How to Get a Hummingbird Out of a Garage

How to Get a Hummingbird Out of a Garage

Guest post and photography by my daddy, Curt. He also shared this post a while back.

Every summer a strange phenomenon takes place in many American garages:  Hummingbirds fly in, but they don’t fly out.  They will stay in there, with the door wide open, until they keel over dead.  Weird, right?  Here’s why it happens, and how to get a hummingbird out of a garage. Time to convince your family you are a “hummingbird whisperer.”

Why Hummingbirds Fly Into Garages

A hummingbird has the metabolism of, well, a hummingbird.  They burn energy at a staggering rate, and so are constantly searching for food.  Their primary source is the sweet nectar they find inside blossoms, which is why you find them hovering about flower gardens.  Since their next meal is usually found inside something colored bright red, yellow, orange or purple, their tiny brains are programmed to seek these hues.  That’s why hummingbird feeders are usually colored red and yellow.

Enter the Law of Unintended Consequences. The government requires every electric garage door opener to have a release handle so if it becomes stuck, you can pull this handle to manually raise and lower the door.   If you step out into your garage and look up, you’ll see that this dangling little handle is, that’s right, RED, and shaped roughly like a trumpet vine flower.  You’re already ahead of me, aren’t you?

The unintended consequence of that red handle is that a hummingbird flies by an open garage, sees a little red “flower” inside, and zips in to investigate.  Upon finding they can’t stick their tongues inside that plastic handle for some nectar, most turn around and leave.  But a surprising number make a fatal error—they fly up.  Regardless of the reason, once they get it in their heads that “up” is the only way out, they refuse to fly through the open door.

This ends badly.  The confused hummingbird will hover near the ceiling, searching every high corner of the room, until it has to rest, usually on the garage door track or a light fixture.  It will repeat this cycle until it is completely exhausted and dies, which can take only a few of hours.

How to Get a Hummingbird Out of a Garage

Some of you this summer will head out into the garage with the kids to go somewhere, and find one of our little feathered buddies in exactly the situation I’ve described.

Stay cool.

Load the family up in the minivan, back out into the driveway, and tell them, “Watch this.”  Trot back into the garage and grab your leaf rake.  Slowly, slowly move the business end of the rake up to within just a few of inches of the hovering or resting hummingbird.

How to Get a Hummingbird Out of a Garage

Be patient.  It will, depending upon its level of exhaustion, land on the tines of the rake within just a few seconds. Then very slowly lower the rake a couple of feet and move toward the open door.  Once it sees more blue sky than garage ceiling the hummingbird will probably take off, but it might be so tired it needs to rest a minute even when you are all the way outside.  All the more time for you to look awesome for little onlookers.

How to Get a Hummingbird Out of a Garage

Remember to wave “bye” and act nonchalant when you get back in the car.  Feel free to answer questions about your abilities with whatever colorful story you care to fabricate.

After using this method for getting a hummingbird out of a garage dozens of times in the four homes we’ve owned, we give it our “Rachel’s Mom and Dad Seal of Approval”—which sounds like something that needs a graphic representation on TH.  Rachel? (Editor’s note to editor’s dad: Don’t press your luck, Dad. Look, you got published on my blog…twice.)

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  1. Tara says

    Haha! I love this post. I get the feeling it will come in handy as our neighbors had this issue recently. Now I can look like a hummingbird whisperer too! Excellent. 🙂

    • Justin says

      First tape some red, purple, yellow or whatever color flowers on the end of a broom stick or the end of the rake. Next get the hummingbirds attention with it, keep in mind that this might take a couple of minutes. Once the hummingbird is attracted to it move it slowly out of the garage. This really works.

      • Patti says

        Sorry to say, this does not work. I will wait till the bird is exhausted and try again. Too afraid of the rake and the flowers.

        • Sheila says

          I does work, I just did it. Took me about 5 minutes to be able to walk slowly enough …… but away he went. This DOES work. Helps to have a red rake tho’.

      • David says

        I tried the rake by itself and it didn’t work too well. I reread the posts and saw the one about adding flowers….voila!!! The bird was interested but still wouldn’t land on the rake. Then as he was checking out the flowers he saw the red pull cord from the garage opener, went down to check it out and he saw daylight and high tailed it out of the garage.

        Thanks for the tips. I have one for everyone, I immediately painted my two pull cords black!

        • Dee Holmes says

          We just tried it on our little hummingbird and it worked. We had tried for hours to get him out. We too are going to paint our cord black! Thank you!!!!

