Easy Easter Craft — Painting Eggs with Pom Poms

By Polly Conner
March 9, 2015

easter egg pom pom painting

I had no idea what a hit this easy Easter craft with my preschool and toddler would be. Using pom poms, clothes pins and paint, we decorated eggs!

Easter Craft -- Painting Easter Eggs-2

Before you even get started with the painting, you’ll need an Easter Egg template.You could draw your own but if you’re like me, your Easter egg will come out looking something more like a canoe or skinny pancake. I need templates in my life.

To make it easy for you, I whipped one up in photoshop for you to download and use.

You’re welcome.

You can thank me by pinning this craft idea, k? Glad we had this chat.

Download and print this free Easter Egg Template. It’ll print out looking like this. I’d suggest printing it on white card stock paper. Printable Easter Egg Template

Next, attach different sizes and types of pom poms/puff balls to clothes pins.

Easter Craft -- Painting Easter Eggs-3

Now the fun part. Dip and paint.

I was doing this craft with a 3.5 year old and (almost) 2 year old. Once they saw me demonstrate how to dip and dab the paint onto the paper, they quickly got the hang of it.

Easter Craft -- Painting Easter Eggs-4

Well, my three year old did anyway. easter egg craft -- painting

My little guy painted his egg appropriately for about 45 seconds and then moved on to painting more interesting things…

Easter Craft -- Painting Easter Eggs-14

Easter Craft -- Painting Easter Eggs-15

Meanwhile, his sister was busy trying out all different colors. I started the craft time with only three egg templates but realized quickly I needed more. We ended up painting almost 10 eggs!

Easter Craft -- Painting Easter Eggs-6
Easter Craft -- Painting Easter Eggs-9Easter Craft -- Painting Easter Eggs-5

In conclusion, I’d recommend using these types of pom poms. They created a bit more texture on the eggs and the kids preferred using them more than the average puff.

Easter Craft -- Painting Easter Eggs-10

I’d also recommend to not have high expectations for a two year old boy to diligently focus and paint one thing. Just go with it.

Easter Craft -- Painting Easter Eggs-12

Easter Craft -- Painting Easter Eggs-13 If you want to add a little raz-ma-taz, sprinkle a little glitter on your painted eggs while they are wet.


If you want to add a little more stress and crazy to your life, let your three year old do it. And when your three year old dumps half the glitter in one spot, go with it. Life is not perfect, people.

painting with pom poms

Let all your eggies dry and then cut them out following your template. (Gosh, what a PERFECTLY looking egg template!! Who made that?!)

Easter Craft -- Painting Easter Eggs-17

Now proudly display your eggs throughout your home!

Easter Craft -- Painting Easter Eggs-23

You could also turn these into cute Easter cards to give away. The power is in your hands… as well as the remaining glitter that didn’t stick to the paint.

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