Hanging Foam Bats

By Polly Conner
August 15, 2021

Here is an easy-peasy bat craft that comes together quickly and is a fun Halloween craft for all ages: Hanging Foam Bats! Below you will find step-by-step instructions with pictures PLUS a free printable bat template to use if you want. Happy crafting!

Hanging foam bat halloween craft

Supplies You Need for the Halloween Craft

Get the Bat Template

Step 1: Cut out the bat template provided above

If you have your own template, make sure it’s large enough to be seen from a distance.

Printable bat template

Step 2: Trace the bats

Using a marker, trace around your bat template. I had large foam sheets to I was able to do 2 on each one.

Tracing a bat template on black foam paper

Step 3: Cut out your bat and add eyes.

Feel free to have fun with the eyes. Large eyes and small eyes will both look great on this bat craft.

Foam bats with googly eyes

Step 4: Add a hole punch and fishing line

If you want to hang your bat around your house or outside, punch a hole at the bottom of it.

Punching a hole in the bottom of a bat craft

Using fishing line or string, tie a knot and cut the line at your preferred length.

Tying fishing line at the bottom of a bat craft so it will hang.

Step 5: Let you bat fly!

You can get creative about where you hang your foam bat. It’d be fun to hang in some door frames, stairwells, windows, house plants etc.

Foam bat craft hanging
Foam bat craft hanging from a house plant

Or you can hang your foam bats from trees outside! Since the bats are made from foam and not paper, they will hold up well.

Foam bat craft hanging outside from a tree

Happy crafting!

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