Puffy Ghosts

By Polly Conner
March 19, 2021

This ghost craft is a super simple Halloween craft for preschoolers or toddlers using supplies you probably have on hand. Free ghost template included!

Puffy ghost preschool craft

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Time to get crafting on this Puffy Ghost…

Supplies for the Puffy Ghosts Craft

This craft couldn’t be easier and requires very little creative gene or supplies on your part. 🙂 First, gather your supplies from around the house.

Materials Needed:

How to Make the Puffy Ghosts Craft

BEFORE YOU START: Download and print our free ghost template.

Picture of the ghost template

To make this craft SUPER simple for you, we’ve created a free ghost template for you to use. Simply download and print the ghost template from the form below and you’ll be on your way! (If you’d rather just freehand your ghost shapes, you can skip this step.)

Step 1: Start by cutting out a ghost shape (either use our free template or freehand your own). I just eyeballed the one below, which looks freakishly similar to Pac-Man. It doesn’t have to be perfect because it’s going to get covered with cotton balls anyway!

Cut out of a paper ghost

Step 2: Now let your little one have some fun with the glue. My three-year-old LOVED this part of it. Glue cotton balls on until the ghost is covered.

little girl making puffy ghosts
preschooler making a halloween craft

Step 3: Cut out some eyes and a mouth on black paper (or color them in with a black marker) and glue them on. Pro Parent Tip: make it a smile so the ghost looks friendly, not spooky!

puffy ghost halloween craft

Step 4: If you want, you can tape some yarn or string to the back, and hang your ghosts up somewhere in your house.

puffy ghost halloween craft hanging

In case you missed it, here is where you can download the ghost template to get started!

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  1. Po Tim King says:

    What a cute and simple craft for the little one. We made it and added some Chinese elements too. We enjoyed making it very much. Thanks for sharing. Since I’m going to write about what did we do to prepare Halloween in our homeschool, I would love to include this post in my coming post too. You can check it out at http://www.fortunecookiemom.com.

    Thanks again,
    Po Tim