Babies with Acid Reflux: Help for Moms

I survived having a baby with acid reflux. I don’t use the term survived lightly, nor would other moms whose kiddos had reflux. But we made it. Kicking and screaming, we made it. And now we have a happy, delightful 7 month old who doesn’t even remember the rough days and nights. Her parents do though. 🙂

One of the most helpful things for me was to talk to other moms who had gone through it. I was desperate for hope that this would end some day. It helped so much for someone to simply say, “I know what you’re going through…you aren’t alone…it will get better.” Since hearing about others’ experiences was so helpful to me, I thought maybe sharing my experience just might help a struggling mom out there.

A Baby with Reflux: What It’s Like

I was under the assumption that acid reflux meant your baby spit up all the time. While this is a form of it, its symptoms can manifest in many different ways. In our situation, at around 8 weeks old, my baby just started crying when eating. It started with just 1-2 times a day and progressively got worse. I thought she was refusing to breastfeed so we tried all types of bottles. Those didn’t work either. No matter what we did, she would just scream and cry any time it was time to eat even if she was hungry. At this point, she was eating every 3 hours so you can imagine how exhausting it was to see your hungry baby struggle that much in a day.

It’s hard. It’s heartbreaking. It’s frustrating. You feel helpless and powerless to make it better. Reflux puts your baby in a bad mood. They can’t easily soothe themselves or settle down. They don’t nap long. They wake up at night frequently. They cry their eyes out when eating. You don’t want to feed them in public because of the crying. They eat less so they want to eat more frequently which only flares up the reflux more. It’s stressful to leave them with someone else, but it’s absolutely exhausting to be with them 24/7. You feel like you provide no comfort but know that you are all they have. It’s easy to grow apathetic towards the crying. It messes up any type of routine you are trying to establish. It makes you jealous of moms whose babies eat and sleep so well. It just sucks.

Acid Reflux Treatment for Our Baby

We were initially put on Zantac which required us to squirt medicine into my baby’s mouth 3 times a day. Luckily, she didn’t mind the taste, so she usually complied. They told us Zantac could take up to 7-10 days to see results. So we had to buckle down and get through that week in hopes that the medicine would kick in. Her symptoms seemed to get a little better, but she was still very bothered when eating. After 9 days of Zantac, we moved to Prevacid. We had to split a capsule in half and give it to her in the morning and evening. These expensive little pills are tricky. You have to dissolve in water, suction the water up in a syringe, and then squirt it in the mouth. We were told to give it to her before meals, so we did this for a while seeing little results. After doing some online research, I learned that the medicine is much more effective if given 30+ minutes prior to a meal. When we started doing this, we saw much better results. I experimented a bit with my diet too. I cut out caffeine, chocolate, and limited my dairy intake. I’m honestly not sure how helpful it was to change my diet, but I was willing to do anything at that point. My little gal started to show some improvement around 5-6 months but every baby is different.

Tips on Coping with Acid Reflux in a Baby

I did tons of research online. Tons. I found lots of contradicting information and eventually came to the conclusion that you just have to learn what works through trial and error. Below I’ve listed some recommended tips that I tried.  Take them or leave them.

  • You are not alone.

First of all, realize you are not alone, sweet mama. If you don’t believe me, just skip to the comments section of this post and grab a kleenex. Please know that there are so many other moms out there walking a similar road that you are. I hope you can find comfort in knowing this.

  • Elevate head 30 minutes after eating.

This is one of the most common pieces of advice I found. After feeding my gal, I often put her in her bouncy seat or propped her up on a boppy pillow to hang out for a while after she’s chowed down.

  • Elevate the crib.

We stacked some text books under one end of the crib to give it a tilt. She ended up towards the foot of the crib by the end of a night, but at least her esophagus wasn’t being burned by laying flat.

  • Bottle Feed (with breast milk).

This actually goes against a lot of online advice, but we found bottles to work better to get more ounces in her. When my baby was upset, it was really difficult to get her to latch on to breastfeed. It is a lot easier to use a bottle in those upset moments. Keep pumping though, because breast milk helps prevent flareups while formula can trigger them.

  • Use the pacifier.

To get her calmed down during eating, we often gave her the pacifier so she could soothe herself a little. After she calmed down, we’d do a quick switch-a-roo to the bottle and she’d be more likely to take it.

  • Swaddle while feeding.

For some reason, this really worked with my daughter. She’d be super wound up until we swaddled her up and tried again. She would often take the bottle much better after that.

  • Distraction is the key!

Again, since we bottle fed a lot, we were able to walk around, go outside, stand under the fan, move room to room, etc. Anything we could find to take her mind off of her pain helped her to gulp down a bit more. I also would make up songs to sing, pray out loud with her, or just talk about anything.

  • Take a break.

Often times we found that Adelyn would take two ounces or so and then be thrown into her crying fit. At first we tried to push through and continue feeding. What we found more helpful was to stop as soon as she started to get upset and take a 5-10 minute break. She was a lot more likely to finish her bottle after she had time to take a breather. This can be frustrating though because it seems like feeding takes forever!

  • Have others feed the baby.

This was more for my emotional stability than anything. It helped so much to not have to go through it over and over again. When possible, I’d have my husband feed her or anyone else who was willing.

  • Hold the schedule/routine loosely (but still hold it!).

My husband and I do much better with structure. We had this gal on a flexible, 3 hour feeding schedule since day one. She adapted to it quite easily, so when the reflux hit and she was wanting to eat every 2-2.5 hours we were thrown off a bit. Her sleeping and naps went all wacky too. We initially resisted the change but eventually realized we needed to adapt to what the little lady was telling us. It was good for us to let go of our expectations and hold everything loosely. At the same time, we didn’t completely quit aiming towards a routine. I think it’s important to not let reflux be an excuse for everything.

  • Take one feeding at a time.

There would be mornings when I would wake up and dread the day. However, when I took one feeding at a time, it made it seem more doable.

  • Document.

This sounds weird and slightly anal, but it helped me a lot to write down how each feeding went. That way I could remind myself when she did have good feedings as opposed to just remembering the bad ones. I wrote down the time she ate and either put a smiley face next to it or a check mark if it went bad. It’s also good to have objective facts to talk to the doctor about, if needed.

  • Find scripture and pray pray pray.

I often prayed out loud or would sing worship songs when feeding her. I also quoted scripture that helped me. Here are some verse suggestions that helped me a lot: Isaiah 43:1-2, Romans 12:11-13, Phil 4:4, Isaiah 40:10-12, 2 Cor 4:17, 2 Cor 9:8, 2 Tim 1:7. We also have a set of verse cards designed for specifically for moms. Learn more about our On the Job Meditations

Remember the promises of God

As with any trial you may face, it takes effort to remember God’s promises. It’s hard to remember what is true. I had to talk to myself rather than listen to myself. I had to dig into the Word of God and find truth. Here are some specific promises that might be helpful for you as you walk through this trial.

You are not alone -God is with you in suffering (Isaiah 43:2)

2 When you pass through the waters, 
   I will be with you; 
and when you pass through the rivers, 
   they will not sweep over you. 
When you walk through the fire, 
   you will not be burned; 
   the flames will not set you ablaze.

He will give you what you need to get through trials (Isaiah 40:29-31)

He gives power to the weak
and strength to the powerless.
Even youths will become weak and tired,
and young men will fall in exhaustion.
But those who trust in the Lord will find new strength.
They will soar high on wings like eagles.
They will run and not grow weary.
They will walk and not faint.

God planned this for you… for your good (Jer 29:11)

For I know the plans I have for you,” declares the LORD, “plans to prosper you and not to harm you, plans to give you hope and a future.

He hears your prayers (Psalm 34:15)

The eyes of the Lord are on the righteous and his ears are attentive to their cry.

God will give you the strength to get through this (Phil 4:19)

And this same God who takes care of me will supply all your needs from his glorious riches, which have been given to us in Christ Jesus.
 Here is a great sermon to listen to that will likely apply to your season of life right now. It’s about how to handle the storms in life, how to respond faithfully and how Jesus is in the boat with us through it all. I think back to this sermon all of the time. It’s for sure worth the watch… Heck, turn it on while you are feeding your baby the next time to distract you!!

Jesus is in the Boat With Us by Keith Simon

Screen Shot 2016-01-25 at 7.35.01 PM

A Final Word

Sweet mama, you are not alone. This will not last forever. You will make it. You may be bloody, broken and beat up by the end of this tough season but you will make it. Your character is being shaped and molded and you will come out a stronger person as a result of this tough road that God has put you on. It’s OK to cry. It’s OK to struggle. It’s OK to want an easier baby. Don’t let guilt make you even more miserable. You are not a failure of a mother if you can’t make your baby stop crying. There are some things that we simply cannot control and this is one of them. Pray pray pray. Let God shape you and show you more about himself and your own heart in this tough, vulnerable season. Here is another post that I have written: A Word to the Struggling Mom. I’m hoping you’ve found comfort through this post or others I have written because my heart is near and dear to the struggling mom.
Lastly, if you need some tangible tracks to run on, here are some verse cards that might be helpful.


