Gift Guide: Grandparents

By Polly Conner

Where do we even start to say thank you to the grandparents in our life? A thoughtful gift from the family can be one small way to show our appreciation for their love and support. With help from our readers, we’ve curated a host of ideas for all the beloved grandmas and grandpas out there.

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gift guide gift ideas for grandparents

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1. Ultimate Bacon Sampler – Burgers’ Smokehouse happens to be our favorite bacon brand. What a treat this would be for grandparents! Polly got this sampler box for her husband last year, and he loved it. #ad #sponsored

2. New Morning Mercies Devotional – Mornings will be brighter with this highly reviewed morning devotional. It’s been out for a few years now, but is recommended by Christians like the Chandlers and Toby Mac. I personally know a lot of men and women who use it regularly and recommend it.

3. Super Soft Faux Fur Throw – A grandparent can snuggle up this winter to a great movie or for a nap with this soft, gorgeous throw.

4. Ninja Air Fryer -My father-in-law, a widower, uses his air fryer almost daily. Many of our readers and friends swear by theirs, as well, and suggested this as a gift for grandparents (or any adult). This one is reasonably priced, easy to clean, recommended by our readers, and has over 2,000 reviews with five stars on Amazon. MANY readers suggested biting the bullet and getting the Ninja Foodie if you’re in the market for multiple appliances in one.

5. Whirly Pop Stovetop Machine with a bag of local popcorn – A few of our readers, one of whom is a grandparent herself, recommended this idea. Joyce said, “It is THE. BEST. GIFT. EVER. and we have become popcorn snobs too! Love, love, love it.” Holli said she gifts a new local or artisan popcorn each year to the person she originally gave it to. The one I linked to is the original Whirly Pop brand and has a lifetime warranty, unlike others on Amazon.

6. Fischer Space Pens – These are no ordinary pens. My friend, Sarah from Highland House Living, told me, “They write on anything and upside down! Which sounds silly at first, but ended up being super wildly helpful if something gets wet/oily/dusty or so on. My husband carries his every day, always!”

7. His and Hers Yeti Travel Ramblers – I got my mom a mug similar to this one, and she loves it! Grab one of the best insulated travel mugs on the market for each grandparent so they can their drinks warm or cold for hours and hours. Dishwasher safe, BPA-free.

8. Pique Tea Set – We have both been Pique Tea drinkers for a while. This is a tasty, convenient, and super healthy gift for a grandparent or anyone else who enjoys creature comforts. The packaging is crisp, clean, and beautiful for a gift, as well. Or buy a single packs here. My personal favorite flavors are Passion Fruit, English Breakfast, and Mint Green. You can read our full review here.

9. Atlas Obscura: An Explorer’s Guide to the World’s Hidden Wonders – The grandparent who loves to travel won’t be able to put down this intriguing bestselling travel book. Talented writer and friend, Sarah Bohl of The Civilian Newletter, says that this book “is VERY comprehensive, quirky, and well-done for any travel lover or person that is curious of little known facts about the world!” With its compelling descriptions, hundreds of photographs, surprising charts, maps for every region of the world, and new city guides, it is a book you can open anywhere and be transported.

10. Winc – Once a month, 3 bottles of wine are curated to your taste and delivered to your doorstep. I love gifts that keep on giving through the year! $22 off your first order. Cancel anytime.

More Ideas:

  • Make a personalized calendar with pictures of your family.
  • Frame one of your favorite memories with them.
  • Tickets to a local concert or play.
  • Local art or specialty foods, like jams, honey, etc.
  • Shameless plug for our newest cookbook, From Freezer to Cooker. Every recipe works in both the slow cooker and Instant Pot!

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Note: If you bookmark any of these ideas for later, we’d be so thankful if you came back to this page and go through our link when you are ready to purchase. We only get credit if you make a purchase through our link. We appreciate your support SO much!


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