Gift Guide: Boys Ages 5-9

By Rachel Tiemeyer
October 25, 2021

We believe children inherently have amazing imaginations and that the right toys can fan that flame. We’ve tried to provide gift ideas for boys, ages 5-9, that we’ve used in our own homes and that can help them be imaginative and grow as a whole person–everything from active toys to science experiments to building sets to board games to books.

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Boys Ages 5-9 Gift Guide

Hot Wheels Criss Cross Crash – Race and create epic car crashes with this fast-moving, action-packed track. This one is a blast! Requires 4 D batteries you can get here.

IQ Builder – There are so many projects your budding engineer can create with this building set. Ebooks included for beginner, intermediate and advanced builders. Some of the reviewers even bought a second set to make additional creations.

Squishmallow – These are the softest, squishiest stuffed animal ever, and there are SO many to choose from. My kids even use them instead of pillows.

Junior Metal Detector – Perfect for hunting treasure in the park or backyard, this junior metal detector is adjustable and light. It really works too…my kids found some cool discoveries with it.

Zero Gravity Laser Race Car – I’m pretty sure this car that races up walls and ceilings might be the coolest gift of the holidays. The car itself is USB rechargeable, but don’t forget the extra AAA Batteries for the laser control.

Silly Jokes For Kids – Grandma gifted my son this book, and it was crazy how much he loved it. This is the age when the silly jokes start, and this book has great ones I even found hilarious!

Rechargeable Walkie Talkies – My kids got these affordable and very fun walkie talkies a few Christmases ago and still play with them. They’ve worked really well for us.

VevoFit Jr.Polly’s kids talk about theirs every single day! She recommends getting the 2 year warranty (it replaced her daughter’s after a year). This slim fitness tracker for kids makes it easy to keep track of their steps, sleep and activity, without adding extra bulk. This activity tracker syncs with an app that kids and parents will both love; kids will have a blast taking on challenges and adventures, and parents will appreciate the convenience of assigning chores and rewards.

Razor Rip-Rider The classic 3 wheeler of the 70’s just got a whole lot better. This is a coveted scooter among elementary kids in Polly’s neighborhood.

Uno – This is a classic for a reason. Easy to learn and so fun, especially for this age. If your kiddos don’t have it, snag it this holiday. Great for road trips, family game night, or playing with friends.

Magna-Tiles Boys and girls of almost all ages will enjoy this classic, high-quality magnetic block system. We have these at church in our younger elementary classrooms and they continue to be one of the most well-loved toys. They are definitely an investment, and you can start with a smaller set here. 

Marbles + Marble Run Set – Allows kids to create endless options of marble tracks and marbles. All ages enjoy this building set. Be sure to get the extra marbles. My kids love building multiple runs and competing in marble races.


Echo Dot: Kids Edition – My kids have been known to sneak the family Echo Dot into their rooms to play music and games. Since it’s not filtered, this makes me a little nervous! This kid edition comes with daily time limits and the ability to review activity. It plays music, tells stories, calls approved friends and family, and has more kid-friendly skills. Excited about this option! The updated 4th generation comes in a panda or tiger. 


Tenzi – A fast, fun dice game that encourages fast reactions and is super easy to learn. That’s why it was named one of ASTRA’s Best Toys for Kids. (Ages 7 to 97)

LEGO Ideas Book – For the LEGO-loving boy in your life, this is an essential book. It can help him think outside the LEGO instruction manual and pour gas on his already creative imagination.

Lasar Tag Guns Set – My kids have had SO much fun with these. They play with them inside, outside, with friends, and even with daddy. The make a great sound effects, have a vibration feature, and are easy to learn how to use. I do wish they are rechargeable but they require AA batteries to work so stock up on those.

The Day the Crayons Quit – This book is so clever and cute. This is one of my personal favs, and the kids love it too! Make this gift extra special by pairing with the Crayola ultimate crayon collection – 154 crayons and includes a sharpener.

Magic Magnetic Building Set – This is a super cool and very affordable toy that every boy or girl (and adult!) who is around it like to play with. This small little box–which takes up very little space–contains 150 highly magnetic and well-engineered sticks, as well as metal balls. Children will learn how magnets work as they attract and/or repel one another. In addition to building all kinds of cool structures, we’ve even come up with some fun “magic” tricks with these magnets, too. 

Mini Disk Set – I had a toy similar to this growing up and had so much fun with it. The set features two 12″ bouncy mesh trampoline-style discs and 1 OgoSoft koosh balls. Kids and adults can either throw the discs or hit the balls back and forth. Ogodisk can be played indoors, outdoors and even in the pool!

Trouble – This is probably the game played by my 7 & 9 year old. It’s a classic that is easy to learn and moves fast enough to keep their attention. It’s one of those games that every household should have.

Snap Circuits Junior – My kiddo’s 3rd grade teacher had these in her classroom and my kids were elated to finally have some at home to tinker with. Don’t worry, they can’t get shocked. It’s a great educational toy that provides a lot of experimenting and learning.