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  1. Jamie says

    Thank you so much for this post. I found this article while desperately searching the internet looking for answers for my miserable 2 month old. She started showing all of the signs of reflux around week 3 or 4 and after much fighting with the doctors we were finally able to get her on Zantac which worked for a short time but now the symptoms have returned and seem to be even worse. As you mentioned, she went from eating every 3 hours to taking smaller more frequent meals and most of the time it’s such a struggle to even get one ounce down. It worries me and stresses me out so bad to see her hungry but unable to eat. I will admit, Before I stumbled across this article my faith began to waver. I’ve cried out so many times but I felt like I was in this alone, desperately trying to find comfort for my baby girl. After reading your post, I feel like getting deeper into the word of God and praying even more, as you have reminded me that He will never put more on me than I can bear. Thank you for such an awesome gesture to encourage others! I truly appreciate you

  2. Hope says

    Thank you for writing this. My son is 3 months old and just like your daughter he stopped wanting to eat aroundo 8 weeks after nursing and gaining weight beautifully. I’ve switched to pumping during the day to get more calories in him and he’s on Prilosec but sometimes I feel like every single second is a struggle. I constantly worry something else is wrong with because everything just seems hard for him (sleep, eating, being in the car seat, etc). I have a 3 year old daughter who I feel like I am failing as a mother because all i can think about is if the baby is going to eat and grow. It’s hard to imagine this ever ending but reading experiences from other people gives me a little hope. I don’t enjoy being with him right now or really anything. I feel angry at people who had their second child at the same time who aren’t going through this. Thanks again for writing this…I hope one day soon I will be on the other side of this as well.

  3. Anna says

    Thanks for this, it’s getting useful and comforting to know it will end when the baby grows out of it!
    My baby has been diagnosed with reflux at 3.5 months after his growth slowed down and prescribed Ranitidine (generic name for Zantac and others).
    There’s a lot of advice online about frequent burping and keeping the baby upright after feeds, but I found this makes all the milk come out pretty fast and makes him scream!
    Instead our GP recommended feeding him at a 45 degree angle and keeping him there afterwards, which has been much better.
    Minimal movement/handling after feeds (for about an hour) has really helped too.
    Feeding him on the bed, with him leaning back against pillows and me lying beside him, has worked well for me as he can fall asleep there afterwards without being moved.
    Interestingly, due to the position of the entrance to the stomach from the eosophagus, lying partially upright and tilted to the left during and after feeding is much more comfortable for him and seems to reduce the amount brought up.
    I had already noticed that he would scream after s while when fed from my left breast but would more readily feed from the right, so now I understand why!
    I find it helps me to remember that others have it much worse than we do. Our babies should all grow out of reflux as their bodies mature. Think of those who’s babies have a lifelong condition, or a far more serious illness, who will have to be patient and struggle for much longer than we will
    It’s only a few months, although it will seem like much longer at the time, and the babies won’t remember a thing! xxx

  4. Barb says

    Thank you for sharing. I have felt so alone in all this. I’m a Christian but it’s been hard to keep the right perspective. I appreciate the verses you shared. My baby is a year old now and is MSPI as well, and my oldest was “colicky” for his first 4 months of life though now I know better. He is also still milk protein intolerant. I’m just so tired and trying to soak in all the good but struggling and wishing this time would go faster at the same time. It’s hard not having anyone I know who has experienced this.

  5. Anon says

    First time mum with a baby that has reflux and a milk allergy. She cried for about 4 hours today. I broke down abd cried right along with her. I feel so guilty that she’s suffering and some days I feel like I can’t do this anymore. I don’t know what she needs and wish I could enjoy this time with her but the suffering seems endless. I am exhausted.

  6. Carrie says

    Currently on baby #2 with reflux. She takes 1 oz every 2 hours. 1 oz! I’m so tired! She’s on Zantac and Prevacid. Nothing is working and I’m feeling discouraged this round.

    Thank you for your post. It was nice to know others know what I’m going through. But Jer 29:11 made me cry. What does God have planned for me that I had to go through this twice? To test my marriage? My sanity? It’s sad I pray this time to go faster. That I pray my baby grows up faster just to get over this bump.

    • Shelbey says


      I’m only on baby #1 with reflux (but baby #2 overall) but I feel the same way as you. My marriage and sanity are already shaky so I feel like this reflux baby is just a cruel, cruel addition to my life. Sounds like you feel the same. I have never wanted a time machine more in my life. Nothing about these days is enjoyable or memorable, and I will only look back with trauma on it. We can pray together that somehow, someway time will pass faster for us. And I reject any old lady whose mindless exhortation would be for us to just “enjoy” it because it “goes by so quick”– HA! Goes by quick. That’s a good joke.

  7. Kaishu says

    Thank you for making me feeling good

  8. Olivia says

    Girl I needed this. We have switched formulas we are on Zantac. My doctor told me to get an adult antacid to coat my baby’s esophogous before he eats after we were in the lobby for 30 minutes with a screaming 2 month old and I was covered in spit up from my head to toe. It stresses me out so thank you for all of this.

  9. Deborah says

    I needed to see this. Sweet baby Jesus I’m worn out. Tired and overwhelmed but find strength to endure each day. My lo 3.5 months she has a severe milk protein allergy and has silent reflux.
    Takes elecare n we thicken her formula n she was taking Zantac quit helping. So trying omeprazole (helps acid but side effects are rough) so lowered dosage to 1/4 to see how she responds.
    Had a swallow study all is fine. It’s her gut.
    So praying for relief for her soon or that it will go away here in a few months.
    This is the toughest road I’ve been down. She is hard to feed and slow to gain weight.
    But I was appointed to help her so praying each day to be a warrior for her.
    Have courage and be kind. Is my motto.
    Just glad I’m not alone.

    • Eden says

      I feel you! My little one is 3 months and have silent reflux since she was 5 weeks it was hell the first couple weeks but I new something was wrong! She’s been on omeprazole as well 2.5ml twice a day and I have seen a drastic change she still has her moments but so much better was told by the gastronoligst she has Gerd and it can take 6 months to a year. I’m praying and trusting God that it’s 6 months! For know I will be sitting on the boat with him waiting to se what he is teaching me

      • Adrian says

        How is your daughter now? My 3.5 month daughter is dealing with silent reflux and I’m praying for relief?

    • Tamara says

      Hello would you mind sharing how your little one is now and when they started to get better? And eat better? My son will only nurse if asleep

  10. Kate Russo says

    I remember going through all of this with my son and who had reflux up until about 10 months. It is a traumatic experience and I remember how sleep deprived and sad we were for the little one. Because of his reflux I don’t think he ever really learned to put himself back to sleep so he was waking every 40 min. We ended up doing some sleep training with him just so he could sleep longer (once he was better). I just wanted to offer, we did the medications (Zantac and Prevacid) and neither really worked. We would see some improvements but then it would come back. What did improve him more seemed to be adding probiotics to my diet and cutting out gluten, dairy, corn and soy. I’m not sure which of these helped or if it was a combination. It didn’t entirely eliminate it but just thought I’d share in case it helps someone and it’s harmless to try. It does end eventually, but it’s probably the hardest thing we’ve gone through.

  11. Jessica Hill says

    In your experience with this, did you ever hear of Marci dosing?

  12. Preethi Nair says

    Hi your words are so promising I see light at the end of the tunnel my baby girl is seven weeks old and was diagnosed with silent reflux at week four we were put on Zantac and
    She was doing great with food and sleep then after 10 days
    It stopped working now on Prevacid for Over a week she did fine but was having sleep problems so I for the past four days reduced her dosage from 5ml to
    Yesterday she started showing reflux symptoms again by arching her back And cryingDuring feeds and after actually this problem was totally sorted
    feel guiltyThat the reduction in dosage has bought this problem.

    this morning put her back on 5ml Prevacid hoping this will settle by tomorrow

    Just I’m curious to know how do you see improvement by the week will it get better by each symptom of of reflex fading away
    I just want somebody to tell me that rather than dealing with all this crying every two weeks medicine help at all I would be much better if she stops crying and feeds wellRest of the symptoms can easily be dealt with please help I’m in agony and fed up with this

    • Tamara says

      Would you mind sharing what’s helped your little one and when they outgrew it and were able to eat more comfortable

  13. Morgan says

    Thank you for writing this.

