Gift Guide: Teenager Girl

By Polly Conner
October 21, 2020

Teens can be tough to buy for! While many of their gift ideas will be specific to their hobbies and interests, there are some that will work for almost all teenager girls!

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Teenager Girl

10 Piece Lip Gloss Set – Teen girls love these because they’re cute. Swipe, smile, and shine—these universally flattering lip glosses glide on easily and pack a delicious punch. The perfect stocking stuffer.

Birkenstocks – Birkenstocks are officially back and every tween and teen is sporting them. They’re wearing them all year round, and even with socks. The Birkenstock Arizona EVA sandals are the next big thing! The legendary two-strap design, made of a synthetic waterproof and lightweight material. They come in a bunch of different colors and are unusually inexpensive.

White Birkenstocks


Perfume Sampler – I love this idea! It’s hard for me to commit to one bottle of perfume which is why I love the idea of getting a sampler kit. These range in size from trial to mini. Keep the ones you love, share the ones you don’t!

Silk Pillowcase – Good for your hair. Good for your skin. It’d be a delight to sleep on this every night. I’ve heard that this pillow is amazing if you want to make this gift extra special.

Hammock – Made of high quality heavy duty nylon. This extra soft yet super strong material gives you the most comfortable and relaxing experience ever.

Vibrastrait Flatiron –  A great straightener for a great price point! It is known as “The Healthier Hair Straightener” and offers a smoother, easier glide… even heat distribution, and vibrating ceramic tourmaline plates to protect hair for less damage, faster styling, and stronger, healthier hair. Get this… it was featured on the Rachel Ray Show and CA Live, as well as the Today Show,  GMA and The Talk

Vibrastaight Flatiron

Kendra Scott Jewelry – This line of jewelry is all the rage with teens!

Kendra Scott Necklace

Cute PJsA smattering of hearts covers this sleep set from the specialists in charming pajamas at Honeydew Intimates. Dropped shoulder seams contribute to the relaxed look.

Grey pajamas with white hearts

Photo Printer – Teens have 1,000 photos on their phone but usually only a handful actually printed out. This is one idea to help get hard copies of their favorite pictures off their phone and into frames or on the fridge. No ink cartridges required, and it comes in several fun colors!

Toiletries Bag – Every girl needs one of these! I love the print on this one but there are lots of other options as well.

Bathroom travel bag

Brushes – With over 82K positive reviews, this professional brush set contains 14 different function brushes to covers all your makeup needs. Perfect for blending, highlighting, shading and contouring face makeup looks.

Fuzzy Socks – I’m wearing some of these as I write this! Perfect to throw on around the house and their CUTE! I love how the look with leggings!

Fuzzy socks

Waterproof Portable Bluetooth Speaker – Can connect to a phone and play music for up to 16 hours! Since I imagine teens will be rough and tumble with it, I’m glad that it’s waterproof! Clips easily on a purse or backpack.

Airpods – Do we even need to make a pitch for these?! Teens love them!


Rise Up, Hamilton Gear – OK, I couldn’t help myself. But if the teen you’re buying for is a Hamilton fan, this will be a hit!

Rise up Hamilton shirt

Key Ring – I got one of these for Christmas last year and didn’t realize how much I’d like it. It makes it easy to find keys in a purse and can slide over your wrist if you want. Lots of different colors.

Key ring

Personal Blender – This is a great age for for them to start experimenting with flavors and food. Having a personal blender to make smoothies in is a great place to start! I know a teen girl who is obsessed with hers!

Personal blender

LED Light Strips – These are really popular with both teen girls and boys. They use them in their room and can use the app to sync to music and change colors.

Pique Tea Pique Tea is an innovative brand of instant tea crystals that dissolve in hot (some also in cold) water. You simply tear open the small packet of condensed tea crystals and mix them with water. Teens will love this shortcut approach to drinking a comforting cup of tea that can help provide calm energy, gut health, and boost immunity. Purchase in a bundle or individual packs.

Pique Tea

Color Changing Lightbulb with Remote My kids got this for her birthday this year and it’s been a huge hit. The light bulb works anywhere a standard lightbulb does and the user can change the colors with the use of the remote. I bought a few of these to give as birthday gifts as well!

