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  • “Shape Up In May” Challenge

    Sometimes you just need an excuse to jumpstart the engine again, right? This is why we’re hosting something really fun this month. We’d LOVE for you to be a part of our “Shape Up In May” 10-Day Challenge.

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  • Invest in healthy living resources

    Healthy Living Small Step #8: Invest in Resources

    Start at the beginning of our 10 Small Steps Toward Healthy Living series HERE. (Note: Some affiliate links included.) Confession I’m a quitter. When I get overwhelmed by something or don’t understand it, I have a tendency to just give it up altogether. I hate feeling dumb or inadequate. When I

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  • 10 Small Steps Toward Healthy Living: Step One

    Healthy Living Small Step #1: Go One Day Without Processed Foods

    Start at the beginning of our 10 Small Steps Toward Healthy Living series here. (Note: Some affiliate links included.) Our Family’s Journey Toward Real Food My husband and I used to be fast food and convenience food (think store-bought frozen pizzas and lasagnas) junkies a little over a decade ago.

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  • diy scented soap bars

    DIY Scented Soap Bars

    by Jessica Ellingsworth of Mayvn, Contributing Author A recent school family project assignment had my daughters and I wondering what to conquer. “Let’s make soap!” one of them suggested. What?! Jessica here, and after a little research I have a fun and easy Spring project to whip up with kids

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