  14. Jessica Hill says

    Your post describes what I am going through with my 5 week old son to a tee. You said your child is now 7 months (in the post). Did she stop having reflux issues at 7 months or before that?

  15. Jessi says

    I hope it’s not too late to comment on this blog post. I see some are from 2013/2014 and various years. My infant is 5 1/2 weeks old and the doctor “diagnosed” him yesterday (11/8/2017) He is still going weight beautifully and she does. It want to put him on medicine due to it not affecting his weight. But there are times when he is just crying in pain and I don’t know what to do for him. It tears me up inside. AND I am going back to work at the end of the month. He is staying with my sister-in-law who has a 12 month old. Both of these babies are very demanding and I don’t know how to make it easy on her?! It’s already hard for me and I’m his mama. Do i just leave him there and hope for the best?! Could you email me some advice?

    • Jessi says

      Excuse me… he is GAINING weight beautifully and the doctor DOES NOT want to put his on medicine because of this.
      I should also add that I can rarely put him down.

  16. Mya says

    I am not sure if this blog is still active but it is currently helping me out a lot. I do know my situation is similar but also different too. My son is 4 weeks old and was diagnosed with reflux this week. His symptoms began at 2 weeks and doctors said it was simply my overactive let down. So I changed positions for nursing and he still spit up after almost every feeding, choked, coughed, hiccuped, and made a gargling noise in the back of his throat during diaper change. So I hesistantly decided to change to formula. The results have been better but he is still spitting up. I’m not sure what to do.

  17. Michelle says

    I was so blessed by this today. Thank you for sharing your story and some hope. We are also struggling with this. Thank you for your encouragement through scripture, reminding me that I am not alone and to seek courage through our savior.

  18. Elizabeth says

    Our daughter has acid reflux also. We take her to the chiropractor and it made a big difference!! She was a completely different baby the next day. Once it started getting bad again then we would take her in again. We have only had to take her in twice in 4 months.

  19. Patricia says

    I came across this article last year when my daughter was only 4 months old. It help me tremendously when I was about to go crazy. All my friends had babies at the same time, but no one experienced my troubles, so they did not understand.
    My LO has had reflux since she was only 2 weeks old but it got worst at month 4. As per her gastrointerologist, the peak of the reflux happens at month 4 but it starts getting better between months 5 and 6. My LO was first put on Zantac, then Prevacid, and finally in Nexium. By the time she was 4 months, she was also taking Karafate every 8 hours in addition to the Nexium twice a day. She was put on Alimentum Ready to Feed, and we were adding rice cereal to every feeding. I had to hold her vertically after every feeding for 30 minutes and her crib was inclined 30 degrees. Needless to say, going out with her was out of the question, and I wasn’t going out anyways, since it was very hard to let someone else struggle to feed her.
    My baby just turned 10 months and is officially off all medications. It took a while to get here, but we did. Her reflux still flares up when she is sick, and now that she is teething but I’m able to manage it without meds.
    I can’t help to look back at this article from time to time and thank God that it was here when I needed it the most.
    To all mom out there, the end of the reflux is near. If you are at it’s peaks (4-5 months), it’s not going to get worst, just better. God bless you all and thank you for this wonderful article.

    • Polly says

      Wow- thanks for the feedback. This is exactly my hope- that moms would stumble on this post in hopes that it would give them the hope they need in that desperate time. I’m really thankful you took the time to share this, Patricia. So glad your baby is doing better. Hugs!

  20. Elizabeth says

    Thank you for this wonderful bible verse reminder. My daughter is on Gtube and hope and prayed in time that she’ll have strength to feed orally. Acid reflux for babies are not fun.

  21. nelly says

    Its 4 in the night, and was feeling really down, it is like a routine everyday from 3:00am, he doesnt sleep much, the reflux becames worse at this time, and i just googled support for moms with reflux babies….i needed this article and all this comments have made me realise it shall come to pass.
    I also use this time to do my prayers, thank you for this.

  22. Lauren says

    I have a baby girl who is 6 weeks old and feel as if her reflex has gotten worse. She gags and chokes at times which is terrifying. She does well 75% of the time with eating and sleeping but the other 25% of the time is bad. I’ve cut out dairy and eggs. She is on Zantac but don’t see and relief from her taking that. We’ve tried bottle feeding her with my breastmilk and she will still spit up. You can tell she is uncomfortable a lot of the times. I’m so discouraged and at a loss of what to do.. we’ve tried everything that is recommended with reflex babies but nothing seems to help.. I would like to ask the pediatrician for a GI referral but afraid they will suggest what we’ve already tried doing. Thank you for your article.. we know this is a season and will pass but it’s so hard to see my little one in pain. It makes me cry everything.
    We are praying the lord will heal her from this and give us wisdom in the meantime.

    • Polly says

      So sorry, Lauren. Thanks for sharing your story and your heart. You are not alone!

  23. Chelsea says

    wow! this is just what i needed. I have a little girl with sever reflux. She is on medication twice a day and nutramigen formula with cereal in each bottle. It has been a constant battle but she is finally my happy spitter, I call her. Her reflux seems to be flared up right now at 4 months old, but Im praying for it to be gone each and everyday. This blog was extremely encouraging…thank you from the bottom of my heart!
    Did you notice your little girl feeling better once she started solids? at what age did you begin solids and which worked best for her?

  24. Kaylin says

    My have a 10 months old girl, who’s suffering from acid reflux the dr put her on Zantac but it a struggle to give it to her she throw it up everytime and screaming. I’m so stress I just wanted my baby to feel better and outgrown it soon. She’s only about 17lbs at 10 months very tiny she have a difficult time put on weight😭. She don’t seem to nap no longer than 30 minutes if not lesser. After reading your blog I can’t stop but crying.

  25. Melinda says

    thank you for all the posts.

  26. Monica says

    I am struggling with this as well. My sweet baby Nora is 4 1/2 months old and we have been struggling with reflux since she was 4 weeks old. They put her on Zantac at 4 weeks and it did not seem to help much. We recently switched to Prevacid. It worked great for about a week and a half but she has been really fussy at her past 4 feedings. I broke down and cried. It makes me so sad feeding is so painful for her. I get so anxious when it is time to feed her, my stomach hurts and sometimes my hands shake. I too have come up with lots of tricks to feed her. I sing to her a lot, walk her around, talk to her and take lots of breaks. It usually takes an hour to get her to almost finish her bottle. I pray and pray and pray. I have days of hope and days of deep despair. I take comfort in the fact that this will pass and she will not v remember the pain. I pray to God that this passes for us soon and she can become a happy comfortable eater.

    • Joanne says

      Curious to know how you’re doing now. My son is 5 months and I’m struggling. He is on Prevacid which seems to help with the pain but the spitting up is out of control. He spits up with every feed multiple times. There is never a time where he doesn’t spit up. It’s getting hard to be out of the house with him or to let others hold him because I know he will make a mess and people just don’t understand. We have been to the doctor countless times and I keep being told he’s just a spitty baby. I can’t imagine what it will be like if he’s still doing this once he starts rolling and sitting. Not to mention when he starts solids. Every day I pray that it will get better and for strength. But it’s just so hard. It’s nice to read that others have been through it and survived.

      • Polly says

        So sorry, Joanne. My daughter is now 5 years old and perfectly normal. If anything, when they start solids and sitting up, it actually helps things to stay down. Poor guy (and poor mommy!) to have to deal with that for EVERY meal.

        • Nadia Casanova says

          Gracias!! Necesitaba leer esto! Dios te bendiga

  27. Christina says

    Thank you for your post. We’ve been dealing with reflux since our LO was 9 weeks old, she’s now almost 13, so for the past month. My husband can’t take the crying/screaming at the bottle. I finally went to the doctor and demanded a solution, and they gave us zantac. It’s day 2 of the zantac and I’m praying things will improve, but I haven’t seen any change yet. It breaks my heart to hear her in pain. I cried for the first time though today reading your post. All of my frustration and anger and pain finally broke through the surface and your verses that you selected really touched my heart. I know God is sovereign and His plan is perfect. Thank you for the reminder and the hope.

  28. Amber Lowe says

    This story has brought me to tears! I have a 5 month old that has had the same issues, only sometimes it becomes more sever. Our little princess is struggling so bad with this. She is on Zantac, but she will go a day or two without eating and we land in the hospital. I cry pretty much every day and just ask that something helps. Unfortunately I was in able to breastfeed so we have gone through about 10 different formulas, and we finally found 1 that seems to be helping! Similar Alumentum has been our life saver although it’s not cheep at all it helps a lot. We have good days and we have horrible days. My little peanut only sleeps 30 mins during the day and about 6 during the night with us up about every hour and a half. She has gotten better but I am going to try some of your tips.. I feel horrible for her and just want her feeling better and to out grow this… My heart is breaking! I feel bad leaving her with a babysitter while we work, or for that matter anyone… Thanks for all your stories! I know no one with this issue and it’s been very hard!!

