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  • Pumpkin Dump Cake

    Pumpkin Dump Cake is an easy to make, crowd-pleaser recipe goes a long away (serves 9-12 people). It is a delicious twist on classic pumpkin pie that almost any age will like. It’s also a great make-ahead recipe. Perfect for holiday parties! I have been making this Pumpkin Dump Cake

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  • Hello Peaches! Make This Pecan Peach Crisp Now.

    .5 Heaven help me, this was good. I’m already a sucker for any fruity dessert so add a crispy-pecan crust to the top of fresh-seasonal peaches and I about fall over thinking about it. I stumbled on this recipe over at Cooking Classy, made a few tweaks along the way,

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  • Cranberry-Orange Shortbread Cookies {Freezer Meal}

    This Cranberry-Orange Shortbread cookie recipe is nothing short of delicious. After a few tweaks to the original recipe, I’m seriously obsessed. I made them as a holiday treat but I could also see them being a great summer goodie to have on hand. It contains the buttery-goodness of a shortbread

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  • Delicious Lemon Bars

    I can’t say when, but at some point, lemon bars got in my head this summer. I’ve been looking for an excuse to make them, so when my husband asked his interns to come over for dinner, I found my excuse. Lemon bars for everyone! I looked at a few

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  • Whole Wheat Chocolate Chip Squash Cake

    Whole Wheat Chocolate Chip Squash Cake

    Sounds weird. I know. But, hang with me a minute…and know that I wouldn’t have put this recipe on our blog if it wasn’t a huge hit with my entire fam. Look, squash is just a stone’s throw away from zucchini. And everybody knows that you can put zucchini in

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  • Blueberry Oat Bars {Freezer Meal}

    After making a batch of these Blueberry Oat Bars for some friends and family over the Fourth of July, my family declared that this recipe is “blogworthy.” So while Rachel was busy putting together a post about Seven Healthy Berry Recipes, I felt the need to compensate with a not-so-healthy, eat-in-moderation, worth-every-calorie

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  • Oatmeal Peanut Butter Snack Bars {Freezer Meal}

    I stumbled on this snack bar recipe from How Sweet It Is a few days ago and knew I had to give these a shot. I had all the ingredients on hand so in the oven they went. Oh. My. Goodness. I love these. They pack a lot of flavor and are

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  • Healthy Take On Strawberry Shortcake

    Healthy Take On Strawberry Shortcake

    Updated and reposted from June 2012 As with most recipes I post here, our family devoured this healthy take on Strawberry Shortcake. The key to this dish is two fold: a) good strawberries macerated with just a pinch of sugar, and 2) fresh whipped cream (please don’t ruin this with

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  • Snow Ice Cream Recipe (or Snow Frappacino)

    Snow Ice Cream Recipe (or Snow Frappuccino!)

    Who doesn’t love those sugar-filled icy cups of frappy goodness at Starbucks, really? But, at nearly $4 a pop and a whopping 50 grams of sugar and 240 calories in each one (that’s the plain coffee ones–I’m not even counting the dolled up Mocha or Caramel Fraps), why not make

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  • Holy Chocomole!

    Who doesn’t love some chocolate pudding every now and then?  But, every time I read the labels on the pudding packs at the store, I cringe.  That’s why I was intrigued by Katie Kimball’s idea at Kitchen Stewardship called Chocomole. You are not going to believe this, but it’s true. 

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