DIY Easter Decorating Idea: Repurpose Paint Chips into an Easter Garland

By Polly Conner
March 11, 2013

Since most of my creative energy is being put towards baby boy’s nursery and not holiday decorating, I thought I’d share a little Easter project from the past. Enjoy!

An Eggcellent Easter Decorating Idea

I love repurposing things. I love looking at something and come up with an entirely different way to use it other than its original purpose. For this particular Easter project,  I repurposed these paint chips:

…into an Easter garland!

This project cost next to nothing (except for a few strange looks you may get by stocking up on so many different paint chips).  It could be a great craft idea to do with your kiddos too.

Want to make your own?

First, make your own egg stencil.

I just eyeballed mine and cut it out on Cardstock paper so it could be traced around easily.

Now, get to tracing! I actually picked up two of each paint chip card. This is because there are three colors on each so I cut out an egg from the top half and then from the bottom half on the identical paint chip. This allows for more of a rainbow-cohesive look.

I then hole punched each one to make room for the ribbon to slide through.

Using some craft ribbon that can be found in the gift wrapping section, I weaved a long string through my punched holes. Once all the eggs were on there, I spaced them out as evenly as I could.

Since the garland was so light, I was able to hang it on my mantle by using three thumbtacks. Easy Peasy.

Head to your local hardware store and see what you can do with some good ‘ol paint chips!

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