  29. Emily says

    This post has been such a blessing to me. I’m a new mom and my 10 week old daughter has acid reflux. We have struggled through low milk supply, we nursed then pumped every 2-3 hours for the first two weeks. I was so tired I thought I would fall over. We had to begin supplementing with formula due to slow weight gain and her crying from hunger. Not having enough milk for her broke my heart. Then we struggled with GI intolerance and potential dairy protein allergy between the formula and my diet. At around two months she began fussing, arching her back, and refusing the breast and bottle. At first I thought that I must not be making enough milk and that she was hungry and refusing the breast but she also refused formula even though she was hungry. She has good days and bad days and I have struggled to pinpoint exactly what is causing her discomfort. We seem to live at the pediatrician’s office. I was blindsided by having all these issues. I have felt like an incompetent mom thinking that I am somehow causing these issues with something I am or am not doing. We have just started Zantac then added Nexium. I have never prayed so much as I have since becoming a mother, I know God has a purpose. Reading the experiences of all theses other amazing moms has helped me gain perspective and comforted my soul. Thank you.

  30. Danielle says

    Hi I need some help please… baby boy is almost 14 weeks old and has been crying since 3 weeks old it has got progressively worse each day he arches his back and screams in pain throwing himself backwards and pulling himself stiff. I use to be able to soothe him by rocking him or holding him or even nursing him to sleep but he will not allow me to hold him in any way anymore he just screams….i have tried Nexiam Gaviscon. I have taken him to a chiropractor but nothing works I am so afraid as he is refusing to feed too and will not look at me in the eyes anymore…I feel like I have done something wrong. I am a first time mother and I am scared he has also started to sway his head side to side which the Doctor said he is self soothing but I am so frightened. I need advise..i also thought I was alone and no one is listening to me…but I feel better after reading these posts that I will get through it I’m just worried coz no one has mentioned severe back arching in reflux babies?

    • Maja says

      I am very sad that you had to suffer watching your baby suffer like that unable to help.
      It’s been a while since your post, how are you both doing now? Has your baby outgrown reflux?
      Do you know if the severe arching of the back was due to Sandifer’s syndrome?
      My baby has both: silent reflux with Sandifer’s; diagnosed at 2 months. The GI Doctor told us that reflux would
      culminate at 4 months. Our baby boy started to feel worse at 14 weeks even though he has been on Zantac for about a month, sleeps in a snugabunny and we hold him upright for 20-30 min after each meal.
      My heart aches for all of the mothers whose babies suffered so much.
      I hope that each day will bring us to the day when our baby boy will be happy and comfortable.
      It’s absolutely heartbreaking to watch him suffer or not being able to eat as much as he wants to or sleep peacefully or uninterrupted because of the pain he is in. His smile is so beautiful and I long for it when he is in pain. I long for it for his sake.
      Stay strong, moms! It’s frustrating and difficult, exhausting and you often feel desperate, but keep showing much love to your babies.
      They need it to get through this terrible time.

  31. Nicole says

    Reading your article was so relatable to me and our situation. My 12 week old daughter was diagnosed with reflux at 8 weeks. At first Zantac was prescribed and it worked well. After a month it stopped working and she was on the highest dose for her weight.. We’ve been on Prilosec for 5 days now and she’s only gotten worse in the last 5 days. I read somewhere reflux peaks at 3/4 months. Praying that the Priolosec kicks in and she gets better. The crying tears me apart as a mother. I feel so helpless and alone. It’s hard to ever leave the house and it can be so depressing being indoors all day with a crying baby and my 2 year old super active son 🙁
    Only thing that helps me get through the days are reading some of the scriptures you provided and constantly reminding myself that this is temporary and we will get through this someday. It also helps knowing that I am not alone and that other moms are going through the same terrible thing..
    My son is 2 years now and he had colic for 4 months (looking back I think it might have been reflux too). My son now is literally the happiest toddler I know. When I tell people how much he cried as a baby they don’t belive me. So knowing that this too shall pass helps me survive. Thank you for your honest article. It helped a lot. The other thing that really helps calm my daughter is bath time.. Not sure if that’s with all reflux babies but it’s worth a try. We take a lot of baths :))) Also nursing my daughter when she groggy or sleepy. Sometimes I’ll swaddle her and nurse her when she’s almost asleep. Dream feedings work well for us too. Thanks again. Xoxo

  32. Raquel says

    I am so blessed to have found this blog I watched the video you uploaded it really encouraged me.. What is the name of the pastor preaching I would like to watch more and also any mamas on here from nj two of the most difficult things to find is a Christian mom in nj and a mom who knows exactly how horrible reflux is cause we are both going thru it…so if anyone on here is from nj it would be nice to connect 🙂

  33. Stephanie says

    Thank you so much. I’ve been researching acid reflux for weeks – looking at my options, trying to figure out what is best for my baby. Soon I think we will be starting her on Zantac. I hate seeing her in pain. I found your article tonight and just cried my eyes out. Thank you for reminding me to turn to God and pray. I will start reading these Bible verses over and over again now.

  34. Raquel says

    I am so glad I found this article it explains everything I am going thru again! This my second daughter with reflux my first grew out of it by 8 months and now my second she is a month old and has it so bad we have tried everything she is on
    Prevacid now can come kind explain the half hour benefit is it half our before you start the first feeding of the day? I am just so overwhelmed been angry at God for making me go thru it again and my grandmother who was do dead to me just passed I’m just really at a low point when I was reading your blog and saw scripture I lost it I needed to hear from God he used your blog to speak to me thank you

    • Polly says

      So sorry that this season has been tough for you. Please take the time to watch the sermon that I have posted in this post. It really gives some perspective on what God is doing when he has us walking through tough seasons. Pray pray pray for that sweet little baby and know that God is WITH you despite what it may feel like. Hang in there, sweet mama.

  35. Maria says

    I just fed my little boy who also has bad reflux and felt I was at my wits end. It’s been a rough day. I just left the room and prayed Jesus would help my baby and stumbled on this article. It’s encouraging to read your suggestions and scriptures though. I needed some positivity. Thank you for posting!

    • Polly says

      So glad it could help, Maria. You’re not alone, sweet mama!

  36. Summer says

    Finding this post has definitely lifted my spirits a little bit, I have felt extremely alone the past 3 1/2 months. My precious daughter has been suffering with digestive issues since day one. At only 6 days old she had to have surgery for an abdominal blockage. She made it through like a champ but we’ve been dealing with a horrible side effect from her surgery called bile reflux. It’s absolutely horrible and I’m exhausted. She is on nexium twice a day, Zantac three times a day, and bethanecol four times a day. She can never lay flat and is always elevated, I can’t breastfeed her, she is never happy, she has episodes of stomach acid coming out of her nose and mouth which cause her to choke, she spits up blood and has had bloody noses. Clearing my daughters airway several times a day and dealing with the screaming is almost unbearable. I never take my eyes off of her and sleep doesn’t exist in my house. I pray for her everyday, I hate seeing this tiny person in so much pain. I feel guilty and blame myself even though I know it’s not my fault. I have never met or talked to anyone that has gone through anything like this so I feel like I’m the only one. I often feel like my daughter hates me because I can never comfort her. She will be having another surgery on the 25th and I’m praying so hard that it fixes this nightmare she’s having to endure. Thank you for sharing your story, I know I’m not totally alone but at times it sure feels that way…

    • Raquel says

      Summer has your daughter had the surgery I will be praying for you

    • Erika says

      I know this comment is really old but I have researching the internet like crazy for answers. My son got diagnosed at 2 weeks old with acid reflux. It was doable at first and got put on Zantac at 3 weeks old. He is now 5 weeks old and it is getting worse. We had an episode yesterday like you described with it coming out of his mouth and nose but he was also stiff as a board with bulging eyes rolled back and turned purple from not being able to breathe. Did surgery help your little one? Hope all is well now!

  37. Michelle says

    Thank you so much for this. I am a first time new mom and our daughter suffers from reflux. It wears me down to the core and often I feel abandoned by God. I pray day and night but still feel like I’m always doing something wrong. She hardly naps during the day at all, leaving her overtired and me constantly feeling like I’m setting her up for horrible sleep by rocking her to sleep to keep her upright the 15-20 min. after a feeding. I read so, so much about how to set your child up for good sleep and how to handle reflux and get so stressed out when I can’t do the self-soothing practices for her.

    I feel guilty for nursing her to sleep, for rocking her to sleep, etc. All of these experts claim I’m setting her up for failure. What worked, if anything, for you? I do follow the Happiest Baby recommendations, waking her lightly when I place her down, trying to follow somewhat of a flexible schedule (which always seems messed up!), and feeding her frequently throughout the day. Although at her feedings of expressed milk, she takes 3-4 oz usually every 2-2.5 hrs.

