Favorite Toys for Six Month Old Baby

Six months old is a busy age for babies. Now that they can almost sit up, they are more interested in the world around them. Those hands are working and exploring anything and everything. I’ve found the following toys to be some of my daughter’s favorites in this busy stage of infancy.

1) Boppy Pillow

We use this daily to help my little gal sit up. It provides great support for that tipsy little baby.

2) Stacking Cups

So simple, but so loved! My gal loves these cups. Not only are they good teethers but they can make fun noises and be used to play peek-a-boo with small objects.

3) Baby Einstein Take Along Tunes

Lights and music catch a 6 months old attention. This gadget is easy to grab and hold for those eager little hands.

4) Bath Toys/Bath Toy Scoop

Bath time just got more fun! My baby loves to grab and chew on these in the bath. It also provides a storage area for those toys so they can dry.

5) Oball

I was surprised at how much my gal loved this. I’m not sure why- it’s easy to grab and chew on. Anything that meets those qualifications is a favorite in our house.

6) Squeeze Blocks

Chewable, easy to grab, and fun for stacking. These blocks are all over our house.

7) Move and Crawl Ball

This ball does it all. It sings, it has lights, it moves around, and it’s easy to grab. It’s also great for tummy time.


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