  2. Cat says

    This just totally worked! Googled hummingbird stuck in garage, found this post, and she was free in minutes after the rake trick!! Thank you.

    • Polly says

      Glad it could help!

  3. Tina says

    My granddaughter and my daughter called upset that they found a hummingbird in their garage. She seemed to have gotten stuck on the track of the garage door. My granddaughter said, Nani she gonna die, what are we going to do?
    I google everything and found this post. I calmly read this to my daughter. She immediately, got a rake and within 3 mins I could hear my granddaughter screaming… Nani .. Mommy got her on the rack and she flew away. Yay!
    Thanks for the info.

    • Rachel says

      This will make my dad so happy (who wrote this post just for people like your daughter)!! I’m thrilled that it worked.

      • Curt says

        Rachel’s right–it did make me happy!

      • Sheila says

        Also worked for me. Thank God for Google and thank God for Dad’s that share their knowledge.

        • Rachel says

          Totally agree on both! Glad it worked!

  4. Ruby says

    7/19/15: after my husband tried to shoo the hummingbird out for over a 1/2 hour, I went on-line and Googled “hummingbird in garage”. Up popped this solution. I got out there with my red rake and within 10 min our hummingbird was free! Thank you!!!

    • Polly says

      So glad it worked!
      We had no idea how many hummingbirds we would be helping out by sharing this little tip. Haha!

      • kim says

        this poor little girl (think she was a girl since she was dull in color) she flew around and around for several hours, then I googled this article. I took the rack and for several minutes she wouldn’t stay on it no matter how I still and slow. Then I noticed the red and got 2 of my empty hummingbird feeders that look like strawberries and slid them on the tines and low and behold she went to it and out the door she flew….I cried……thanks so much

        • Polly says

          So glad to hear this!!

  5. James Thacker says

    I’ve had this happen several times a year and sometimes it takes a long time to get one out of the garage. I use a push broom that I have because it has green bristles. I also lower the top portion of a double hung window in the garage, move the broom over there and have them exit that way, I’ve found that lowering the bird low enough to go out the garage door frightens them and they fly right back in. The last time I had to get one out which was about a week ago I wasn’t having any luck so I hung a hummingbird feeder next to the open window and the bird went right to it, got a drink and flew right out the window.

  6. Lindsay says

    I must have a fickle humming bird in my garage because I’ve been working so long to get this poor little thing to stay on the rake. He’s tired I can tell but every time he lands and I slowly lower the rake he flies off. I hope he gets out soon….

  7. Lara says

    We used a hair band to attach a couple of brightly coloured flowers to the tines of the leaf rake and waited patiently until the hummingbird landed. Took about 15 minutes

  8. michelle says

    Thank you. We had one for a couple of hours. Was afraid he would die. Used our pool skimmer. He landed on net took him out and he flew away.

  9. am says

    Worked within seconds! Poor bird has been trying to get out of the garage for hours.. Despite the door and windows being wide open.
    Thank you thank you!!

  10. joey boyd says

    Thank you so much. Your tips helped me save a hummingbird today. It was trapped in my garage. It would not willingly land on the rake (mine was silver, not red), but i waited until it was worn out and had no other choice but to land. It had been trapped for two hours and frantic. I was relieved that your trick worked. I had to prevent it from landing on other surfaces (it really wanted to go toward the cords/wires near the garage door mechanism at the ceiling). It was as happy to be free as I was to be able to save it. Thank you!

    • Polly says

      So glad it helped!

  11. Jaime says

    Hallelujah! Attach flowers if you got them!! After several failed attempts with our black rake, my daughter and I went back and read your comments; We picked some roses from our garden and attached with a hair band. The hungry lil hummingbird was attracted immediately. It still flew off several times when attempting to lower the rake, but it kept landing back on the rake and it took less than two minutes to get him out. Thank you so much. We were also curious as to what was causing hummingbirds to come into our garage in the first place (3rd one) Alas, hanging in the middle of the garage was the emergency cord with the red trumpet flower looking knob. We will be painting that white today. Again, thanks from a grateful mom and daughter and a feathered friend!

  12. TeresaNolley says

    oh wonderful the rake tricked work but I couldn’t get him to stay on the rake. So I hung my hummingbird feeder on the end he flew right over and fed all the way to freedom. 🙂

  13. Diane Bond says

    I used a rake but attached a hummingbird feeder, with brand new juice, to the rake. Worked in less than two minutes!