    Anyway, it is so helpful to talk to someone who has gone through it to help realize that one day it will resolve. You probably get tons of requests to share advice and reassurance, but it would really help me. I feel like I reach new lows as her issues worsen (she’s 2.5 months now). She is on Zantac, but it doesn’t always completely fix her issues and when her food comes up during a nap, nap’s over and everyone is just mentally, physically and emotionally drained at this point.

    • Polly says

      It is SO exhausting, Michelle. I hear you on that. I’m really not in the place to give practical advice but more to offer empathy and the comfort of knowing you are aren’t alone. I mean, just read all these comments! Please don’t get too caught up in what the “experts” say about sleep. At this point DO WHAT WORKS and if she develops some bad habits, you can always work on those when things have calmed down a bit. That little baby NEEDS your help to sleep right now so it’s OK to do whatever works. It’s such a 1st world thing to think that babies should be independent of their mothers this early and not be held/rocked/nursed to sleep. Give yourself a break and break some rules, k? One day at a time, sweet mama.

  38. Frsthlr says

    Help!! Our baby girl has horrible reflux! We just had an upper GI today which showed completely normal anatomy. Around 2 months on a Monday she just refused a bottle, she wasn’t upset or anything, she just didn’t seem interested. Since she’s always been such a great eater I thought absolutely nothing of it, as she is noticing more around her I just figured she was too distracted to eat. The remainder of the day she fed like normal but the rest of the week is a bit of a blur because by Friday she had only taken 1oz in 8 hours (each day she ate less and less)! I was frantic and called her Dr for what felt like the hundredth time that week who STILL wasn’t alarmed because she was still peeing. It infuriated me, I mean 1 oz in 8 hours, what about proper nutrition!!! Plus this happened out of the blue (as I mentioned before she’s always eaten without any trouble from birth). They first put us on Zantac which made her worse way worse, her dr suspected silent reflux, but the Zantac made her cough and spit up and choke (which she hadn’t done before) and further refuse and scream when presented with food. We switched to Prevacid, after about a week we had our sweet baby girl back along with her fantastic appetite, the spitting up and such had also stopped. She took her bottles as if there had never been an issue! I was so relieved and thrilled. About a week and a half after seeing improvement she began with fussing and after a few days she was back to total refusal, they even increased her dose based on weight and after a week on the increased amount she’s spitting up, coughing, choking and also screaming almost non stop. I’m constantly researching, we do everything right, upright after feeds, small frequent meals on and on just as the dr has instructed, to no avail. It breaks me to see my sweet girl suffering so much, she screams , she’s clearly hungry, she tries so hard to eat but every sip seems to cause greater difficulty and pain than the last. What in the world am I going to do with none of our medication options working, we’ve had her to her dr several times this week, we’ve taken her to childrens and stayed for days but no one seems concerned because she isn’t losing or under weight. I’m desperate to be taken seriously, I’m desperate for someone to want to help my baby as much as I do! I don’t want her to end up malnourished and or worse before someone takes me seriously. I’m literally falling apart over here.

    • Rachel says

      Oh, I’m so sorry to hear about your sweet baby. I asked our readers (via our Facebook page) who’ve dealt with this to stop by and comment if they have any words of advice for you, so you might check in later. I’ll pray that God will give you wisdom, guidance, and encouragement right now, as you try to figure out what is best.

    • Polly says

      Gosh. I have no idea what to say. I’m so sorry that this has been so difficult. I know when I was in the thick of it, I was so caught up in the feedings, research, advice and detail that I lost track of what God was doing in my life and heart through the rough season. My hope and prayer for you is that you would take Isaiah 41:10 heart. “So do not fear, for I am with you; do not be dismayed, for I am your God. I will strengthen you and help you; I will uphold you with my righteous right hand.” He tells you to not fear because he is WITH YOU. He doesn’t promise an easy road. He doesn’t promise answers. But his promise is to walk with you through this. Take heart sweet mama. You are not alone. You have never been alone in this. God loves that little baby and loves you and is working out his story in the midst of this very foggy season in your life.

    • Lisa says

      Have you tried asking for zegerid powder packets from your doctor? Are your with a pediatrician or GI Doctor?
      My first born had reflux and dairy allergies and it was horrible. I am now reliving it with our second child whom is 3 weeks old. It’s really horrible and I feel your pain. We are using zegerid powder packets- 20 mg packets- 2x a day. We mix 16 ml of water with the packet and administer 5 ml of he medicine to our 7 lb baby. It’s helping we think. We are also on prescription formula- neocate. I’m here for you if you want to chat. It is a very lonely and heartbreaking process. I have to remind myself that I am not alone and I want to tell you- you are not alone.

  39. IPS says

    Hi Polly, thank you so much for posting this article. I have a 7 weeks old baby, and he’s diagnoed with layngomalacia and reflux. You described exactly how I feel. Physically and mentally his health issues have taken a toll on us. He also doesn’t sleep much, and day by day his feeding is decreasing. We tried putting him on Zantac but he doesn’t like the taste, and throws each time we give it to him. We’re trying to stay strong but not a day goes by when I don’t cry watching my son suffer. I feel so helpless. I’m feeling so encouraged after reading this, and will keep telling myself that this shall pass. Your verses are so helpful in getting through the day, staying strong and feeling positive. If you have other tips or suggestions do let me know. Thanks a lot again for posting this.

    • Polly says

      So glad it helped! Sometimes the most helpful thing is to simply know you are not alone. Glad my experience can do that for you today.

    • Fahtema says

      I cried reading your post my baby also suffers from laryngamalacia and acid reflux 🙁 and is still miserable till this day 🙁 poor thing Cryed herself to sleep again! We’re on Prevacid solutabs now and just know your in my prayers mama we’ll get through this ?

  40. Loren says

    Hi, I feel like this was written for me. I just fed my little girl who also has bad reflux and felt I was at my wits end. It’s been a rough day. I just left the room and prayed Jesus would help my baby and stumbled on this article. It’s encouraging to read your suggestions and scriptures though. I needed some positivity. Thank you for posting! Wishing you blessing!

    • Polly says

      Oh, so glad it could help you, Loren! It’s cool to see how God is still using this in people’s lives even though I wrote it almost four years ago. Hang in there, sweet mama. You’re one day closer to this season being over and moving into a new one.

  41. Farrah says

    I’m glad I came across your blog. The scripture in your post put me at ease at 12:36am as I sit in the dark while I listen to my 6 week old son grunt in pain in his swing after his last feeding (it was the only thing that calmed him down a bit right now). He was put on zantac today and the not knowing of it will work is killing me. My first son was an extremely happy go lucky baby. I’ve always heard about babies with reflux and thought it was just excessive spit up only. Little did I know how severe it can get and I never expected to have a baby that suffers from it. EVERY feeding has been miserable for him since he was 2 weeks old. I hope and pray he will grow out of this soon. I know God is by our side through all of this and I still try to be grateful for a healthy, growing baby as I know many people have it wayyy harder than I do.

  42. Melissa says

    So encouraged by you’re post. I am a reflux survivor mom times 4 and now it looks like my fifth is joining that horrible club of reflux babies. Reflux with my others was such a dark time that I blocked most of it out of my memory. I prayed this sweet little one would not face the terrible days, nights, and feeding s of reflux, but now at 5 weeks we see the writing on the wall. We start meds tomorrow. I blame myself. I figure I’m the only common denominator between my 5 children so I its have caused this . I know it’s Satan stealing my joy but it’s so easy to believe his lies. I feel very overwhelmed trying to take care of her at times and I like most of these moms cry out to God. I needed a reminder of Gods promises and that this too shall pass. I’m exhausted. I hate the anxiety I feel at each feeding and it limits my ability to enjoy this time of her life. I hate reflux!!! But I love me sweet girl and I’m trying to keep perspective here. We’ve longed for this sweet girl for a long time after a stillbirth last year. She is a gift from the Father. I’d much rather her be here with reflux then not here at all. Thanks again for your encouragement.

    • Polly says

      Wow, Melissa. You really have been through some tough stuff. I have no doubt that God is shaping and refining your character into something beautiful and incredible for his use. I hate that this is the road he is taking you down but we can trust our loving father in that he knows what he is doing, even though it is NOT fun at all. It seems like you are doing a really good job in finding things to be thankful for in the midst of hardship. When things get tough around my house, I have to remind myself that I wouldn’t want it any other way.

