Pipe Cleaner Spider Craft

By Polly Conner
August 15, 2021

This pipe cleaner spider craft is done in 5 minutes and turns out so cute! Would be a great school Halloween Party craft since all ages can do it.

Pipe cleaner spider craft with block pom pom and googly eyes

Look no further for a perfect Halloween Craft for preschoolers. This easy spider craft is doable for little hands but can also be quite fun for older kiddos. They come together quickly and any well-stocked craft bin will have the pieces you need to make Pipe Cleaner Spiders.

First, watch this short video to see how it all comes together.

A 30 Second Video of How to Make Pipe Cleaner Spiders

Now that you know the direction you’re going, let’s get Halloween crafting!

Step 1: Gather your supplies

What you need for pipe cleaner spiders

Pieces needed for spider craft

Step 2: Cut your 2 long pipe cleaners in half (making 4 shorter pieces)

An easy way for kids to gage the half way point is to have them fold the pipe cleaners in half first. Use some quality scissors and cut them in half.

Pipe cleaners, pom pom, googly eyes and scissors

Step 3: Make the Spider Legs

Using the smallest pipe cleaner piece, wrap up the longer 4 pieces.

Tying pipe cleaners up to make a spider craft

After the center is secured, make sure to spread those spider legs out

pipe cleaners bound up to make the body of a spider craft

Now give them a little bend. This makes them look more “spidery”!

pipe cleaners making up the body for a spider craft

Step 4: Add the eyes

If you have adhesive googly eyes, stick them on the pom pom. If not, use glue to attach the eyes. Give it a little time to try!

Feel free to have fun with these. You can choose bigger eyes or make them a little uneven.

googly eyes attached to a pom pom to make a spider craft

Step 5: Attach the head to the body

A hot glue gun is ideal for this but if you have little hands helping, using a craft glue will work fine. Just add a bit and give the glue a few minutes to dry

Spider craft made with pipe cleaners and pom poms

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