AstroShot – This is at the very tip-top of my 7 year old’s list this year. I could see this providing a lot of indoor entertainment! The balls hover in the air while kids use a nerf gun to try to shoot them.

Lego Tri-Pack: Marvel It’s like three lego sets in one! I got this for my son for his birthday this year and it was a huge hit. Not only did it feature some of his favorite Marvel characters but it felt extra special to have THREE of them.

Spot It Another hit for my kids this year. I’d say ages 6-7 is the sweet spot for this game.

Me Compendium – I can’t say enough good things about this unique, quirky, well-designed book. Inventive, hilarious and joyously colorful, this fill-in journal was designed to help kids capture nearly everything that’s uniquely rad about them. I’ve enjoyed learning about and laughing with my son as he has filled it out.


Mini Basketball Hoop – With almost 5 full stars on 22K+ reviews, it’s sure to be a hit! This basketball hoop hangs over the back of the door for indoor play.

Legos: Still the perfect gift for this age. Check out the City Lego Sets or Superhero Lego Sets.

Bible: Snag my boys’ favorite children’s Bible, The Action Bible or another age-appropriate Bible from this list.

Who Would Win Books – My 7 year old LOVES these. We got this exact set a few years ago and he still wants to read them regularly.

Paint by Sticker Books – These have been a huge hit for my kids this year, and they come in lots of different themes. These are also great for keeping busy in the car.

Binoculars – One of those simple things that kids LOVE. These come in 10 colors.

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90 replies
  1. Megan Watson says:

    My son would love the AstroShot. I currently have to find lightweight toys that will fall over easily when hit with a foam dart 😆

  2. Veronica Ruleford says:

    Love playing Uno with my grandsons. Especially when they have started to learn strategies to help themselves win the game!!

  3. Susan says:

    I love #12 The Magic Magnet Building Set. This is almost as good as Legos when it comes to building and all the boys I know love to build.

  4. Pamela Thomas says:

    Oh, the walkie-talkies for sure will be a hit with my five-year-old son! Pushing buttons AND getting to talk from a distance? Score!

  5. Sue D says:

    So many great ideas. My fave is the Snap Circuits Junior but I also like the rechargeable walkie talkies and the Lego Ideas book.

  6. Frances L says:

    We have so many of these already; great picks! I LOVE the rechargeable walkie talkies – we’ve gone through way too many batteries with the two regular sets we have.

  7. MJ says:

    The MagnaTiles are hours of fun for our grandsons, although if the weather permits outside play with Papa the walkie talkies would take the prize!

  8. Michelle says:

    My 7 year old son LOVES the Who Would Win books! I bought him several things from this gift guide for Christmas. Thanks for the awesome ideas!

  9. Kelly B says:

    My boys love the ‘Who Would Win’ books and our whole family loves Tenzi. I’m intrigued by the laser tag guns and will look into those more!

  10. Sarah says:

    I’ve been on your emailing list and enjoyed your blog for more than 4 years now. Your gift idea lists are always go-to for me! Having 5 kids, we have had to be creative with gifts and I appreciated learning centered gifts! Can’t go wrong with walkie-talkies and the Lego creation book! Our kids love snap circuits! And our family enjoys games- Spot-it & Uno are classics! thanks for continuing to foster good ideas!

  11. Deanna says:

    Oh my goodness that laser gun set is the perfect gift idea for my stepson! I loves nerf and laser tag so this is a great way to get to play at home!

  12. Colleen M says:

    I would have to say UNO and Trouble because both of these are classic games enjoyed by all ages and they really emphasize the importance of “family time” together as kids really do grow up too quickly! I cherish any moment that I can have my whole family sitting together at the kitchen table playing games.

  13. Jessica Davis says:

    I would love to try the Spot It game with my 4 year old – he is obsessed with eye spy so I know this would be right up his alley, even if it is geared for older kids.

  14. Hilary Richards says:

    We already have the marble run game and the laser guns. They are hit with our two boys. I think some magna tiles might be on the list for this year.

  15. Kristin says:

    We love Uno, we have multiple versions of it already, and I think this year we’re going to get Minecraft Uno for my video game-loving older kids. So many great ideas here to add to their wishlists!

  16. Krysta says:

    I love all the games for this age because they are gifts the whole family can enjoy together. I’ve heard great things about Spot It!

  17. Nicole says:

    Snap circuit junior looks like an awesome toy for when my boy is a little older! His daddy loves to build things and is excited to teach him already.

  18. Bethany says:

    I am definitely adding to our Magna Tile collection this year. Both kids love them! Have not seen the laser tag guns before, but I could see those being really fun. Might have to try those…Mom and Dad might have fun too:)

  19. Megan R. says:

    I have a 3.5 year old girl, but I think next year she would love the Magnatiles or the marble building set! She loves to build things with Daddy and these look like they would be perfect!