  43. Dee says

    This post was extremely encouraging. My mom stumbled upon it and sent me the link as she knows what I’ve been going through. My baby girl was diagnosed with reflux at 2 weeks. The doctor had her on a Pepcid for 2 wks and I eliminated dairy from my diet. Still she got no relief. My little one is 2 months today and I took her to a GI specialist because I’m so tired of her suffering and feeling helpless. The specialist advised that he wasn’t sure this is reflux (no vomit, spit up or difficulty eating) but screams, arches her back and whinces from pain, even during feeds. I believe the feeding soothes her a bit because she wants me to nurse her constantly. He suggested it may be a food allergy and thinks I should try an even stricter diet. I’m hesitant to try any other medication due to possible side effects and due to the fact that she may have been misdiagnosed. I’m still searching for answers but pray constantly and will add these verses to my daily prayers. Thank you! And please share anything else I may find helpful.

    • Polly says

      So glad it was encouraging. I hate to hear about the misdiagnosis. Gosh, it’s so incredibly hard to know what to do. Pray for God’s wisdom in all of your decision making and hang in there. She WILL get better.

  44. Krissie says

    Wow finding this page was so amazing. My baby girl is 12 weeks and has been dealing with acid reflux, she will have good days and bad days , when she will have flare ups, and today was a hard day for her, she was finally eating and I was googling and found this page. The scripture verses made my day! It’s so hard seeing your baby cry and not want to eat, we have her on Zantac and it has made a world of difference. We are thankful, she will only have cry sessions and not want milk maybe 1-2 times a week but when she does its an all day fussy time and she will refuse the bottle. Anyways I’m just praying everyday our little girl will grow out of it, I just cry and wish she didn’t have to go through it. But until it passes we will just pray and take it day by day! She’s our miracle baby after failed Ivf, God blessed us with our sweet baby naturally, we are so thankful! Thank you all so much for the help and pointers so appreciated. God bless you all.

    • Polly says

      So glad it is starting to get better, Krissie. One or two days a weeks is a whole different ball game than one or two times a day. I love seeing your thankful heart and positive attitude when talking about this. Glad you can keep some perspective. Hang in there!

  45. Kelly says

    Thanks for this post – it’s nice to know you’re not alone. I just had my second baby – and my second baby with reflux. People who are not familiar with a reflux baby have no idea how hard it can be and it was nice to find this post with all the great verses and support. One thing that I found that has been very helpful (besides the Zantac) is a seat called the “daydreamer”. It has a great angle that is perfect for my little one as she cannot relax enough to get into a deep sleep when flat on her back. I wish I had this seat with my first baby!!! Swaddling while feeding makes a big difference and I always let someone else feed her if they are around and willing. (Which really helps me!). Thanks again for the post as this is the most helpful and encouraging I’ve found!

  46. Nicola says

    Thank you for this post. Reassuring to hear it does improve. My fourth child was diagnosed recently at 8 weeks and spends days and nights being uncomfortable. Sad for him and for us – he is our last child and seeing him in pain has ruined these precious early days. Wishing time away to the day he can smile for longer periods and enjoy life with us. Felt desperate to fix this for our little one and bring peace to the household and my other three children at 8, 6 and 2. Seeing their compassion and concern for him as he screams has taught me a thing or two aswell. Life throws at you what you can cope with… I hope!

  47. Anna says

    I just found this and it was very much needed. Our daughter was diagnosed with reflux at 4 weeks. We started with Zantac which helped at first, but then 4 weeks ago we basically hit rock bottom. She screams and cries until she spits up all her food, then she wants more because she’s hungry after spitting up everything. This started being a night thing and now is an all day thing. We just switched her to Prilosec. The doctor said if it doesn’t help then we are being sent to a GI specialist. Like you, I cut out dairy. I cut back caffeine intake, and cut out all carbonated beverages such as soda. Finding this post helped me feel better. We have had maybe 1 good day a week. This post is the story of my life right now. I’m so glad I’m not the only one that has it this bad. Thank you. You’ve given me a glimmer of hope I really needed.

    • Polly says

      Hang in there, Anna. Praying that God would give you and your doctors wisdom to know what the next step is. I can’t think of a more exhausting season of parenting than the one you are in right now. One day at a time.

      • Anna says

        Thank you. My son had reflux but my daughter is at a completely different level. The hardest thing is just seeing her in pain and not being able to help her. 🙁 I would take that pain for myself any day over seeing her in pain!

  48. Pamela says

    You have no idea how much this touched my heart. My 4 week old boy has reflux and although its been only two weeks since he started struggling with it, I feel awful! He is my first child and I feel like a terrible mom that cannot help her son to feel better. It seems that nothing I do works; it even seems he manages to calm down with everybody else but me! I know, it may only be that I’m exhausted… I feel so guilty that I feel so stressed and frustrated! I feel like I should only be loving and patient and kind but I only feel stress and exhaustion! I know parenting was going to be hard but not like this! I feel like I haven’t even been able to actually enjoy my baby 🙁 and the fact that he is in pain kills me and I can’t do anything about it! Thank you for your post! Even if it seems like I have a long way ahead, it helps me to think that one day it will get better

    • Kelly says

      I have been there….my first baby had terrible reflux and I had no idea what to do. (We did not get it diagnosed until 8 1/2 weeks but it started at 3 weeks old). I spent my entire 8 weeks of maternity leave holding a screaming baby and feeling like a failure as a mom. Anyone who would visit and hold my son and see me struggle would say “you’re baby has colic” and dismiss it as “normal”. But as a mom – you know you’re baby is In pain and you don’t know what to do. It does get better! You are in my prayers. Keep trying new meds and keep praying. (And I just found a great baby seat called “daydreamer” on amazon. My second child is 6 weeks old and I identified reflux right away at 10 days old. This seat (and Zantac – many different doses of trial and error) has made all the difference.)

      • Polly says

        Good tip on the daydreamer! It’s so hard as a first time mom to know what to do. I hope this post gives moms the extra nudge keep keep moving forwards and to not lose hope.

  49. Kathy says

    My 3rd child had acid reflux, poor guy. I breastfed him until I returned to work. He took Zantac for a while. My pediatrician suggested we add a spoonful of rice cereal to his bottles of expressed milk, and this helped tremendously, so much so that we were able to take him off of Zantac.

    • Polly says

      I’ve heard that rice cereal does help some kiddos. Glad it helped!

  50. Molly says

    I just came across your blog as my exhausted baby finally went down for a nap after 4 sleepless nights in a row. It brought tears to my eyes…and you gave me a bit of hope again. We are on our 4th medication and just had his ENT quit on us…I am floundering and your verses gave me a moment of peace. We all want what is best for our babies, no matter how tired we are, how angry we are, how we think it isn’t fair. It helps to see others who have come out the other side, and it gives me hope that my poor baby will get better some day. Thank you.

  51. Alexandra says

    I stumbled upon this posting last night while holding my sobbing eight week old daughter Afton in one arm and frantically googling with my other. The beginning section perfectly articulated how I have been feeling the last four weeks; as though I am chained at the house afraid to take her out in public for fear it will fall during a feeding or a puking session.

    I am a first time mom and I never dreamed that I would have something like reflux to deal with. After surviving Afton’s broken collar bone and inability to nurse, I thought the nights of hopeless crying and feeling inadequate were behind me. Then the reflux developed and I find myself wishing for those earlier days again that seemed so challenging at the time.

    I know this is merely a season that like all seasons will pass in God’s timing, but finding your posting and reading the comments was so encouraging to me. I feel so helpless as I watch her scream and arch her back, frantic for more food that comes hurling out of her mouth moments later. It is so good to know I am not alone. Thank you.

    • Polly says

      Alexandra- I am so so so sorry! I wish I could swoop in and hold that precious little baby of yours for a while to give you a chance to breath, find perspective and have time to pray to find strength and endurance. Being a first time mom is SO hard and adding a struggling baby to that is a recipe for hardship. Find things to be thankful for and remind yourself that you would want it no other way. This is God’s story he is writing in your life and trust that he knows what he’s doing. You will grow from this, I promise. Hang in there, tell your baby you love her and trust that this will not last forever.

    • Molly says

      Trust me…you are not alone. I am a first time mom too and my son has done nothing but scream and writhe in pain since he was born. I wish there was a group of moms nearby so we all could feel less alone! I wouldn’t care if your baby screamed or puked…mine would join in : )

      • Polly says

        Ah, so sorry. I’d encourage you to try to reach out to moms around you. You’d be surprised how many are going through something similar. Hang in there, Molly. God loves that screaming little baby passionately and made no mistake by putting him in your arms. Keep going, sweet mama.

  52. Lakshmi says

    My 8 weeks old son is having bad reflux since 2 weeks and now it got so worse, we couldn’t see him cry during each feed and spit up. We tried Zantac, didn’t works, then ex compounded medication from pharmacy.. Worked very well for 2 says and then 3 rd day it returned again. I don’t know what to do now.. I am going to call doc today and see what’s next.. Thanks a lot for your suggestions, those really help.. I find holding straight for 30 min help spit up. Please let me know if they are any new things that helped to reduce this reflux.

