DIY Carpet & Room Freshener

By Polly Conner
June 5, 2015

Make your own carpet freshener using baking soda and essential oils

As a recovering candleholic, I am always in search of ways to make my home smell good. I’m kind of a scent junkie. Not to mention, with two dogs and two kids, it can be a challenge to keep our place smelling nice. Just the other day, I walked into my sons room and would have sworn he had discretely peed somewhere in order to play a trick on me. Things can get just stanky around these parts!

So, imagine my elation when I discovered that I could make a carpet and/or room freshener with my essential oils. (I know, I lead an exciting life, don’t I?)

This homemade carpet freshener is by far, one of my favorite uses of essential oils so far. It was super easy to make and freshens up a room like nothing I have ever found in a store.

make your own carpet freshener with essential oils and baking soda

I love this citrus combination so much that I bought my mom a bottle of lemon and a bottle of orange and sent it to her with instructions on how to make this stuff.

OK, but here’s the deal. You need quality essential oils for this to work as well as I’m claiming it does. None of that diluted stuff you get at the grocery store. I’ve compared wild orange I got a health food store and while orange I got through the brand I use and this is a HUGE difference. Huge. I’ll never go back to cheaply made oils because I now have experienced the difference. Swing by this post to hear more about this and find out how to get your hands on some pure oils that will rock your scented world.
homemade room freshener with essential oils | Thriving home

Making your own carpet freshener is SUPER easy. Like I said, my favorite combination is this citrus scented freshener but I’m excited to try other combinations in the future.

Ready to make some?


  • 1 cup baking soda
  • 15 drops of lemon essential oils
  • 15 drops of orange essential oils


Mix baking soda and essential oils into some type of storage container.

Sprinkle over carpet and let sit for minimum of 30 minutes. Some people say they let theirs even sit for even a whole day. Simply run the vacuum when you are ready to clean it up.

I put mine in a mason jar and made my own little lid that would sprinkle the powder out evenly. I just hole punched some craft paper and cut it down to fit the lid.

A homemade baking soda carpet freshener--diy

You could also just fill a plastic baggie and snip a few holes in it in order to shake out the powder on the carpet. To store it, I put a little press and seal wrap on it so it would be fresh and ready to use the next time.

Easy way to save homemade carpet freshner

Here a few other combinations that would work well:

  • 15 drops of wild orange + 15 drops of cedarwood
  • 10 drops of lemon + 10 drops of lavender + 10 drops of peppermint (this combo has also been known to help with seasonal allergies)
  • 10 tea tree  + 10 eucalyptus + 10 lemon

All of these oils are incredibly versatile and have hundreds of other uses outside of making your home smell nice. To learn a bit more about oils, swing by my post Essential Oils: A Beginner’s Guide. Essential Oils - A Beginner's Guide | Thriving Home

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