15 Meaningful Easter Books

By Polly Conner

Meaningful easter books

Easter is such a happy holiday.

Bunnies. Egg hunts. Special Easter Sunday dresses (and an excuse to put little boys in vests or ties). Easter brunch with the family. Fun candies. Spring time.

It really is one of my favorite holidays.

Girl hunting easter eggs

Like most holidays, the original meaning can easily get lost in the celebrating and traditions. I’m pretty sure if I asked my four year old right now why we celebrate Easter her answer would revolve something around egg hunts and chocolate.

The truth is, I am guilty of the same thing. Without intentionally reminding myself and my kids about WHY we celebrate Easter, I am just as quick to get more excited about creating a fun Easter basket than rejoicing that Jesus conquered death and is very much alive today.


One way that I plan to fight the uphill battle of giving meaning to the holiday is to have a stash of good children’s’ books to read with my kiddos.



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