DIY Ruffled Fabric Flower

By Polly Conner
May 26, 2014

DIY fabric flower

Fabric flowers are a crafter’s dream. They are cheap. They are easy. They don’t require much sewing skill. They can be used for all sorts of different ideas. Take this ruffled fabric flower, for example. I made this in about 10 minutes. It can be used for so many things. Some ideas:

  • Turn it into a hair clip by gluing a clip on the back
  • Glue a few to a picture frame
  • Sew a few onto a purse or bag
  • Attach them to a little girl’s skirt
  • Attach them to the top of a flip flop
  • Make a headband out of it by gluing it on to an band

You get the point. Fabric flowers can be used in a hundred different ways. I wanted to share with you a basic fabric flower tutorial that I have used a few times over the years. It’s very easy and requires very little sewing. Ready to make your own?

1) Cut a 3×34 inch piece of fabric

It doesn’t have to be exact. In fact, I usually just eyeball it. Make sure you pick a fabric that is going to fray a bit too if you like that rustic-whimsical look.

fabric flower DIY

2) Fold the fabric in half, long-ways. Sew a straight baste stitch (a long loose stitch) about 1/4 inch in from the folded seam. Do NOT back stitch!

easy fabric flower making3) Ruffle your fabric

Firmly grab one of the threads that made your baste stitch and start pulling it against the fabric. You’ll kind of figure it out as you go but you have to help the ruffle move down the fabric a bit. Don’t pull TOO hard of your thread might break. I like to work the ruffle about half way down and then start pulling the thread from the other end and work from that direction.  Here is more on ruffling fabric if you need help.

ruffled fabric flowers

Here is what it should resemble when you have finished ruffling your fabric.

ruffled fabric flower

4) Begin to roll up the fabric into a flower

Starting at one end, begin rolling your fabric. After a few layers you will begin to stitch the bottom part of your flower together. front and back

5) Stitch your flower together

Make sure you get a thimble for this part! After you’ve rolled up your fabric a few times, put a few stitches through the bottom to hold it together. Repeat this process over and over again until all the fabric has been rolled and secured by stitching.

sewing fabric flower

Here is what the back of mine ended up looking like.

back side of fabric flower

Knot it off, fluff it up a bit and you’re done!

easy fabric flower

Here is another fabric flower tutorial if you’re looking for a different style. Make sure to pin these tutorials for future crafting!


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