    • Polly says

      So sorry you are going through this. Your doctor will hopefully have the most up to date information. It may end up being just at tough season you have to walk through. It’s so hard to not be in control but trust that we have a heavenly father that is and loves that baby more than you ever could. Hope things will turn a corner for you!

  53. Diane says

    It’s 3am and I am sitting in the bathroom with a running shower and exhaust fan on watching my 8 week old Adelyn sleep soundly in my lap. The noise is the only thing that seems to relax her enough to let the stomach issues pass after a feeding. I have also altered my diet, have tried RX gas drops (which dried her sweet mouth out) and am now giving her an acid reflux medicine compounded by a local pharmacy. We are currently waiting the 2 weeks for results but so far little relief – the spit up is just as frequent and her poor tummy churns constantly. The most heartbreaking though is when she tries clearing her throat over and over again. We have also tried most of the suggestions you listed and have searched the internet numerous times too. However, finding your blog tonight was an answer to my prayers (and even more special that your sweet daughter is also an Adelyn). I needed those verses as a reminder at this exact moment. Thank you for sharing your story, posting the encouragement and for the reminder that God loves my little one as much as I do and we will make it through this.

    • Polly says

      Another Adelyn! I love it! So glad you stumbled on our site at this time. This tough season is not a surprise to God. He will use this tough season to mold and shape you to depend even more on him. Lean into dependence on God for every moment.

  54. Megan says

    My 8 week old was by all appearances a regular baby. Sure, she had her fussy days now and then, but then she started choking and gagging after feedings. The Dr put her on zantac. While on that medicine, she started to nurse SLOWLY and then finally refusing altogether. I took her off the zantac after only 1 week. Things got SO much worse (didn’t know that was possible). Now we are putting her back on Zantac. She is screaming all the time and not sleeping, and I have 3 other kids. Please pray for me.

    • Polly says

      Oh no! I’m so sorry to hear that. I can’t imagine having two others running around when you have an inconsolable infant. I’m sure that is SO HARD. I’ve been hanging out in Joshua some so this verse came to mind. “Be strong and courageous. Do not be afraid; do not be discouraged, for the Lord your God will be with you wherever you go.” Joshua 1:9. God is WITH YOU. In every moment. Cling to that promise. I pray for you and all of the women who have commented on this post. God bless.

  55. Jenn says

    Thank you for this. I relate to every single word. My son is 3 months old and we have been dealing with this since he was 6 weeks. Knowing that other people have been where I am and made it to the other side is one of the things that gets me through, especially on days like today when none of the tricks are working and every feeding is a heartbreaking scream-cry fest.

    • Polly says

      Gosh. So sorry, Jenn. Just keep in mind that God is using this to shape you and mold you more into his character. We will never grow if we don’t face hardship. Walk faithfully through this hard time and know that it WILL get better. Every day is one day closer to when the fog will lift. Hang in there!

  56. Sarah says

    Any tips for getting the little ones with reflux to sleep at night? My guy is 5 weeks old and sufferring from reflux. I have the bed elevated, keep him upright after nursing but when I put him down at night he starts to spit up everywhere and just cries. During the day he can tolerate his crib for naps but not at night. My diet is very limited…no dairy, caffeine, etc. I also have a 4 and 2 year old. Followed babywise for them (no reflux issues) and trying to do so with this one as well but the nights are exhausting. Just curious. Thank you!

    • Polly says

      I wish I had a magic formula for you. I really do! It’s going to be trial and error. I’ve recently heard that the Rock ‘N Play Sleepers can be really helpful for infants with reflux. Maybe borrow one and see how he does. As far as doing Babywise with a reflux kid: hold it loosely. They are a whole different ball game. It’s good to aim for a routine but a reflux baby has different needs at different times and trying to get on a schedule proved to be stressful for me. That’s up to you. Again, trial and error. Hang in there!

  57. Chantal says

    Thanks so much for this post! Especially the scripture. I really needed this. My 2 month old has reflux and it hurts my heart when he’s uncomfortable. I get anxiety everytime it’s time to feed him . Good to hear that it gets better with time 🙂

  58. Kathy says

    It felt so much better to know I’m not alone. Thanks for the scriptures and words of wisdom.

  59. Nicole says

    And thank you Polly for posting this. It is a blessing to not feel alone and continue to believe things will get better

  60. Sophia says

    Thank you for this blog post. I have identical twin boys who are 4 months and have terrible reflux. I feel like I cant cope anymore. On top of that I have a 2 year old girl who is full of energy. I was told it is suppose to get better as they get older but it has got worse. I spend most days crying and I feel unwell. Please pray for me.


    • Polly says

      My heart truly goes out to you, Sophia. I have been thinking about you and praying for you all day. I hope there are people around you who you can call for help. Please reach out and don’t be afraid to ask for help. It WILL get better. My little gal was through it by 6 months but it’s different for every baby. Just know there will be an end to this season. Dig deep into the grace that God has given you to get through every moment that is hard. Pray for God’s presence and perspective on this season of your life. Lastly, check your email because I’m sending some verse cards for moms your way. God bless.

    • Nicole says

      Hi Sophia I was just reading all of these posts, mostly for comfort so that I don’t feel completely alone in this struggle. I have a 4 1/2 month old boy who has been dealing with reflux since he was 2 weeks old. He also had colic the first 3 months. Everyone says it gets better and I’m just holding onto that. I also have a 3 year old son who is incredibly energetic. These have been the hardest 4 months of my life. We’ve tried everything and are now just forced to let time continue to heal this issue. I love hearing that it does get better. Hope it’s gotten better for your boys

  61. Rebecca says

    Thank you so much for this helpful article. It came at just the right time when I really needed some practical tips and encouragement. My son is 6 weeks old and has acid reflux. We have him on zantac and prilosec now which seems to be helping but today was not a great day and I am exhausted from the lack of sleep and crying. I also have a 19 month old daughter who had acid reflux so I know it will pass and this is just a season, but it is hard when you are living it each day. I was about ready to give up breastfeeding since almost every feeding is a battle, but your tip about pumping and feeding breastmilk makes me think I should stick with it. Thanks again for the scripture and encouragement. This too shall pass!

    • Polly says

      Glad you found this encouraging, Rebecca. Hope all is well.

  62. Alicia says

    We were finally able to take my baby off zantac at 6 mo.
    Now she will be 9 mo on thursday and i believe she is experiencing a flare-up.
    Waking up crying twice at night, hicupping, etc.
    Trying to figure out what to do. I am exhausted

  63. Sha says

    Thank you for this article. Our little man is 5 weeks old and struggling with silent reflux. After many exhaustive nights of trying to fix what’s wrong, this article helped me to remember that God is the ultimate healer and our child is in His hands and His timing. I have written down these scriptures and plan to meditate on them daily. God bless you and your family.

    • Polly says

      Those first few weeks are SO hard. I truly feel for you and pray that God would grow and shape you through this tough season. Make Christ your rock right now. All other ground is sinking sand. God bless.

  64. Rosemary says

    Hi! I know you wrote this post a while ago but I just wanted to say I found your post very helpful … thank you especially for the reminder about prayer! One of my twins (4.5 months old) has reflux, and between caring for him, his twin, and his older brother (2 years old) it has been very difficult the past month or so … your post was very encouraging. Thank you!

    • Polly says

      Hi Rosemary
      My goodness you have your hands full! I’m sorry to hear about your son who has reflux. I can’t imagine trying to cope with that while having two others to take care of as well. I’m so glad you stumbled on this post and hope you can more encouragement from Thriving Home or other mommy bloggers who have gone through something similar. Hang in there. God is EVER PRESENT in our sufferings.

  65. Orla says

    The method with pacifier worked with my daughter. My doctor initially thought that the reflux might had been caused by the pacifier but it turned out that using it during breastfeeding helped a lot.

  66. Niesha says

    What an amazing post! God Bless you for writing this encouraging post! So thankful.

  67. Brittany Springle says

    Thank you so much for your verses. My daughter was born without her esophagus attached to her stomach and then after surgery developed reflux. She will be six months next week, is on prilosec and zantac, but it is still so bad. I hate seeing her cry in pain after feedings. She has a g-tube because her reflux was so bad at four months that she stopped eating altogether. We are praying that eventually her reflux will decrease, and she will want to eat by mouth again. Your story and your verses I will save as encouragement for my husband and I.

    • Polly says

      Oh my goodness. Poor little thing.Thank goodness you all have gotten it treated and live in a place with quality health care. I’m so sorry you all have had to go through this. I hope and pray that these verses will be an encouragement to you and that God would raise up people to support you through this tough season.

