Gift Guide: Girls Ages 3-5

By Polly Conner
October 23, 2021

Having just had a girl just in this stage, I had so much fun putting together these ideas! Every gift on this gift guide for 3-5 year-old girls is something we used ourselves or came highly recommended from a friend. You might also want to check out the Boys Ages 3-5 Gift Guide for ideas. Many on both lists are gender-neutral.

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Knowledge Crates – Knowledge Crates are seasonal boxes packed full of activities ranging from art and literacy to science and math (the fall one had 22 activities and 15 extension activities!). All the activities are planned and prepped for you with materials included. Just open the box and dive right in! Use coupon code THRIVINGHOME to get a 15% discount off a quarterly or annual subscription.

Leap Frog Scoop and Learn Ice Cream Cart – Our preschool had a similar set, and the kids all gravitated towards it. It was adorable to watch their imaginations at work as they played ice cream shop. This set also teaches counting, colors, and sequencing . Rated a “must have” with great reviews.

Melissa & Doug Let’s Play House – Preschoolers LOVE this set. Dust, sweep and mop…when it’s clean up time this is one toy you will be glad to have around. They are wood and built to last too.

Baby Alive Baby Doll – Watch the magic happen as this baby doll eats, wets and needs to be changed. The blender actually works too! Don’t forget the extra diapers! Shop all the Baby Alive dolls here.

Calico Critters Country Home – Year after year this set continues to be a bestseller. Kids adore the cute animals and make believe home; parents love that this set will be played with for years to come. Add some extra critters to make the whole family.

Do A Dot Art Markers – Mess-free painting? Yes, please! These dot markers are awesome for your preschooler who loves to paint, but without the commitment of getting out all the supplies. You can also find endless dot art free printables online.

Mosaic Peg Board – Great for those fine motor skills, so much development happening here. The parts all store in the tray so the mosaic can be used again and again.

Jumbo Coloring Sheets – I’ve ordered almost every set of these over the years. They are the BEST. Don’t forget the scented markers to go with it! They are a big deal, trust me.

Jumbo coloring pad

Kids Umbrella – Kids LOVE having their own umbrella. I like to make these Santa gifts. There are 15 adorable styles to choose from.

Unicorn umbrella

Kids Camera – These have been a favorite of my kids for YEARS. They do eat up batteries pretty fast so be sure to stock up. Great car toy. Here is the boy version


Kids camera

Scooter – The 3 wheels are perfect for learning to ride a scooter. Very highly rated on Amazon too! The three wheels make it easy for kids to learn!

Razor scooter for girls

Bounce House – Big ticket item but worth every penny! We’ve set up ours in the garage, used it for birthday parties, and in our backyard when we entertain.

Bounce house

Personalized Books – I got a similar one of these a few years ago and it continues to be a favorite. They are super creative, well illustrated, and are personalized all throughout the book which impressed me. This book focuses on kindness and being a positive change. There are lots of different books with different story lines…check them all out here.

Indoor Swing Trapeze & Rings Combo – Such a great energy burner for those cold months inside! I could see my kids having a lot of fun on this in the future.

Indoor swing and trapeze

Kinetic Sand – A childhood must! I’d recommending splurging and getting the 11-pound bag. You can also get smaller portions. Tip: Get all the same color. They get all mixed together eventually!

Kinetic sand

Hungry Hungry Hippo – A little tricky to keep track of all of those balls but kids LOVE this game.

Hungry hippo game

Let’s Go Fishing Game – Be warned. Lots of pieces to keep track of but my kids loved this one.

Let's go fishing game

Teaching Cash Register – A classic. So much pretend play can happen with this toy.

Cash register

White Paper Rolls – This seems so simple but I have found that my daughter LOVES having these around to use for art.  Spread them out on the table to color on during dinner time. They can also be used on a play table for easy clean up. Pair this with Crayola Ultra Clean Washable Markers for a great gift. 

Rolls of white paper


Warmies – I know, I know. NO MORE STUFFED ANIMALS. However, these are different. They’re microwavable and have a lavender scent for a soothing warm cuddle AND they’re at an awesome price point. They have a million animals to choose from – see them all here.


Horse Family – So much imaginary play can happen with this take-along horse barn and family. If your little lady is an animal lover this is a must!

Horse Family

Melissa & Doug Cutting Food – There is something that kids just love about slicing these pieces of food. They are held together by velcro and can be “sliced” and served over and over again.

Cutting food play toy

Bugs in the Kitchen – A fast-paced family-friendly game. Getting this for my son!

Bugs in the kitchen

Me Readers – All of my kids loved these! My 3 year old has even figured out how to navigate the books as they are read outloud to him. There are lots of different themes too. 

Me REaders

Play-Doh Magical Oven – When the Play-Doh box comes out, this is the most used toy!

Play-Dog Magical Oven

Stamps – I got a big set of these a few years back and we have used them over and over again. Kids love to stamp up mail, scrap paper, or really anything you put in front of them. Just don’t look away, one might end up on a siblings face. 🙂


Zingo – There aren’t many games that hold my 4 year old’s attention but this one does! It’s easy to learn and the kids love the little card dispenser.


Bath Drops & Bath Finger Paint – This is the perfect age group for this kind of toy. I should just get a subscription to these because we use them so much!

Looking for gift ideas for preschool aged girls? Look no further! Young girls aren't too hard to please and since I have had one, with the help of my friends, we put together a killer list of ideas of gift ideas for preschool girls. Similar to our preschool boys gift guide, most of these toys will make boys or girls happy! #preschoolgirl #giftguide #giftideaforgirls

Personalized Step Stools – My kids would LOVE these! So many cute options too.

