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  • How to Select and Grill the Perfect Steak

    Sponsored by Hy-Vee (Columbia) My carnivorous, farm-boy husband has been waiting our whole marriage for me to write this post I think. Can anybody say “wife bonus points”? So, I shared earlier this year how I finally learned (at the ripe ole age of 37 for crying out loud!) how

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  • A great little trick that will help you grill flawless corn on the cob. In fact, we will grill corn no other way after using this method. While you could easily boil corn on the cob, grilling corn brings out a different, richer flavor and adds that yummy char to the outside of the corn.

    A Simple Trick for Grilling Corn on the Cob

    This is one of my best tricks to grilling corn on the cob. It keeps the corn moist but also adds a nice light char if done right. Use this method on how to cook corn on the grill at your next BBQ! I have a great little trick that

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