3 Minute Avocado Toast

Avocado Toast is so simple that it almost doesn’t feel worthy of a post. When I feel my body itching for some nutrition and I’m not wanting to munch on my kids’ lunch scraps, this is often what I end up making. I mean, can I even call it a recipe? You can probably get the …Read More

Sour Cream and Cheese Biscuits-4

Cheddar and Sour Cream Biscuits

Cheddar and sour cream biscuits. Need I say more? OK, I will. They were great and a super easy side dish. If I would have had green onions on hand I would have tossed a few in there as well but they were good without them. What surprised me was that despite the fact that …Read More

Keeping the Big Things Big (and the Small Things Small)

“Martha, if your heart stops beating, do you want us to restart it?” I could hardly believe the question that the doctor had just asked my grandmother (technically my husband’s grandmother but family is family.) As much as I was caught off guard by the question, I was even more shocked by her answer. Without …Read More

Publishing a Cookbook: Photography (Part One)

As promised, we are doing our best to keep you in the loop with our upcoming cookbook that is set to be released this fall. So far we have shared about: 1. What our cookbook is all about 2. The First Steps to Publishing a Cookbook 3. Editors and Closing Day 4. Recipe Development We are now tackling …Read More

Christmas Break

Christmas Break

Hey Everyone! Just wanted to let you know that Rachel and I are in the middle of a small blog break over the holidays. We’ll be back after the new year. If you are missing us just a tad too much, you can still follow along on Instagram. Polly’s been keeping that feed alive with a …Read More

Happy Birthday to ME! (And a Gift to YOU!)

Hey Lovely Ladies! Today is my birthday. While 34 seems like an uneventful year to celebrate, I’m doing a little something-something to bring a little birthday cheer to the day. Because I love you dear readers, I want to do a fun little giveaway. But you have to act soon. Like NOW! The first 20 …Read More

5 Reminders for the Sleep Deprived Mom (or Dad!)

My third kid was about two months old and I was TIRED. So very tired. The newborn honeymoon stage had worn off only to be replaced by an accumulation of sleep deprivation. One night, after already being up multiple times, I was woken up by my husband talking. However, he wasn’t speaking a language I …Read More

Making Baby Food in Bulk: Save Time & Money

Disclaimer: This post was created in partnership with Frigidaire Gallery. But the opinions are all ours! As a busy mom of 3 under 5, I don’t have much down time. Scratch that–I have NO down time. This stage of life is intense, people. Multitasking has been taken to a new level. Just the other day I …Read More

2 Ways to Store or Freeze Muffins

Muffins are my jam. I love them. So much that I took time in photoshop to express my deep affection for them. To save time and money, anytime you make muffins, just double the batch and cook up twice as many. I rarely make a single batch and almost always have muffins stored in my freezer. …Read More

Our Bedtime Routine… Gone Wrong

Three year olds. Man, they are tough. Like, bring you to the brink of a crazy-person tough. We love them because they are ours and they are pretty darn cute–especially when they sleep. But oh my goodness. Three year olds. Something has happened in our home with our three year old that I should probably …Read More

New Blogger Shoutout

New Blogger Shoutout

One of our growing passions about blogging as a part-time job is helping new bloggers get a strong start. We’ve learned so much along the way and love to help others take the next step in their blogging careers. In an effort to give some brand spankin’ new blogs a jump start, we will regularly introduce …Read More

Spinach and Bacon Quiche {Freezer Meal}

This freezer friendly spinach and bacon quiche recipe has been circulating in my home for quite a while now. You guys, it is SO good. I wish I could say it was healthy but I can assure you it wouldn’t be on the weight watchers website. However, with the exception of the pie crust, it is …Read More

8 Tips to Keep in Mind When Taking Meals to Others

This past month has been quite eventful for us. From being on bedrest for a few weeks and now juggling life with a newborn, it has been nothing short of exhausting. One of the biggest blessings in this season has been from the friends and family who have provided us with meals in one way or …Read More

Ramblings on the Third Pregnancy

Well friends, baby number three has been cooking for a good 27 weeks now. For our readers who appreciate a bit of oversharing, I thought I’d write somewhat of a stream-of-thought post detailing some of the ups, downs and observations of my third pregnancy. Bigger, Faster I’ve noticed a trend with all of my pregnancies …Read More

mini meatloaf muffins

The Best Review of a Recipe I’ve Ever Gotten

Last week I got THE single best (and most hilarious) review of a recipe I’ve ever gotten in my entire life. Listen to the end of this audio clip from my two neighbor girls (there’s a slight pause in the middle, so hang tight) and you’ll understand why…   Backstory: I took some frozen Mini …Read More

"Real Food Meets Reality" Menu Plan

“Real Food Meets Reality” Menu Plan: December 7-13

Sponsored by Hy-Vee (Columbia) Ever wonder what our phrase “real food meets reality” means? Here’s the deal. Our recipes and menu plans feature as many homemade meals made from whole foods (ones that have been minimally processed) as possible.This “real food” philosophy of eating helps cut down on the amount of sugar, salt, preservatives, trans fats, and other harmful additives …Read More

5 (Slightly Shallow) Things I’m Thankful for Right Now

Happy Thanksgiving, Friends! I hope you are busy catching up with family, eating a bit too much and doing your best to avoid the one particular family member or person that you can only handle so much of. I mean, I of course don’t have one of those but I hear it’s pretty common in big …Read More

"Real Food Meets Reality" Menu Plan

“Real Food Meets Reality” Menu Plan: December 1-6

Sponsored by Hy-Vee (Columbia) I know, I know, I know…it’s hard to think past Thanksgiving right now. I’ll be honest. I’m hosting for the first time (read more about my decision here) and I’ve only got turkey on the brain. But, alas, dinner must still come after said holiday. So, here’s my plan. If you …Read More

Rachel and friends

Confession: I’m 37 & I’ve Never Made a Turkey

So here’s the thing. I’m 37 years old. I run a food blog of sorts. I’m a self-professed foodie. One of my few hobbies is reading cooking magazines and books. The only TV you’ll ever catch me watching during the day would be a Food Network show. And I’ve never made a turkey. In 37 years. (Sigh.) …Read More