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84 replies
  1. Mindy says:

    So many good ideas! I’m excited to get the umbrellas for my littles! They want to play with our adult ones all the time. I think they will be so excited to have character ones.

  2. Valerie H says:

    Zingo has been a favorite in our house! And I’m excited to try the Bath Dropz for my 10 yo who cannot do scented things on her skin!

  3. Colleen M says:

    I love the cash register. It teaches so many life skills at such a young age and introduces math skills and money skills. My girls when they were young would spend hours playing “store” with their pretend food and cash register. This type of toy is truly a classic.

  4. K Fields says:

    The cash register has been such a favorite item! My 8 yo will still play with it at times. Bonus, it’s a fun tool to help learn to count money when they’re older.

  5. Emily H says:

    Kinetic Sand is so much fun! Our daughter (almost 4) loves to play with it. We bought small farm animals (pack of 10) from Dollar Tree to play with and she has a blast. Even fun for parents!

  6. Erica Colt says:

    We’ve had many of these in our home! Probably my favorite is Zingo Bingo—we got several years if family fun from this game!

  7. Nicole says:

    We love hungry hungry hippos here! Bought 2 gifts from this list for my newly 3 year old for Christmas- hoping they are a hit! Thanks for the ideas.

  8. Katie says:

    I purchased quite a few of these gifts last year for my preschooler (unicorn umbrella… Huge win!) . 🙂 She’s really hoping for the kinetic sand and the hungry hippo’s game this year.

  9. Emily Adams says:

    There are so many great gifts! My daughter always loved Melissa and Doug toys and the kinetic sand. The series look like a great gift as well.

  10. Whitney Larson says:

    We have several of the items on this list—you’ve definitely nailed it for this age group, because I’m seeing a lot of our favorite things. The Me Readers are a HUGE hit in our house…as are kinetic sand, warmies (perfect for winter car rides!), and all things Melissa and Doug. My 3 year old has been asking for a scooter, so that would be our winner!

  11. Holly says:

    We love the kinetic sand, magnet tiles, and all things Melissa and Doug. I’m thinking of replacing our broken toy cash register with this one. It looks much sturdier!

  12. Lori Hartman says:

    I love the white paper rolls. Reminds me of my childhood when my Dad would get a roll of plain brown paper, and he would wrap a big gift for my Mom in it, then we kids would spend the afternoon coloring it. The white paper could be used for some many imaginative things!

  13. Heather B says:

    My girls loved zingo! we would play it every Friday night, it was our family game night tradition we started. My girls are a little older now and if there not busy with activities we still do Friday night game night.

  14. Janette Miller says:

    Oh how I always wanted a cash register as a little girl! I was totally a real life job pretender- I liked to pretend be a banker, teacher, and grocery checker with my friends!

  15. Jan Lokken says:

    My 3 yr old granddaughter often plays with the magnetic tiles from the boys’ list. I think the Zingo game sounds fun & maybe I could even play along from a virtual location!

  16. Deanna Fitzpatrick says:

    My 4 year old loves the melissa and doug cutting food set and rides the scooter constantly (though we just go for the 2 wheeled one) but I’m LOVING the doorway swing and trapeze! Perfect for winter or cold days.

  17. Stephanie Robinett says:

    I bought the Zingo game for my kiddos in the springtime. WE LOVE IT. Super quick and easy set-up. Santa has the Bath Dropz on the Christmas list this year.

  18. Michelle R says:

    The cash register is my fave gift! I’m a teacher and my Kindergarteners love playing with it in the kitchen. Perfect for pre-schoolers, too! They really think they are in a store buying groceries!

  19. Amanda says:

    I’m getting my daughter the play dough oven for Christmas. She loves cooking with me in the kitchen so I know this will be a hit.

  20. Jessica S. says:

    This is an awesome list! I’ve added a ton of these items to my almost 4 year old’s Christmas list. She is especially going to love that umbrella. 🙂

  21. Lee A Parker says:

    My granddaughter is almost 4 and she has the Melissa and Dough cutting board and foods. I got them for her when she was 2. Although we have a house full of fun toys for her when she comes to visit, she goes for that set every single time!!

  22. Kymnesha F. says:

    I love number 3 on the girls gift guide the camera. I like taking pictures and I have my own personal camera. Now my daughter will definitely be able join me by having her own personal camera because she loves to take pictures too. I’ll call her my mini photographer.

  23. Vanessa M. says:

    My girls (3&4) would love most of these! The 3 yr old keeps asking for a scooter and the 4 yr old keeps stealing my phone to take pictures so her own camera would be perfect. I’m also thinking about #10 on the boys list as a “quiet toy” for church.

  24. Jill Lockhart says:

    Stamps and Zingo are on my daughter’s wish list but I think Kinetic Sand is a must have! So much fun and not a lot of mess 😉

  25. Hope McCarroll says:

    Both of my girls love the camera!! They have so much with them. Warning, it does have games on them so I try to limit their time on it.

  26. Cathy H. says:

    I’m going to have a hard time choosing every day! The teacher in me likes 6. I see Me books. The creative side says 18. Play Doh Magical Oven or Jumbo coloring books.

  27. Catherine says:

    I recommend the finger paint! A great way for your children to be creative, have fun and it’s an easy clean up! I did a lot of that with my four children when they were young!

  28. Brandi S says:

    M&D options are always my favorite! My kids had the Cut and Velcro food and it lasted until they outgrew it and we sold it with the kitchen! You can never go wrong with Melissa & Doug

  29. Becky says:

    So many great ideas but we have an indoor swing set similar to the one listed and it has been a life saver during cold winter days!!