Masking Tape Mummy: Easy and Fun Halloween Craft

masking tape mummy halloween craft

We are in day three of a week’s worth of Halloween crafts. Make sure to check out Candy Corn Crafts and Paper Plate Pumpkins.

Out of all of the Halloween crafts I’ve done this week, these masking tape mummies have been my preschooler’s favorite. They are quick and easy and take very little skill or perfection. These could also be a fun craft to do at a Halloween party! Read on to find out how to make your own.

Materials Needed:

  • Black paper
  • Scissors
  • Masking tape
  • Eyes
  • Glue

Start by sketching out a person on your paper. This will help give you a guide to cut around once masking tape is on. It can be kind of hard to see but it provided a little guidance when cutting.

halloween mummy craft

Now let your kiddos place tape all over the person you drew. Imperfection is the key to making this cute! I even had to encourage my gal to “get crazy” with the tape because she was putting it all in the same direction. making mummies

Once enough tape is on your little mummy, cut him out. Again, mummies aren’t perfect so yours shouldn’t be either. Got a arm that’s longer than a leg? That’s ok! Mummies get a little distorted when they are dead that long πŸ™‚

preschool halloween craft mummy

Now let your little one glue the eyes on. If they are a little uneven, even better. making crafts for halloween mummy craft for halloween

You’re done! Now make more. My gal wanted to make one for each person in the family… and then for each dog… and then for the neighbors. We made lots of mummies today. πŸ™‚

halloween craft for preschoolers

Happy Halloween crafting!easy halloween craft for preschooler

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