Easy and Cheap Science Birthday Party

Easy and Cheap Science Birthday Party: A Complete Guide

By Rachel Tiemeyer
January 14, 2015

Although a while back, I swore off a Pinterest birthday party for my kids, here I am. I found a pocket of creative time this past year and dove head-first into my 7-year-old son’s request for a Science Birthday party.

I won’t lie. The research and preparation took a long time. That’s because I wanted to make it fun, cheap, and easy for anyone else to plan and run in the future. I’m not big on creating elaborate desserts and decorations when the children won’t really notice. Instead, I wanted to create fun memories and be able to enjoy my son’s party myself, not stress out about the cost or details.

So, Polly and I worked together to create an entire Science Birthday Party package that will take ALL the guess work out of the equation as you plan yours. You’ll find a 1 hour and 30 minute Science Birthday Party plan for you below that will work for children ages 5-10. It includes:

  • the entire schedule for the party
  • a take-home bag idea full of cheap, reusable science items
  • a memorable picture moment + thank you card idea
  • 3 easy, cheap, and fun science experiments
  • the easiest “cake” idea ever (no decorating required!)
  • a detailed supply list for each portion of the party
  • some inexpensive themed printables, including signs, name tags, and more!

My hope is that this Easy and Cheap Science Birthday Party post and our cheap Science Party Pack of printables are a one-stop-shop for your party planning. This should save you hours of time and lots of money!

The Science Birthday Party Schedule

Easy Cheap Science Birthday Party

Let’s start with the schedule to give you an overview of the time. Then, below I’ve broken down and explained each portion of the Science Birthday Party in detail. Here’s the bird’s eye view of the event:

10 minutesChildren arrive and “check in”. Pass out Scientist Kits, put on scientist outfits, have kids make name tags (they come in our printable Science Party Pack), write names and put finger prints on Secret Lab Notebook. Instruct kids to set their Scientist Kit bags at their spot at the table.

10 minutesDress up and take pictures at Science Lab Photo Booth.

10-15 minutesExperiment #1: Blow Up That Balloon at tables. Clean up.

10-15 minutesExperiment #2: Make Slime at tables. Clean up.

10 minutesExperiment #3: Diet Coke + Mentos Explosion outside. (While kids are outside, have one adult set out the Cupcake Creations on tables.)

15 minutes Sing Happy Birthday and make Crazy Cupcake Concoctions.

15 minutesOpen presents.

The Science Party Break-Down

Scientist Kits: Arrival and Take-Home Gift


Move over junky candy and useless party bag toys! As children arrive, you will hand them their pre-made Scientist Kits with things they will actually use at the party. This doubles as the take-home gift (in addition to the slime they will make), so they can continue their scientific discoveries at home!

I had several parents tell me that their kids wore this cheap little costume all week after the party. And, all three of my kids still use their Secret Lab Notebooks and goggles from time to time.

HERE is a complete tutorial on putting together this easy Scientist Kit, including supplies, cost and how-tos.

Lab Photo Booth

easy and cheap science birthday party

One of my favorite parts of the party was the photo booth. After the kids got their name tags and Scientist Kits, I sent them over to find more scientist gear (i.e. wigs) and get their photo taken in front of our simple set that looked like a Science Lab.

Stock a box full of wigs, a real lab coat, and any other funny props that would go with the science theme, so kids can dress up for their portrait shot. The photo booth pic makes for a great personal “thank you” email to families later.

Find out more details and see more pictures of the Lab Photo Booth HERE

Three Easy, Cheap and Fun Science Experiments

For our party I did three experiments, which worked perfectly for my group of 17 kids ages 5-7. Seriously, they were awesome! (P.S. I don’t recommend inviting that many young kids for a party like this, but we made it through with no injuries or emotional scarring!) You’ll find all the explanations, supply lists, cost, and steps for the experiments at the links below.

If you want, dress up like a scientist yourself and have fun leading these! I sure did.

Experiment #1: Blow Up That Balloon

Easy Cheap Science Birthday Party

Experiment #2: Making Slime

Easy Cheap Science Birthday Party

Experiment #3: Mentos and Diet Coke Explosion

Easy Cheap Science Birthday Party: Mentos and Diet Coke Experiment.

Easiest Birthday Cake Ever: Cupcake Concoctions

Easy Cheap Science Birthday Party

Like I mentioned above, I’m just not all that great at creating elaborate desserts, treats and decorations for birthday parties like so many Pinterest parties show. Wish I was! So I was thrilled when the kids were thrilled with the easiest birthday cake solution ever. Plus, it fit perfectly with our Science Birthday Party theme.

Read all about our Cupcake Concoctions HERE.

Cheap Science Party Signs, Name Tags & More

Last but not least, save more time and money with our easy and cheap decorations for the doors and walls of your party locale, plus official name tags and Secret Lab Notebook covers. Our Science Party Pack is only $4.99. Upon purchase, you will receive a download that includes these PDF files that you can print again and again:

  • Secret Lab Notebook front cover (8 1/2 x 11) – Learn more about how to use these HERE.

Easy Cheap Science Birthday Party

  • Official Access Name Tags – Use inside clip-on name badges like these, print on these Avery labels, or simply print on card stock and use safety pins to attach to shirts.
Easy Cheap Science Birthday Party
  • Science Laboratory sign (8 1/2 x 11)
Easy Cheap Science Birthday Party
  • Atomic Waste sign (8 1/2 x 11)
Easy Cheap Science Birthday Party
  • Biohazard sign (8 1/2 x 11)
Easy Cheap Science Birthday Party
  • Enter at Your Own Risk sign (8 1/2 x 11)
Easy Cheap Science Birthday Party
  • Caution: Lab Test Underway sign (8 1/2 x 11)
Easy Cheap Science Birthday Party

Print each of these as many times as you like so that you can cover your walls, tables, and doors with themed Science lab signs. What a deal!

Purchase our cheap Science Party Pack (only $4.99) now!

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