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  • How to Turn Pancake Mix Into Waffle Mix

    One of the most common recipes that I use from our recipe index is our Oatmeal Pancake Mix recipe. Ever since I stumbled on this recipe a few years ago, I haven’t used any other pancake mix. My family loves it. I love it too. Not only does it have

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  • Easy Whole Grain Zucchini Pancakes {Freezer Meal}

    Lesson learned from making Whole Grain Zucchini Pancakes: Double the recipe next time. I made these for lunch last week to use up some zucchini I had from a neighbor. And, my kids ate these faster than I could get them off the griddle. With a little real butter and

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  • I LOVE this oatmeal pancake recipe. After this hearty, flavorful recipe for pancake mix, I will never go back to plain pancakes again. It's also packed with good ingredients that keep you fuller longer.

    Oatmeal Pancake Mix Recipe {Freezer Meal}

    Confession: Up until a few months ago, I have always made my pancakes out of Bisquick. I was raised on good ‘ol Bisquick pancakes and was on a route to raise my little ones on the same thing. That was until I came across this Oatmeal Pancake Mix recipe that

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  • Whole Grain Sweet Potato Pancakes

    Seriously Sweet Potato Pancakes {Freezer Meal}

      These Sweet Potato Pancakes are whole grain pancake perfection, if you ask me (well, it’s hard to beat these Pumpkin Pancakes). Plus, you might know my affinity for sneaking veggies in to my kids’ favorites. So win-win pancake recipe here. In fact, I tripled the batch for dinner tonight,

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