    Firecracker Asian Salmon: Grilled or Roasted {Freezer Meal}

    You’re lucky, my friends.  I’m slowly revealing our top Freezer Club recipes to you because I like you (and you’re really nice to read my blog).  Tonight, I made an old kid-friendly, heart-healthy stand-by called Firecracker Asian Salmon. This one was always voted as a home run recipe by my

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