Easy Cheap Science Birthday Party

Science Birthday Party: Make a Scientist Kit as Take Home Gift

By Rachel Tiemeyer
January 20, 2014
Make a cheap and easy Scientist Kit for each child at a fun Science Birthday Party to use during experiments and as a take-home gift.

As I’ve been sharing in Easy and Cheap Science Birthday Party: A Complete Guide, we had so much fun at my son’s 7th Science Birthday Party. In this post, I’ll share about our Take-Home gift.

Move over junky candy and useless party bag toys! As children arrive at the Science Birthday Party, hand them this pre-made Scientist Kids with things they will actually use at the party. This doubles as the take-home gift, so they can continue their scientific discoveries at home!

I had several parents tell me that their kids wore this cheap little costume all week after my son’s party. And, all three of my kids still use their Science Lab Notebooks and goggles regularly. Below is a complete tutorial on putting together this easy and super cheap Scientist Kit, including supplies and cost.

Make a cheap and easy Scientist Kit for each child at a fun Science Birthday Party to use during experiments and as a take-home gift.

How to Make a Scientist Kit

Each Scientist Kit includes the following inside a large zip-close bag:

  • A Secret Lab Notebook (directions below)
  • a neon pencil
  • lab goggles
  • a pair of latex gloves
  • a homemade lab coat (directions below)

Write each child’s name on the bags beforehand, so they don’t lose them during the party.

Supplies and Cost:

You will need to purchase or gather one of each of the following supplies for each child. I estimated my cost for each item and found most of these at the Dollar Store or at Walmart.

  • neon composition notebook ($1 each at Walmart or Dollar Store)
  • sharpened neon pencil ($1 for a pack of 10 at Walmart; $.10 each)
  • lab goggles ($1 each at the Dollar Store)
  • latex gloves ($3 for a box of 50 at Walmart; $.06 each)
  • white kitchen trash bags ($6 for 150 at Walmart; $.04 each)
  • 1 gallon-size zip close bag ($3 for 30 at Walmart; $.10 each)
  • 1 permanent marker (found one at home)
  • 1 ink pad (found one at home, but regularly $1-2 at craft store)

TOTAL = each Scientist Kit cost a total of about $2.30 per child

How to Make and Use Secret Lab Notebooks

Make a cheap and easy Scientist Kit for each child at a fun Science Birthday Party to use during experiments and as a take-home gift.

How to Use Science Lab Notebooks

As kids arrive and receive their Scientist Kits, have them write their names on their Secret Lab Notebooks and put their fingerprint in the “ID Print” box. I just used the ink pad I had at home in our craft box and let kids stamp their own finger prints. If you don’t have an ink pad, you can have them trace around their finger instead.

We used these Secret Lab Notebooks for all three of the experiments we did at the party (including this one, this one, and this one). After I explained the experiment directions to the kids, I asked them to write down or draw a picture of their predictions (i.e. what they thought would happen). Then, we discussed their ideas as a group before doing the experiment together. After we were done with each one, then I asked the kids to draw or write their observations (i.e. what they saw happened and/or what they learned). This was actually really fun and worked well!

I then encouraged the kids to take their Secret Lab Notebooks home and make more scientific observations on their own. One idea that I wish I had had time for was to collect and print out a list of easy science experiments that families could do at home. If you do that, you could include that sheet inside the notebook.

I love how this cheap take home gift is also a learning tool, as well as a fun gift for the kids!

How to Create the Secret Lab Notebooks

To create these lab notebooks, simply print the notebook cover from our Science Party Printable Pack. Then, trim the page to fit the front cover of whatever notebook you purchased. Finally, use a glue stick to adhere the cover page to each notebook. This took no time at all. My kids even helped with this project!

Want to purchase our cheap Science Party Pack (only $4.99) now? Click here to find it.

How to Create the Lab Coats

I saw this really cute idea for making homemade lab coats using plain white t-shirts. But when I looked into getting one for each of the 17 children (I do not recommend inviting this many kids to this party, by the way; I got a little ambitious!), it was rather expensive. So, I decided white trash bags could do the trick. Here’s what I did:

1 – Cut off the bottom two corners to create arm holes.

2 – Cut a small hole in the center of the bottom as a hole for the child’s head.

Need more Science Birthday Party ideas? Check out this post for the entire plan.

Cheap Science Party Signs, Name Tags & More

Last but not least, save more time and money with our easy and cheap decorations for the doors and walls of your party locale, plus official name tags and Secret Lab Notebook covers. Our Science Party Pack is only $4.99. Upon purchase, you will receive a download that includes these PDF files that you can print again and again:

  • Secret Lab Notebook front cover (8 1/2 x 11) – Learn more about how to use these HERE.

Easy Cheap Science Birthday Party

  • Official Access Name Tags – Use inside clip-on name badges like these, print on these Avery labels, or simply print on card stock and use safety pins to attach to shirts.
Easy Cheap Science Birthday Party
  • Science Laboratory sign (8 1/2 x 11)
Easy Cheap Science Birthday Party
  • Atomic Waste sign (8 1/2 x 11)
Easy Cheap Science Birthday Party
  • Biohazard sign (8 1/2 x 11)
Easy Cheap Science Birthday Party
  • Enter at Your Own Risk sign (8 1/2 x 11)
Easy Cheap Science Birthday Party
  • Caution: Lab Test Underway sign (8 1/2 x 11)
Easy Cheap Science Birthday Party

Print each of these as many times as you like so that you can cover your walls, tables, and doors with themed Science lab signs. What a deal!

Purchase our cheap Science Party Pack (only $4.99) now!

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    Love these ideas! Could you share the links to the 3 experiments you used? They are mentioned in your post above but the links aren’t included. Thank you!