    • Polly says

      So glad!

  14. Beth says

    We had a hummingbird trapped in the garage for hours last night when I decided to look for a solution online. Thank you so much for your post, the hummingbird went right to the rake and was free in just a couple of minutes. My three year old son was very relieved that the hummingbird would be returning to his family who surely missed him during the ordeal!

  15. Steven Driscoll says

    Unbelievable, it just worked for me. I could tell I was making matters worse for the little guy with a towel so I came in googled “how to” and your site came up. Grabbed a kitchen broom, walked back out the front door and into the garage. The little guy was still banging into things, so I put the bristled end of broom next to him and almost immediately he just went to it, sat down. I walked him outside the garage and off he went. My neighbors just happened to be outside having a discussion and were in total awe. I’m just not sure if it was because they saw Steve with a broom or because of what they had just witnessed, I’m sure it was the later. Excellent site. First time I’ve ever written anything on a public site but just had to tell your readers how smart you really are and YES it works like a charm. Steve D

  16. Morgan says

    Thank you so much! I walked outside to find a sweet little hummingbird panicking & trapped in the garage. I googled what to do and it worked within 30 seconds!!! Thank you so much!!

    • Rachel says

      That’s awesome! I’m glad my dad could help!

  17. Susan - Georgia says

    Perfect!!! Thanks for the advice. Just used it to get 3, yes 3 out of our garage (which was only open long enough to drive the car in).

  18. Cindy sauberlich says

    i have a hummingbird in the garage, was in there since 6 o’clock pm left garage door open left got home at 10 pm still in there on a cord from the ceiling if I can catch him do I release him at night? Will he find his nest

    • Rachel says

      Yes, he will find his way. Good luck!

    • Brian says

      Yes, This just happened to me today. We came home from the lake and there was an emerald hummer in the garage trying to get out the ceiling. He finally rested on the garage door opener. I climed up on a 6′ ladder with a hot tub net. I put on a red shirt then extended the net (4′) to the bird. He hopped onto it and I slowly lowered him and the net to below the garage door level then S-LO-W-L-Y stepped down the ladder and towards the from of the garage. half way out he say daylight and flew out. The whole operation took less than 5 minutes. Another save!!

  19. Jan Richards says

    It just worked in College Station, Texas. Thank you so much. The hummingbird and I will sleep much better tonight.

  20. lacnyc says

    Thank you so much!! New York, NY–yellow broom and a sprig of Cardinal creeper and red verbena finally did the trick. Took about 5 minutes to get interested, then gently moved in direction of the terrace door to freedom. Such relief for both, but a disappointment to my cat!

    • Rachel says

      Boom! Another life saved.

  21. Aimee says

    Thanks for this very helpful post! I had a frantic hummingbird flying around the corners and roof of my porch this morning, and I used a broom to gently move him (I *think* it was a him based on his shiny green feathers) to the open air just a few feet from where he was flitting about!

  22. Laura Kennedy says

    Worked for me – Thanks!!!

  23. Heather says

    It worked! Thank you for sharing.

  24. Betsy says

    Thank you so much for this detailed and descriptive post. I had already found one dead hummingbird last year I October and did not want a repeat this year. So, after trying several times to put out a few feeders closer to the garage door exit and raising up the business end of the rake, the tiny tiny hummingbird was so tired, it did indeed land on the rake tines and came with me to the outside. as soon as he flew off, there was another tiny hummingbird that joined him immediately on a bush outside. I wonder if they were mates and/or had been waiting for the one trapped in the garage for that 1 1/2 – 2 hours? anyway, so happy for the way to help them.

  25. MJ says

    Thank you! I did not want to tell my kids mommy killed the hummingbird she promised to save when she dropped them off to school! After reading your blog and other posts,I took my green mop and put a red net on top. It didn’t work. So I let the bird fly until it was tired again and landed on a vertical surface. Then I gently put my net over her and very gently nudged her inside with the mop. She jumped into the inside of the netting and held on. I was able to walk her outside the open garage door. She hesitated a moment but once she saw the blue sky she went straight up and right to the flowers to eat. Thank goodness! I just knew she was a goner! Bless you for your article.

    • Rachel says

      That’s awesome. Way to go Mommy!

  26. Krista says

    Thank you for writing this post! I finally got it out after a few hours, and the addition of a hummingbird feeder as bait! It was extra tricky as it was nighttime so he really didn’t want to go out…thank goodness he finally did! Thanks again!!

