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  • craft idea with pipe cleaners

    Pipe Cleaner Craft: Popsicle Pals

    I love simple craft ideas that my preschooler can actually do with me AND makes very little mess. I’m sure you do too. That’s why it is vitally important that you take this craft idea seriously. Like, pin it three times kind of seriously. You will not regret the 5

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  • Halloween Spider Handprint Craft

    We are in day four of a week’s worth of Halloween craft ideas. Make sure to check out our other crafts at the bottom of this post! This simple Halloween craft was SO easy to make. My preschooler loved seeing her hand prints transformed into a spider. She also loved

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  • Fourth of July Wreath

    Make Your Own Fourth of July Wreath

    After seeing a Fourth of July fireworks stand being set up yesterday, I got really excited for the upcoming holiday! So when I stumbled on this wreath idea from Capital B, I got motivated and made one for myself! Fourth of July Wreath: A DIY Holiday Decorating Idea   Despite this project being a

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  • Playdate Skirt Tutorial

    I absolutely love little skirts on baby girls. Now that my little gal is in cloth diapers, her booty needs a little more room so I’m on a mission to make loads of skirts. I named this the “Playdate Skirt” because it is comfortable, stretchy, and made for, well, playing!

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