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    A Little About Me

    Thanks for stopping by Thriving Home. My name’s Rachel. I’m a wife and mom of three young kids with a bent toward natural, healthy living. I love learning and talking with others about the topics of just about any health-related topic, cooking and food, parenting, and faith.

    I currently work part-time for my church as the Family Events Coordinator and previously worked for six years as the Children’s Ministry Director before having kids. My full-time job is “homemaker”, though.

    This blog has become my creative outlet during these wonderful but long days filled with raising kiddos and managing our home. I am in process just as much as the next person. But, my hope is that some of the things I’m learning–whether it’s a new recipe, a parenting resource, or a health tip–can be a help to you and your family.

    Our Family's Journey Toward Health

    These past few years have begun a new chapter in our family’s life.  Besides the advent of having kids, another life-changing circumstance occurred when my first child was diagnosed with Crohn’s Disease at 20 months old.

    At the time my son became ill, I began a journey toward some significant lifestyle changes for our family.  Previously, I didn’t cook at home much or think twice about serving processed foods. We also used all the cheapest, chemical-laden hygiene and cleaning products.

    Watching our toddler waste away for months on end while seeking a diagnosis prompted me to question our diet and lifestyle factors. Could the way we eat and the chemicals we’re exposed to have contributed to his illness?  Could changing those things actually help him get healthier?

    I learned that the standard American diet, as well as all the chemicals we are exposed to on a daily basis from household products, are perhaps some of the leading causes of many diseases we face.  I became convinced of the old adage that “good food is good medicine” and that we are honoring God by taking better care of our bodies.

    At this point in our journey, I strive to cook healthy yet tasty meals at home the majority of the time, using mostly organic or local non-processed foods. We’ve also changed many of our household products in order to avoid harsh chemicals in our home. I’ve had to take many baby steps toward learning how to cook differently and helping my kids and husband adapt to healthy changes.

    The Start of a Thriving Home

    For our family, the foundation of a thriving home doesn’t start with diet, exercise, and natural living, though.  It starts with a simple but profound belief that shapes all that we do: We want to glorify our Lord and Savior, Jesus, in all of life. He has given us our home, our family, our food, and even the tests we have encountered in life so far.  He offers the rest, safety, and ultimate satisfaction that we seek for all of eternity.  By his grace (because I know I can't do this on my own), I desire to create a home that reflects the attributes of God to my family and others.

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