  27. Smileigh57 says

    Omg! I’ve been trying for the last 5 hours to get a hummingbird out of my garage. I was so afraid that it was going to die in my garage. I found this post and I went out but I didn’t have a rake. I found something that was similar. Actually it was what I used to pick oranges off my tree. Within 2 minutes I had the hummingbird and set him free. Thank you so much for posting this.

    • Rachel says

      Score! Another life saved thanks to my dad. 🙂

  28. gene says

    Read your rake trick and worked or at least greatly helped! I taped two handles together so it was long enough got it up close to him but he wouldn’t land on it but the poor little was so tired that he dropped down and landed on a shelf and I was able to walk up and get him in my hands I took it outside the store opened my hands I thought it was to late it’s eyes were closed it was laying on its side I just held it in the sun light it opened its eyes and finally flew off what a great feeling thank you for your Web site!
    P.S. I was a hero

    • Rachel says

      Great news! My dad will be so glad to know he’s saved another life. 🙂

  29. Karina says

    Thank you for this awesome advise. We freed a Hummingbird from our garage today!!!

  30. Shugi says

    So many rescued hummingbirds here! Lovely!
    We had a very panicked girl in our house yesterday for a couple hours. I tried the rake, including tying red flowers to it, but she just fled from it. She was so spastic she was hitting her head and leaving tiny feathers on the ceiling. It was awful.
    We finally ran to the pet store and grabbed a hummingbird feeder with some nectar and hung it from the ceiling fan where she kept landing. In less than a minute she was at it feeding forEVER. Then she sat still for at least 10 minutes. I let her feed a few more times to get those electrolytes. Then just moved the feeder to an open window. When she went to feed again, she did a double take and zipped out the window.
    I thought I’d post this for others with extra difficult guests who won’t leave. It’s very strange how they just will not fly a bit lower to an open window or garage door to free themselves…
    Thanks for this page. 🙂

  31. Katy Sanchez says

    From Madrone Audubon: Help save thousands of hummingbirds by making sure your bright red emergency pull cord on your garage is painted a different color (green is a good color that will not attract the birds but also is still visible). Every year thousands of hummers are killed when people leave their garage doors open and the hummers go inside thinking the bright red handle is a flower or feeder and then become trapped.

    • Curt says

      Excellent advice Katy, and something I should have thought to put the original post. Would be a fun and easy project for kids, and one they can talk about at school.

    • Keith McClary says

      I lured one out of the garage with a feeder (no juice in it) on a pole, but it flew back in to the red handle. Fortunately it came out again. I will wrap the handle with green tape. Also, remove colourful items from garage shelves.

  32. Derrek says

    I just used a fruit picker instead of a rake. Same idea and it also worked! Took a while – about 8 minutes, because I have a lot of struts in my garage ceiling and maneuvering the bird caused it to freak out and fly back up. Eventually though the bird stayed on until I got outside the garage!

  33. john cooper says

    My wood shop has a 16 foot ceiling and Hummers seem get stuck up high no matter what methods I use. I have hung feeders at the end of a 12-foot pole, eight-feet high, and have removed the door emergency handle. The door is 12-feet high and I tried hanging a feeder on the bottom when it’s open to discourage them from needing to enter to feed, but no luck. They continue to fly back and forth in the very peak of the shop and refuse to come lower and leave. Greenhouse screen hung on a home made roller blocking the entrance is my next plan, unless someone has an easier and cheaper solution.

  34. Vicki says

    This happened to us last year and after the poor thing dropped from exhaustion, I scooped her up and had her perched on my glove until she unexpectedly flew away. So today when it happened again, I went to Google first and found this post. Omg, within ten minutes I had her out! Thank you so much for this post!

  35. Linda says

    I had just used the rake trick for the first time today.. at dusk . It took a few tries tho but eventually the little guy was getting exhausted enough that he landed on the rake & I was able to set him free..I wish I had the energy these beautiful birds have!! I will have a humming bird
    feeder hanging on my open garage door for the rest of the summer.. Hopefully no more frantic moments for the birds or ME!! Great post!!

  36. Cheryl says

    Worked for me without colors. It took awhile to convince the little guy that this rake was a good place to rest but after a few attempts, he hung on and off we went out of the garage. Whew!!! Thanks so much!!

  37. Jerry says

    Thank you for this. Guy’s been up there for hours. Attached the base of a hummingbird feeder to a rake, stuck it up there, and that starvin’ little fella was out of there in seconds. I even got it on video. Thanks again.

