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Monster Cookies

This Monster Cookie recipe has been tucked away in my recipe stash for years. You’ll find that this cookie is easy to make and your people will gobble them up. My memory is a little fuzzy on where I originally got this recipe. I think I snagged it at my friend, Jeanna’s wedding shower many years […]

Slow Cooker Marinara Sauce

With just a few pantry ingredients, you can have a large batch of marinara sauce cooking in your slow cooker in no time. You can also use this homemade marinara recipe to stock your freezer. Instant Pot and freezing instructions included, as well! Making marinara sauce in the crock pot is incredibly easy. It’s very […]

DIY 3-Ingredient Hand Sanitizer

Try out this quick and easy-to-make DIY hand sanitizer that will help keep hands clean while you’re out and about! I always feel like I’ve stumbled on to some best-kept secret when I realize how many household products can be made at home. This is the case with this homemade hand sanitizer! What I like […]

15 Meaningful Easter Books

Easter is such a happy holiday. Bunnies. Egg hunts. Special Easter Sunday dresses (and an excuse to put little boys in vests or ties). Easter brunch with the family. Fun candies. Spring time. It really is one of my favorite holidays. Like most holidays, the original meaning can easily get lost in the celebrating and traditions. I’m pretty […]

Freezer Friendly Chicken Spaghetti

Chicken spaghetti is an easy, cheesy, make-it-again-soon-please, casserole that your whole family will love. We teach you how to make it fresh AND how to prep it to be a freezer meal. A great meal for groups of people too! Chicken Casserole: A Family Favorite Dinner When I made this chicken spaghetti recipe for the […]

Slow Cooker French Dip Grilled Cheese Sandwiches

Everyone loves grilled cheese, so why not make it even more irresistible by turning it into a French Dip Grilled Cheese Sandwich?! The best part? It’s made in the slow cooker! French Dip Grilled Cheese: Cookbook Worthy! Some of you may recognize this recipe. That’s because it’s from our cookbook, From Freezer to Cooker! It’s […]

Fruit Pizza Cookies with Cream Cheese Frosting

Fruit Pizza Cookies are a great dessert idea for groups of people. Each person has a blast customizing their sugar cookie topped with their pick of fresh fruit. Use our cream cheese frosting to make it extra decadent. Such a fun, delightful twist on a fruit pizza! Fruit Pizza with a Twist! Most of us […]

From Freezer to Cooker GIVEAWAY

We’ve been waiting for this day for a LONG time! From Freezer to Cooker is finally on the shelves and we want to celebrate! About From Freezer to Cooker This cookbook is truly a one-of-a-kind resource that is a must have if you use a slow cooker, Instant Pot or freezer meals. Each recipe in […]

How to Get Yellow Stains Out of Stored Baby Clothes

Looking for a way to get yellow stains out of baby clothes after storage? I’ve stumbled on the PERFECT solution! Read on to learn how to save those baby clothes! (Tip- be sure to read the comments too! People have offered some great tips there as well.) A rumbling-tumbling-jumping belly, achy back, out of breath…all […]

How to Turn Pancake Mix Into Waffle Mix

One of the most common recipes that I use from our recipe index is our Oatmeal Pancake Mix recipe. Ever since I stumbled on this recipe a few years ago, I haven’t used any other pancake mix. My family loves it. I love it too. Not only does it have a hearty flavor and texture, […]

15 Books That Share the REAL Meaning of Christmas

“In a culture that uses this season to get children to dream about how their lives would be made better by possessing a certain material thing, where Christmas has been reduced to a shopper’s nightmare and a retailer’s dream, it is vital to draw the wonder of our children away from the next great toy and […]