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    Rachel and PollyWe are two stay-at-home moms who are striving to create thriving homes. Our motto is “living for more than just me.” That’s what we aspire to and hope to inspire in you through our blog. And, that’s why we share healthy family-friendly recipes, DIY projects, Christian parenting resources, and healthy living tips that we’ve found helpful.

    Thriving Home is ultimately about equipping and encouraging moms to serve God and others faithfully day in and day out in every area of home life. Our hope is that we can be a blessing to you and your family in some small measure.*

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    More About Polly and Rachel

    rachel Meet Rachel

    My name’s Rachel. I’m a wife and mom of three young kids with a bent toward natural, healthy living. I love learning and talking with others about the topics of just about any health-related topic, cooking and food, parenting, and faith. You can read more about me here.





    polly2Meet Polly

    Hi there. My name is Polly. I’m a wife and mother of two little ones. I work part-time at my church for the 20-somethings ministry. I’ve been described as a “high tech grandma” meaning that I enjoy the hobbies of an old lady but have the skills of a techie. I’m embracing the nickname because yes, I love to craft, sew, knit, find new uses for old things, garage sale, bake, and wear slippers. I’m an on-the-go person who loves the outdoors and being creative. You can read more about me here if you’re interested!


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    *Let us be upfront with you. Our homes are far from perfect. Kid temper tantrums that register on the Richter scale, dinged up walls and stained carpet, and the occasional marital spat mark our homes as much as the next. So, for all the pretty pictures and edited posts you see on our blog, just know that our journey of striving for a thriving home is bumpy at times. We need grace that only comes from Christ, and we have to remind ourselves of that truth every.single.day.

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    Maria Wolff March 4, 2014 at 4:58 pm


    I am the weekly food blogger on abeautifullifeministry.org website (Maria’s Cul-de-Sac Kitchen). I am writing to you today to request permission to use one of your recipes for a class I will be teaching at the first BeautifulLifeMinistry conference next October. It is a class that includes make ahead, freezer and crockpot recipes.

    Could I please have permission to use your Cheesy Chicken and Black Bean Enchiladas recipe? I promise I will full credit to you both and mention your website. The recipes I pass out will also have your website noted.

    I hope to hear back from you! Thank you so much!

    Maria E. Wolff
    Maria’s Cul de Sac Kitchen blog


    Rachel March 4, 2014 at 8:33 pm

    Hi Maria, Thank you so much for asking and we’d love for you to use our recipe in your class. Bless you and your ministry!


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