  38. Erin says

    This worked like a charm! Had two humming birds stuck in my garage this evening. Thanks for sharing the information.

  39. DeAngela says

    Yay! It worked! Took several failed attempts but finally he/she stayed on the rake long enough for me to guide them to the door. 🙂

  40. Brian says

    Spray painted that stupid handle. If the opener stops working we know where it is and how to use it. Does NOT need to be bright red if it turns an open garage door into a hummingbird death trap. I suppose some idiot government reg requires it to be red and thus will never change.

  41. Lauren says

    OMG! This totally worked. My husband texted me while I was at the hair salon and freaking out because there were 2 h-birds flying around in the garage. I googled for information, and found this article. I texted it to him, and sure enough, he slowly lifted the rake up to the ceiling and the sweet little bird climbed on and flew away when the rake was brought outside!! Thank you so much for this awesome information…we love all animals!

  42. Jeremy says

    Success, thanks so much for this post. All of the neighborhood kids were cheering.

    • Rachel says

      This. Is. Awesome.

    • Curt says

      That’s the kind of thing I love to hear, Jeremy.

      As an addendum, I was working in our garage a couple of days ago when I noticed one, then a second, then a third hummer fly in, check out the red handle quizzically, then fly right out again, no problem. The next one who came in looked over the handle for a second, then flew right up to the ceiling and banged his head. He just couldn’t figure out how to leave and eventually had to be rescued via the “Thriving Home Method.” Makes you wonder! It also prompted us to finally paint that red handle green, as recommended by previous poster Katy Sanchez.

  43. Tina W says

    THANK YOU for this post! My heart sank when I realized the hummingbird that flew into my garage did not know how to get out, in spite of the garage door and side door both being wide open. I Googled “hummingbird stuck in garage”. Yours was the first post I saw. It took me about 15 minutes to help her find freedom. She landed on the rake several times, I’d almost have her out and she’d fly back in. But finally…success!! I like the additional ideas being posted like adding flowers to the rake or using hummingbird feeders to lure them towards a window or the garage opening. Also, I will be changing our ‘red’ garage door pull, as suggested, as well. Again, thank you!

    • Rachel says

      Always happy to hear of another success story. Awesome, Tina!

  44. SANDI J says

    Again, found a poor hummingbird in our garage late one afternoon in mid-April here
    in the Upstate of SC . Tried my best as always, to get the little one out of garage doors and open single door. No luck, so I googled this site, But by that time the
    little one was so tired I just hung a freshly filled hummingbird feeder from the
    garage metal frame and he went right to it and drank and drank the sweet
    liquid and seemed to get some of his strength back. It was too dark outside to find
    the rake and he did get very weak and drop gently to the floor of the garage. I
    placed him outside in my flower garden on a large soft dill plant. Checked this AM
    and sure enough he was gone. He made it!! However, the first thing this morning
    I wrapped the red knob that releases the garage doors with black duck tape.
    Hopefully this will keep the little ones out of our garage. I could never figure out
    why the hummers always would fly into the garage. Never in a million years
    thought of the red knobs. It now makes perfect sense why. Great tip and I will
    pass it on via my emails to all of my bird friends. Today is a special day.

  45. chewy says

    I used a broom. Worked! Thanks!

    Didn’t want the poor guy to keel over

  46. Paul says

    This totally worked! Took about five landings on the rake, but it worked. Outstanding! Thank you.

  47. Marie says

    I was in my garage most of the day with the door open doing a massive rearranging and cleaning job. I was almost finished when I heard the high pitched chirps and saw the hummer trying to escape in the skylight. The odd thing is that we did cover our red release handle with blue tape so he must have seen something else that drew him in. I googled “hummingbird trapped in garage skylight” and read several different methods. Our garage has 10 foot walls and and the roof is pitched to another 8 feet, so I had to climb up the tallest ladder we have holding a long push broom. Not the safest feeling but I did not want this little guy to die. He did land on the bristles and as I slowly climbed down he flew back up every time. After three attempts, I tried again using a red rake, but now he was not cooperating and chirping and flying even faster. I actually gave up for about an hour and was about to go to bed, but after reading all these success posts I decided I had to try one more time. I taped some pink and red geraniums to one of the tines and just tried to get it as close to him as I could. After a few minutes he noticed the flowers and landed on the tines. I very slowly climbed down and walked out the garage toward a flower. It was pitch black outside but I did hear the buzz of his wings and he flew into the darkness. I hope he finds nourishment and makes it! I am so happy I found your post and that my one last attempt worked! Thank you!

