Handprint Christmas Tree

handprint Christmas craft-Thriving HomeHand print crafts are my favorite.

I love little hands. Our little ones grow so fast and capturing a hand print as a keepsake is priceless.

When my friend, Rachel J., shared an idea of making a hand print Christmas tree, I was all over it.

Christmas hand print craft. Great gift idea for grandparents.

I’ll be honest- I have no idea how moms can get their kids to make perfect little hand prints with no smudges or imperfections. I have yet to master this motherhood skill. I probably never will. I can never get those little hands to stay still when making a hand print. It just doesn’t happen in this house.

At first, I thought I might need to redo the Christmas trees. However, as they dried I was looking at them and just laughed. They are a perfect picture of life right now. Messy, smudged, and imperfect. Yet, with the right perspective, I can see beauty in the mess. I can see something wonderful being formed in the imperfection.Christmas hand print craft. Great gift idea for grandparents.

I might have even laminated them. (Nerd alert, I have a laminator). Our imperfect Christmas trees are being proudly displayed and will be for years to come.Christmas hand print craft

I had my kids make four of them total. We are keeping two and two are going to grandparents. I think these will make a great gift for family members!

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  1. Deb says

    This is adorable! What kind of paint did you use? I’m always worried about chemicals leeching through their skin, so I skip a lot of cute projects like this that I really want to do.