Throw a freezer meal party and have fun while saving time and money! This post is all about how to throw the actual event. #freezermeal

Throw a Freezer Meal Party: Why We are Loving These

By Polly Conner

What is a Freezer Meal Party and why is it SO worth your time? We've got your basic questions answered in this series all about saving you time and money!

Last night, we wrapped up our second freezer meal party in just two weeks. Thanks to these freezer cooking parties, we both currently have freezers stocked with 12 healthy, home-cooked, delicious recipes that will feed our families for weeks. (Cue the angelic voices from the skies).

“Wait. What’s a freezer meal party?” you may be asking.

Well friend, glad you asked.  We’re pretty excited to tell you more about this newer concept of a one-time Freezer Meal Party. It has been a huge help to our families and we are pretty convinced it would be a great help to you, no matter your stage in life.

Because let’s face, it. It is HARD to make home cooked meals every night. Kids are crabby. Parents are tired. And when convenience food is so… convenient, it’s tempting to go that route.

Enter, freezer cooking parties.

What is a Freezer Meal Party and why is it SO worth your time? We've got your basic questions answered in this series all about saving you time and money!

What is a Freezer Meal Party?

So you might be wondering, what exactly IS a freezer meal party?

A freezer meal party is when a group of friends come together to prepare, cook and package freezer friendly meals for their homes and families. With multiple recipes made in bulk, participants all go home with a variety of freezer meals that they can use for months to come.

Benefits of a Freezer Meal PartyWhat is a Freezer Meal Party and why is it SO worth your time? We've got your basic questions answered in this series all about saving you time and money!

There are many unexpected benefits that come from hosting a freezer meal party. The benefits that come from working as a collective are invaluable.

  • It’s an excuse to spend an evening with friends. As a mom of littles, it’s hard to find time to hang out with people I enjoy and not be interrupted 15+ times by sibling squabbles or spilled milk. Setting aside a night to come together and to have something to work on together was the perfect excuse to have a girls night. I got to catch up with  much-loved friends AND make meals for my family. I can’t think anything I’d rather multitask doing.
  • Variety. I know I’m not alone in that I tend to cook the same types of food over and over again in a regular rotation. I stick to what I know and breeze past recipes and ingredients I’m not familiar with. However, when cooking 6 different recipes with friends who all have different tastes and preferences, it is inevitable that I’m going to go home with recipes I normally wouldn’t try. I like learning how to make new recipes and give my family a little more variety.
  • Learn from each other. When you cook with other people, you will inevitably learn something new. Everyone brings a different set of skills and experience to the table and when you team up to make a recipe, tips and tricks are passed on.
  • Save money. Buy in bulk, baby. It is usually cheaper to buy most ingredients in bulk than it is to buy them in smaller quantities. This is especially true for meat. In the long run, we all saved some money by buying ingredients in large quantities and then split up.
  • Save Time. A freezer meal party tends to run about 3 hours long. This shakes out to be about 30 minutes a meal. In contrast, if I were to make these meals at home by myself the cooking time and clean up would be much longer. Plus, think of all the time this saves on all those little grocery store runs throughout the week. Having freezer meals really will save me loads of time in the long run.

How do I throw a freezer meal party?

We are so glad you asked! Reason is, this week we have deemed as “Freezer Meal Party Week” on Thriving Home. We have a fabulous line up posts that will walk you through exactly how to throw a freezer meal party of your own.

What is a Freezer Meal Party and why is it SO worth your time? We've got your basic questions answered in this series all about saving you time and money!

Coming up this week:

How to Prepare for a Freezer Meal Party

This post will provide you with party plans that include recipes and even shopping lists. It will also walk you through other party details to plan and prepare for.

How to Host a Freezer Meal Party

This post will actually take you through the process of the event. From setting up cooking stations to tips on how to make your party fun, you will find loads of valuable information.

How to Freeze and Thaw your Meals

So you’ve made all of these delicious freezer meals. Now what? We will walk you through various freezing methods and share valuable freezer storage tips.

Our Top 20 Favorite Freezer Meals

After years of freezer cooking, we’ve both found our favorite recipes that we tend to go back to over and over again. In this post, we will feature our all-time top 20 favorite freezer meals.

We hope you jump on board and follow this series all week!

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3 replies
  1. Beverly Morford says:

    I teach our cooking club at our senior citizen center. I am looking into trying a freezer party. Do you think this will work for active young senior citizens? Looking for ideas and information. Thank you
    Beverly Morford

    • Rachel says:

      Yes, this would be so fun for them! Most of our recipes are 4 servings, but you could just portion many of them out in smaller containers if needed. Or some meals like Make Ahead Breakfast Sandwiches and On-the-Go Chicken Burritos are already wrapped individually and could be warmed individually. Check out our full Freezer Meal Recipe index for ideas and let us know if you have any more questions about logistics. Happy to help!