  68. Valerey says

    Going through this right now, but it is so nice to hear that it will get better! My fiancé and I pray every night for our son, he has had reflux since 2 weeks and is not on any medication because he is gaining weight well. He is in enfamil ar and that had helped, but now at almost 2 months he has started to cry during his feedings, not all of them but most them. I’m wondering if it is his reflux acting up or gas? So hard to watch him suffer!

    • Polly says

      It’s SO hard to know why they are crying. My daughter’s reflux didn’t show up until around 8 weeks so you are right in the window when things got bad for us. I think the best bet is to talk to a trusted pediatrician. You could also try gas drops and see if that helps. So sorry it has been hard for you. Each day you get through is one day closer to when it will be better. Hang in there!

  69. Reanna says

    Wow! Thank you for writing this! My son is 7 months old and we have been through this since week 6. We go to the Doctor on a weekly basis because of other issues my son has, as well as a feeding therapist so I have been taught a lot about reflux and received many ideas. He is now getting over the stomach flu and needs to keep hydrated. So this makes me even more concerned about him getting food. In a moment of literally crying out to God for help because of my sons refusal to eat right now, I thought “I’ll just look stuff up on the internet.” Although I have heard most of the ideas that you put on here, what I needed to hear were the verses of encouragement you put on there. Thank you so much! And thank you God for hearing my cry!

    • Polly says

      Awe, your poor little guy. You’ve probably had a very long 7 months, Reanna. I hope and pray you can find moments of joy to cling to during this very hard season.

  70. Josy says

    Thank goodness I came across this! I have felt so helpless to my 5 week old daughter. She cries hysterically in pain After feedings, not during which I found weird sunr everyone gets the pain during feeding. She is on zantac which stopped working and now they want to put her on prilosec. I’m not sure if that will help but I can’t stand to see her cry in pain anymore. I cherish the 10 minutes she smiles a day because she is such a miserable baby. I cry when she cries. 🙁

    • Polly says

      So sorry to hear this, Josy. I read a quote today by Elizabeth Elliot that said, “God will not protect you from anything that will make you more like Jesus.” I know it’s so hard right now but do your best to endure this road that God has put you on. He is in the process of refining you and uses painful circumstances like this to do it. I will pray for your little gal and for you. Take one day at a time.

  71. Alicia says

    5 wk old with reflux here. She is my second child and my first did not have it.
    I feel like I am going crazy half the time.. She vomits while nursing and feel a slave to my home.
    That coupled with an active 21 mo old. Ive cried to the Lord alot, begging him for healing. I pray it comes soon. Havent started the zantac yet, but read it doesnt help vomiting anyway.

    • Polly says

      Oh, Alica. I’m so sorry. I know what you mean when you say you feel like you’re going crazy. It’s SOOOOO hard to have a baby with and eating problem. And you have your work cut out for you with adding a 21 month old on top of that. Just know that God will give you the bread from heaven that you need for that very day. Trust rest and comfort is found in HIM alone. I pray that he will use this time in your life to shape you in more like Christ. You can do this. Praying for you.

  72. amy says

    wow! what an encouragement this is. like the first commenter, i, too, am a frequent googler regarding reflux (despite this being my third go ’round with it!) today i decided to try “prayer infant acid reflux” and here i am. thank you for the reminder of god’s promises in scripture. it is incredibly easy to spiral down this dark tunnel…i often get the feeling that satan delights in reflux, because not only does it cause our babies such pain, but it could easily and quickly pull us right away from our father who loves us (and does not leave us during this, or any, trial!) my daughter will be 6 weeks old on monday; she is 3 weeks into her diagnosis and worsening on zantac, which i suspected would happen but i was too tired to start pushing our pediatrician for the prevacid just yet. (i’m not tired anymore…hopefully we will be able to get some next week!) we have an almost 7-year old son and a 5-year old daughter who are reflux veterans and i am thankful for their reminder that it does indeed get better…that these awful nights and difficult days will fade in our memory…and we will be left with an experience that may help someone else in the future. in the meantime, i know we’re complete strangers, but i welcome your prayers for our family as a fellow sister in christ! thanks again for your post. 🙂

    • Polly says

      Oh wow, three with reflux!? You are a trooper. Hang in there, Amy.

  73. Casee says

    Thank you so much for the verses you have posted. Both our daughters had severe reflux, colic, and protein allergies to where they were placed on amino acid formula. Our son now also has terrible reflux and colic. It is so difficult to watch your baby cry in pain, but you do everything you can to help alleviate that pain. There are many days where I cry right along with him. The verses will really help me get through the day. Thank you again!

    • Polly says

      Hi Casee
      I’m so sorry to hear this. I really do feel for you. I hope that you can find comfort through God’s word and from reaching out to other moms who have gone through a similar experience. It’s SOOOO hard but today you are one day closer to when this season will pass and God will bring a new challenge into your life. He is using this to shape you so embrace the tough lessons he is teaching you and hang in there. I just said a prayer for you and your family. Hope today is a good day for you.

  74. Anna says

    Thank you for this post. My sweet baby girl is 7 weeks old. She has reflux and colic. The nights are so hard. She cries for a few hours in pain. Until she just falls asleep from it all. It breaks my heart and I cry. My hubby and I do all we can for her but its not much help . Thank you for the scriptures . I know The Lord heals and I’m praying and trusting that he will . . I don’t want my baby to deal with this for months. She’s not even 2 months old yet. If you have any advice for me please e mail me. The doc has her on Zantac but I don’t think it was working at al and she can’t stand the tastes and screams when I give it to her twice a day . So I had to take her off. It was torture to give it to her. 🙁 sorry for type o ‘s rocking her and typing this while she sleeos

    • Polly says

      Oh Anna. I am SO sorry. You are going through one of the hardest seasons imaginable. My heart breaks for you. Just know that every day you get through is one day closer to when this will be behind you. CLING to the promises of God and his word. It is the only truth that will bring peace and comfort through this time. Also, as much as you can, embrace this season and let God teach you about his heart for you and your daughter. For some reason this is the cup he has called you to take right now so try to rest in his sovereignty and rely on him more than you ever have before. Again, I grieve for you and hope and pray that each day will get a little better. Take it all moment by moment.

      • Scarlett says

        Just fyi when giving baby medicine put it in a bottle with 1/2 an ounce of milk that way you know he/she will get all of it
        instead of inserting it directly in her mouth. That way the taste of the medicine will be masked by the taste of the milk.

  75. Alicia G. says

    Thank you so much for this article, I appreciate the tips, but simply reading the first part that is word for word the life we’re living in my household and knowing someone else has gone threw it saved me today. I constantly feel like a horrible mom who can’t comfort her child and felt very alone until I read this. I pray constantly threw out the day and ask God for the strength, patience, and wisdom to get threw every feeding. We take breastfeeding very seriously in my house and it’s such a struggle with a reflux baby who is in so much pain. Our daughter is 7 weeks old and was just diagnosed yesterday with reflux, so I now need to wait the 7-14 days for the medicine to kick in. I will read this and the scriptures everyday and it will give me hope. Thank you so much!!!

    • Polly says

      Hi Alicia. I just sent you an email. Hope you got it.

  76. Sara Johnsson says

    Today was one of those days that my son, Nathanael, couldn’t catch a brake from his reflux. He is 4 months old and is on Prevacid, like your sweetie. What a journey this a been. Today I wept, crying out to the Lord for wisdom on how to help my suffering son, as I’m sure you remember the feelings of being so helpless. After some time in prayer today, I once again googled “babies with acid reflux”. This time I found your story! I am so blessed by your words. Thank you for reminding me of the scripture and promises. any other advice you can give me? Did your daughter always have burp and take hours to get them out? I feel like our life is ran by painful burps that need to escape but can’t.
    Thank you for being faithful to our Lord and posting this blog. Look forward to hearing from you!
    Sara Johnson

    • Polly says

      Hi Sara
      I’m so glad you stumbled on this post and that it was encouraging to you. I just sent you an email with some more thoughts. Let me know if you didn’t get it for some reason.

      • Madhura says

        Hey , my baby is 6 weeks old, he is suffering with same prob , he is on zantac medication, but still uncomfortable, I used to cry a lot but eventually I made myself strong, u r blog really helping me to boost, I hope my baby cures soon , thanks for encouraging

    • Lana says

      Thank you so much for sharing your experience. It sounds exactly like what we have been dealing with our daughter since she was 8 weeks old as well. We do everything you suggest, including bottle feeding with BM, walking around while feeding, not forcing her to eat when she stops and just trying again later. She is now on Zantac and Nexium for 2 weeks now and she is showing great improvement. Thanks for the encouragement and the scripture!

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