Gift Guide: Girls Ages 5-9

By Polly Conner
October 21, 2020

This gift guide is geared towards the elementary-aged girl. We believe children inherently have amazing imaginations and that the right toys can fan that flame. We’ve tried to provide gift ideas that we’ve used in our own homes and that can help girls be imaginative and grow as a whole person.

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Crayola Paper Butterflies Kit – This is a really neat projects that combines art and science. Perfect to make and display in her room…the colors are vibrant!

Present Pets Princess Puppy – These puppies remind me of the hatchimals my kids were obsessed with a few years back. This surprise puppy comes to life and unboxes itself. Each Fairy Pup has over 100 sounds and actions and gives kisses, wags her tail, shuffles her paws, plays 2 new bark-back games.

Unicorn Slime Kit – Slime lovers essential! All you need in one complete box with glue, unicorn beads, inks, textures, slime containers, and more!

Ranger Rick Magazine – We were gifted a subscription gift last year and this has been something my kids look forward to getting in the mail every month. The pictures are beautiful and they really enjoy the animal facts and trivia!

 Light Up Rollerblades – A great way to get some outdoor exercise! I got these for my daughter last year and they’ve been a hit. 


Girls roller blades

Unicorn Robe – Last Christmas, my daughter’s aunt gifted her this and I’m pretty sure it was the favorite thing she got that year. She wears it all the time, no matter the season. It’s super soft and warm. Multiple colors available.

Unicorn robe

Paint by Sticker Books – These have been a huge hit with both my 7 and 9 year old. They have to match the corresponding sticker number to it’s specific spot. But these pictures are detailed! There are up to 60 small stickers on one picture sometime. It’s a great indoor activity though. I’m buying more of these this year.

Paint by sticker book

Crystal Growing Kit – I love the idea of this. According to the reviews on Amazon, the directions need to be followed very carefully so I imagine this age group will need some adult help. But I love the idea of home projects that spur an interest in science.

Crystal Growing Kit

Loom Bands – These are used to make all sorts of bracelets, necklaces, rings, you name it. Kids can channel their creative juices on what color combinations they want to use. My daughter even made a bunch of red, white and blue ones and sold them around the neighborhood!

Loom Bands

Terrarium – It works! This is super easy to put together and kids will watch it daily to monitor plant growth and changes. I will say it’s not really “glow in the dark.” It has glow in the dark stickers but that’s it. Either way, it was a hit!


Felt Tip Pens – Not sure who loves these more: me or my daughter! This is such a sweet age of creativity, writing, and drawing. Having a stash of colorful, felt tip pens for my little lady has been a great decision.

Flair pens

Fingerlings – These little guys are CUTE! And surprisingly not all that annoying. They are interactive, make all sorts of noises and movements and little ladies love them!

Hair Chalk – I’ll be honest. I wish this wasn’t a thing. But it is. And this is much better than some of the liquid/paint products i’ve seen. My daughter and friends would almost always bust out this hair chalk with they got together. Embrace it.

Hair chalk

Talking Hamster I’ll be honest. This toy is slightly annoying. It repeats what it hears but in a higher-pitched, faster pace voice. Kids love it. I just make them take it to another room and they have their belly laughs with it…away from me.

talking hamster

Starry Night Light – I got one of these for each of my kids and they loved them! They can change colors and have a timer to go off if you want that option. The buttons are super intuitive but kids figure them out pretty quick.

Night Light

Zipfy Freestyle Snow Sled – This sled is lightweight (3.5 lbs), compact, and easy to carry up the hill making it the perfect winter fun toy for everyone. Rails on the bottom of the sled give the rider the ability to slalom down the hill.

Blue sled

Write On: My Story Journal – A learning tool disguised in fun, Write On is filled with helpful tips for creating stories — narratives, poems, comics, song lyrics — true ones, made-up ones, and are-you-kidding-me ridiculous ones.

Write on book

Tenzi – This fast-paced, short, and simple dice game can be played with all ages from 7-107. It’s also a great travel game to take on vacation.


Bath Bombs – These make bathtime a blast for kids. They fizz up, color the water, and even have a little toy hidden inside.

Bath Bombs

Magic Magnetic Building Set – Colorful magnetic sticks let you create unique patterns and vivid designs to your creations. 