Color changing lightbulb

Hydroflask – This is not just any water bottle. No, no, this is THE most popular water bottle right now in high school. Your teen is sure to love it. And, hey, I’m all for getting my teen to drink more water. 🙂 Check out the various designs and colors.


Cute Crossbody Bag – Whether it’s art supplies, books, or a water bottle and snacks, your tween girl will love this adorable crossbody bag that’s just her size.

Crossbody purple purse

Heart Rate & Sleep Monitor – This fitness tracker monitors your heart rate all day. It tracks your sleep (awake sleep, deep sleep, awake time) at night. The fitness tracker can track your daily steps, calorie consumed, workout distance and time. 

Swing by and see all of our Holiday Gift Guide Ideas!

Note: If you bookmark any of these ideas for later, we’d be so thankful if you came back to this page and go through our link when you are ready to purchase. We only get credit if you make a purchase through our link. We appreciate your support SO much!

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77 replies
  1. Amy Houle says:

    I love the idea of the hammock! I teach teens as well as have some of my own and these are really popular (and handy now that some students are having classes online more often!). I think I will probably purchase some for my teens for Christmas!

  2. Megan B says:

    Love the satin/silk pillowcases. Just recently got myself one because of all the skin and hair benefits. Also love the led light strips!

  3. Erica Carlson says:

    I like anything that makes what’s happening on a screen more public – so the Bluetooth speaker is the winner for me!

  4. Colleen M says:

    My kids love their hydroflasks and don’t leave home without them! They are the perfect gift for kids at this age to help instill the importance of daily water consumption. I love the idea of a hydroflask!

  5. Kera says:

    Perfume sampler is the bomb!! I’ve always loved receiving those and what teenager doesn’t want to feel luxurious with perfume ha! I know I did! I also love the photo printer and hammock!

  6. Sarah says:

    Again, love these ideas!. I think the Sephora perfume sampler is super creative gift and I love the idea of the cross body bag. I echo the ideas of the hammock and the lights! My girls love those!

  7. Amy Klingensmith says:

    My teen would love the printer. She is starting to enjoy making collages and would live to be able to print out the zillions of pics on her phone.

  8. Pam Cherin says:

    I think the LED light strip would be a really imaginative gift for a teenager (no teenage grandkids yet). I personally have used rope lights through the years outdoors, on top of closets or on plant shelves and love the soft lighting that they emit. These LED light strips look even more flexible and like they’re fun to decorate with. Will keep them in mind for the future. Thanks for all your great ideas this week.

  9. Ruthie Shaw says:

    The hammock is a perfect idea! It gives them the opportunity to spend time outdoors, and it’s perfect to bring along to college!

  10. Lee A Parker says:

    Great list!! This one was more difficult for me to choose from because of the excellent choices but I will go with either the perfume sampler or the toiletries bag. What teen wouldn’t love getting either?

  11. Bill M says:

    Some great things in here the waterproof bluetooth speaker, the airpods are no brainers in this household of 4 teen girls, one would appreciate the photo printer, one the personnel blender, while athird would love the color changing light bulb. The fourthwould love the hammock.

  12. GB says:

    Exact type of help I needed! Will add most of these items to my list, but might have to get the Kendra Scott jewelry for myself haha

  13. Carrie Nespor says:

    I like idea #3, the “Perfume Sampler”. What an ingenious way to try out lots of scents and have variety without having to buy lots of HUGE bottles and spend a ton of money!!!

  14. Lydia Coathup says:

    I move the cutie pjs because our daughter Cassie who’s 11 and tall with developmental special needs loges wearing super soft pajamas that have shorts to them ❤️

  15. Deb Love says:

    Lights for the room are huge hit! Our 13 year old granddaughter loves them. Hadn’t seen the color bulbs, but definitely need to check those out!

  16. Kim says:

    Oh my goodness. My 17-year-old daughter would love any of these. I would start with the LED light strip, or the Hydro flask water bottle, or the Kendra Scott jewelry. All winners with her.