Easy DIY Fruit Fly Traps

ways to make a fruit fly trapMy kitchen is overrun with fruit flies this time of year. They buzz around our bananas, land in my wine, and I even got one stuck down in my ear one time! They drive me nuts!

Here are two, DIY methods that I’ve found effective to getting rid of those nasties.

1) Use Apple Cider Vinegar and Dish Soap

Easy DIY Fruitfly TrapMix a splash of apple cider vinegar and a few drops of dish soap in bowl. Stir it up, sit it out (I put multiple bowls around my kitchen), and watch those suckas be drawn like a moth to a flame. They love that apple cider vinegar and the dish soap makes it so that they can’t sit on top of the water and drink it.

Within an hour or two, there were no more fruit flies buzzing around and several in each dish! I’m always amazed at the power of vinegar, whether it’s killing fruit flies, unclogging a toilet, disinfecting my counters, or cleaning poop stains from our carpet. Now, if only vinegar didn’t smell like rotten feet. 🙂

Method Two: Plastic bag and Apple Cider Vinegar

diy fruit fly trap2

Simply cut the corner off of a plastic bag. Secure it over a jar of apple cider vinegar with the cut corner pointed down towards the vinegar. Fruit flies will find their way into the jar but not their way out…muahahahaha.

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  1. ACV and dish soap for the win……I use this simple method all the time, and it WORKS!

    • Oh, and I usually keep a bottle of “the cheap stuff” around just for this purpose. No sense wasting my natural, more expensive (raw) apple cider vinegar on the little critters.

  2. This comes at a perfect time, this little bugas have been driving me crazy trying to Getty into my sourdough starter, Kombucha, and ginger beer. Thank you! I am so doing this NOW! Lol, ;0)

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  4. Kathy says

    I’ve been using this recipe today and counted about 20 fruit flies floating in the muck.

  5. Eva Scott says

    I SO needed this tip a few weeks ago. We couldn’t get rid of the fruit flies for days!! They drive you crazy, don’t they? Thanks for the tip!