Microphone – This has been a huge hit with my daughter. Many award winning performances have come out of this little pink mic. It’s charged through a usb port so thankfully it’s not a battery hog.

Pink microphone

Spirograph – I had one of these as a kid and still remember how much fun it was to create all of these patterned designs. There are endless possibilities and your little lady will feel like an artist the moment she does her first picture.


Make Your Own Soap Kit – My daughter got this for her birthday this year and she LOVED it. It was a perfect activity to do with a friend. She didn’t even want to use the soap. They sit proudly on her shelf right now.

Make your own soap

Razor Scooter – This is one of our most used outdoor toys with lots of colors to choose from. It folds up for easy storage and transport too.

Razor Scooter

Snap Circuits Jr. – Every time my (Rachel’s) children bring this toy out of the closet, I am amazed at what they are learning about electrical circuits and how long they play with it. This set is definitely for elementary-aged children and may require some parental oversight initially. Now that my kids have the hang of it, though, I feel comfortable letting them play by themselves with it. If you have an older elementary-aged child, you might consider this more advanced set instead.

Snap Circuits

Madlibs – My daughter started to really get into these when she was 8. Not only is it a great way to learn some grammar but it also makes for a great activity to do in the car!

More Ideas:

LED Photo String Lights – LOVE this for any kid to display all the fun family & friend moments in their life or their artwork – my daughter would love this. It’s a great price & good reviews.

Mind Blowing Science Kit – My daughter circled this really big in the Amazon catalog. It has GREAT reviews.

Temporary Metallic Tattoos – Could be a stocking stuffer. Very good price too!

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Note: If you bookmark any of these ideas for later, we’d be so thankful if you came back to this page and go through our link when you are ready to purchase. We only get credit if you make a purchase through our link. We appreciate your support SO much!

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100 replies
  1. Alexes Jones says:

    Paint by sticker how genius my girls will love that! So will I that will keep them busy for a while for a little quiet time.

  2. Pat Decker says:

    I just love to see the kids outside, and the razor scooter is a hit with them. I bought two last Christmas, and it still is a very fun toy for them.

  3. LAURA L SMITH says:

    I like the Starry Night Light! It’s on my ‘possibilities’ list for my 2 youngest girls. I think it’s clever and fun and useful.

  4. Kelsey Brandt says:

    The razor scooter is so much fun. My 6 year old rolls around the neighborhood and even my almost 3 year old can for short little scoots.

  5. Angie Simmonds says:

    Spirograph was always a favorite for me but I think Tenzi would be her favorite. She loves games and this is an easy fast paced one!

  6. Karla Knight says:

    I loved spirgraphs when I was young – it’s nice to see they are still around and kids are enjoying creating all of the cool patterns.

  7. Laura says:

    I’d love to see a gift guide that is just grouped by age and not gender. I know my boys love the rainbow loom bracelets and my daughter loves legos too : ) great gift suggestions!

  8. Gina says:

    I ordered the snap circuits and Lego book from the gift guide for my great nephew. .I also ordered the shape sorter from the baby guide. Talking over some of the things in the grandparents guide wit the hubs tonight. Thanks for taking the time to make these. So helpful!

  9. Emily adams says:

    The Starry Night light is very neat! Also, the felt flair tip pens are awesome! These pens I think will appeal to many age groups.

  10. Jill Zahariuk says:

    I’m loving the paint by sticker book! I will definitely be getting this for my 7 year old daughter! We already have the loom kit bought or her for Christmas – so another favorite would be the loom bands

  11. Emily says:

    My 7 year old could use the Me journal, for writing encouragement. But science is her jam so the Terrarium is oils be her preference.

  12. Hilary says:

    Teacher here, and I can attest that those flair pens are amazing. Super vibrant and easy to write with! The starry night light, hair chalk, and paint by stickers would be perfect for my nieces!

  13. Renee says:

    I love that Spirographs are still cool! I remember loving mine when I was younger. Tenzi has been a great game that all ages enjoy in our family.

  14. Hope says:

    We are actually looking into the loom rubber bands for my five year old! She loves to make things and I cannot wait to see what she does with it!

  15. Ellen says:

    So many great options! I think our fav would be the growing crystals, or soap. We have never been able to grow cool crystals without a real set.