  48. chris tresslar says

    This didn’t work for me but I was able to trap him between two tennis rackets when he became really tired.

  49. bonnie says

    Really does work. We mixed some sugar with water and poured it on our red plastic rake. It took a few minutes but it landed on it and like the sugar water. Enough to get it outside.

  50. Mary says

    I held a rake w/red flower wound around tines, couldn’t get tired, frightened hummer to get on. Laid apparatus (sp?) on roof of our Polaris, went to get hummingbird feeder from patio, went back and hummer had left garage – maybe flew low enough to examine red flower and saw blue sky? Success!

  51. Gene says

    It totally works! One Saved Hummingbird!

  52. John says

    YES! Thank you. It worked! I had a hummingbird in my garage, took a rake and waited. It landed on the rake and patiently allowed me to take it to a window and off he flew! Appreciate your suggestion.

  53. Michele says

    This worked so well. Glad I googled and found this info. So helpful. My husband got a rake and the hummingbird was taken to safety. Love this happy ending. Thank you!

  54. Sam says

    So glad I found your post after a hummingbird flew into our garage this evening after the sun went down. Our feeder is right outside of the door to the garage and he made an unfortunate wrong turn. After 3 hours of my friend holding a rake with flowers taped to it and my husband holding a rake with the feeder hanging from it we successfully got him out of the garage, but it didn’t come easy! Lots of patience as the hummer would come feed off the nectar and fly off then drink from the feeder and fly off. After building enough trust we got him out thankfully! I would’ve felt terrible leaving him in there all night since he wouldn’t come below the rafters. Thanks for your informative post so we could free our hummingbird!

  55. Andrew says

    Thank you for this advice! I had one trapped and stuck in “up mode.” I had hung a feeder in an open window, hoping the food and light would draw it. It got as close as 3′ away on a shelf above freedom, then flew up again. I tried your advice, and voila! I even had a red, plastic rake. Poor thing was tired, that’s for sure. Had I relied on the standard method of getting a bird out (give it one lighted path in darkness), my little friend surely would have died, with food hanging in the open window no less.

  56. Diane says

    Thank you! Worked like a charm. I was getting worried about the little gal (it was a female). She was trying to get her bill between a light fixture and the ceiling. The rake scared her off the first try, but on the second try she landed on it & I thought for sure she’d take off when I started to move the rake, but she didn’t until she saw the great outdoors!

  57. Thank you! The hummingbird wouldn’t leave the garage window. I tried the rake trick, and it worked. He did fly off the rake a couple of times, and returned to the window, but I think I was moving the rake too fast. I got him to land on the rake, then slowly moved it towards the open garage door. He quickly took off!

  58. Kathy Ann says

    Didn’t work. Gave up after two exhausting hours. She thought I was trying to trap her and flew in the opposite direction. There were lots of other things she felt safer landing on.. I’ve given up.

    • Rachel says

      I’m sorry to hear that. Well, you gave it a good college try.

  59. MR says

    This worked! Thank you!

  60. Brennan says

    Just used this trick in our garage. Covered rake with flowers, held it ABOVE where it was sitting on garage door track, it flew over, took a few sips, landed and then I carried it out.

  61. Kim says

    Just tried this. Ended up putting a couple red flowers from a Mandevila vine from my yard on the tinds of the rake. Took a few times to get bird to stay on rake but be patient. Works like a charm!!!

  62. Jarod says

    Took a while but finally got him/her out with a regular rake it jumped off half way but I got him back on and outside he went straight to a tree thanks😊

  63. Christine says

    Wow! Thank you so much! It worked and I saved the hummingbird!

  64. Max says

    Another Hummingbird saved by reading this post today – thank you!

  65. chrisfromca says

    A poor little hummingbird was caught in garage for hours – we alternated between trying to shoo her out and leaving her alone to fly out the front southern door, or turning off all lights and only having the eastern small door open to the bright outdoors. But she would only keep banging her beak against the ceiling. Finally I found this rake trick. We only have a small green children’s rake, but after her third landing, she stayed long enough, and I walked slowly enough, to bring her to the great outdoors. Thank you for your advice!

  66. gk says

    Got my hummer out of garage using pole with red feeder on end. then guided her out the open door.

    • gk says

      by the way the feeder worked after less than 10 seconds, and slowly moved it toward the door and outside while the hummer was hovering around it. She must have been hungry.