Kids’ Bathroom Flip

By Rachel Tiemeyer

If you’re an Instagram follower, you’ll know that I actually wrapped up this Kids’ Bathroom makeover a few months ago! I’m excited to finally get the details your way.

Stenciled wall in bathroom

Much like our Master Bedroom Makeover, I had done slim to none as far as decorating this room. I mean, it’s the kids’ bathroom. It serves 3 purposes: Brush teeth, take baths, and to go potty.

What I particularly like about this bathroom flip, is that it didn’t break the budget. It just took some time (and bravery) to make a big impact. Aside from paint supplies, the only things I bought were a new window blind, rug, and two pieces of decor.

Stenciled wall in bathroom

Kids’ Bathroom Before & Afters

Let’s take a peek at what a little paint job can do, shall we?

Before and after picture of kids bathroom

Here’s another before and after angle.

Before and After picture of kids bathroom

About the Wall Stencil

I had never done a wall stencil before. But from the images I saw on Pinterest and such, they can have a HUGE impact! I wanted to try one out and told myself that the worst thing that could happen was that it turned out bad and I painted over it again.

The first step I had to do was to paint the whole room white. I used Simply White by Benjamin Moore. After that had dried, it was stencil time!

The stencil is called Hand Drawn Chevron from Cutting Edge Stencils. I used Kendall Charcoal for my stencil color.

Close up of hand drawn chevron wall stencil

What I Learned about Wall Stenciling

  • Use a dense foam roller! You don’t want much paint on it at all!
  • The less you have to work around, the better. The wall I picked was pretty complex. I had to work around a toilet, a window, and a vanity. I for sure made some mistakes when trying to work around these edges.
  • If you’re a perfectionist, I’d steer clear of wall stenciling. You’ll need to prepare to embrace imperfection!
  • Use a flat paint sheen. It dries the fastest!
  • Take your time. It’s pretty time-consuming. Put in a great audiobook and have fun with it!
Hand drawn chevron bathroom stencil on a white wall

Here is a short video to show you the project from start to finish.

Kids’ Bathroom Makeover Details

Hand drawn chevron wall stencil

Paint Colors:

  • Benjamin Moore: Simply White
  • Benjamin Moore: Kendall Charcoal

Bath Rug: Target (So comfy!)

Wooden Letterboard: Target

Window Blind: Wayfair (Same ones used in my Master Bedroom Makeover)

Make sure to check out my Master Bedroom Makeover, too!

Before and after master bedroom reveal


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