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    20 Easy, Make Ahead Dinners For All Ages

    These are our favorite 20 most well-tested, freezable dinner recipes when it comes to getting a good meal on the table. Not only are these make ahead meals family-friendly, but they are also made with mostly real food ingredients that you can feel good about. It’s hard to find simple

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  • 5 Ways Chronic Illness Healed Me

    Today, I want to introduce you to Donna Harris, a podcaster and photographer out of the St. Louis area. She recently interviewed me in a podcast episode titled, From Disordered Eating to Enjoying Meals, where I share about the struggle I had with food and exercise in my 20s and

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  • Sale Alert! Best Bluehost Discount of the Year!

    Hey guys! Just dropping in real quick today because there is a great blogging deal coming down the pipe that we wanted to prep you for. So, if you’re interested in any type of online business, blog, or website, keep reading. If not, peace out girl scout. Simply put: If

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  • Instant Pot Whole Wheat Spaghetti with Marinara

    Only 4 ingredients make up this nutritious dinner recipe that your family will love. You’ll have Instant Pot Whole Wheat Spaghetti done in about 15 minutes and will only dirty up one pot! Now, that’s my kind of meal. I’ve been knee-deep in learning the ways of the Instant Pot–also

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    Weekly Menu Plan + Top 5 “Stock Up and Save” (6.1.18)

    You’ll notice that week in and week out, we tag recipes on our menu plan as “FF” or freezer-friendly. We honestly believe that if you just start by doubling one recipe a week, you’ll be on the road to saving time and money. In fact, Polly recently wrote about 3

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  • Win Our Cookbook and a Cute Hostess Basket! {EXPIRED}

    We’ve got goodies for you to win this week, including our cookbook and more! But, first…want to know how to make the #1 most popular recipe on our website for your family OR to take to your next potluck? I’ll show you how to throw together a super crowd-pleasing casserole

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  • Herbalious Chicken Bites with Honey Mustard Dipping Sauce

    These Herb-a-licious Chicken Bites with Honey Mustard Dipping Sauce are a crispy, healthy, flavor-filled dinner that your whole family will love. I’m a huge fan of cooking with fresh herbs. So every year about this time, I fill up my pots with dirt and herbs and set them on the

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  • Letter to My Dying Uncle

    Comforting words in the midst of suffering don’t come easily. This is especially true when that person is facing a terminal illness. Maybe you’re in this position and want to encourage and bring comfort to someone who is facing death. Or, maybe you’re wondering what happens after death yourself. A friend,

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  • mac and cheese in the instant pot

    Whole Wheat Mac and Cheese in the Instant Pot

    This Instant Pot Whole Wheat Mac and Cheese recipe takes just 18 minutes from start to finish, dirties only one pot, and tastes creamy and delicious! Plus, it’s made with all real food ingredients. It was 5:30 p.m. and my kids were starving. I was finishing up a work project

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  • Will You Ever Include Nutrition Information on Your Recipes?

    Why don’t you offer nutrition information on your blog recipes? Will you include nutrition stats in your next cookbook? We get asked these questions fairly regularly. One of our top values at Thriving Home is serving the needs of our readers. I realize that nutrition stats are important to many

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  • Breakfast Cereal Parfait

    Breakfast Cereal Parfait

    This easy breakfast idea packs in fruits, whole grains, and yogurt for a healthy and delicious start to the day. Not to mention, it’s fun! My children regularly ask for a breakfast parfait using cereal instead of the usual granola. In fact, sometimes I bring them in on the process,

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  • Instant Pot Chicken Parmesan Sliders {Freezer Meal}

    You may have tried our Slow Cooker Chicken Parmesan Sliders and loved them. All ages do! But, now we’ve converted this super simple, kid-friendly recipe to work in the Instant Pot both from fresh and from frozen. With only five ingredients and the magic of the Instant Pot, you’ll have

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  • Mini Broccoli Cheddar Bites

    Here’s a yummy way to eat your veggies. Mini Broccoli Cheddar Bites were inspired from a recipe in the lovely cookbook called Scratch. They remind me of mini quiches–perfectly cooked broccoli meets eggy-cheesy goodness. My 7-year-old was a big fan of these guys, as well as, my father-in-law who was visiting.

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  • Freezer Friendly Super Stuffed Baked Potatoes. This surprising freezer meal can make a great healthy dinner or even a side dish for a large group. Made with real food ingredients too!

    Super Stuffed Baked Potatoes {Freezer Meal}

    We’re so excited to be able to share one of the healthiest, most delicious, and freezable recipes in our cookbook, From Freezer to Table, today–Super Stuffed Baked Potatoes! Super Stuffed Baked Potatoes are a rich-tasting, twice-stuffed baked potato that you can actually feel good about! Greek yogurt and chicken broth

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  • Cinnamon Sugar Roll-Ups: Easy After School Snack

    This is one of those snacks that we–both the kids themselves and I–have been making for years. You can thank my 1st grader son, Ben, for making sure this ended up on the blog finally. “Mom, tell them that this is my recipe!” he said. Guys, he did teach me

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