Gift Ideas for a Two Year Old Boy

By Polly Conner
March 30, 2015

gift ideas for two year old boys

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This little man is turning TWO!

tylerThis affectionate, rowdy, passionate, curious, risk-taker, adventurous, sweet, funny, food-loving, shoe-chucker, sister-follower, bird-lover, blankie-snuggler, stranger-greeter, doggy-chaser, water-splashing, good-napper, snuggly little boy is TWO.

Sorry for sounding like every other single parent out there when I say, “When did that happen!?”tyler 2

Anyway, we are gearing up for a birthday celebration and I’ve been browsing around for gift ideas. I thought it might be helpful to put all of my ideas in one place for any other parents of two-year-old-to-be’s out there. I actually did a post similar to this in the past but this one has lots of new ideas and is a bit more geared towards boys.

Most of these ideas have been recommended by seasoned parents. A few we already have but I thought were worth including because they’ve been such a hit in our home.

 Gift Ideas for a Two Year Old Boy



Go Wheelie

This was the coveted toy at a recent play date I was at. It’s been on my mental gift list for quite some time now.

Gift ideas for 2 year olds

Pogo Jumper

Looks fun and burns some energy. Not sure if my 2 year old will be coordinated enough to really use it but by three I bet he will. Two year old gift ideas

Pounding Bench

Hammering. Yes.

Two year old gift ideas

Monster Bowling

Throwing something and knocking something over all in the same game. A for sure win for 2 year old boys.
Gift ideas for two year old boys


Can’t have enough different types of balls around the house. Soft enough to not damage a sisters face either. Win. Gift ideas for two year old boys

Bubble Gun 

Kids love bubbles and always want to be the one to blow them. I personally loathe holding the bubble bottle as kids nudge each other out in order to get a chance to dip a stick in the sticky solution only to partially spill it all over me or on the ground — usually ending in a scuffle and/or tears. My solution: a bubble gun!
Gift ideas for two year old boys

Flap Books

I wish I could say my 2 year old sits quietly and reads board books on his own. Nah, my guy needs some interaction with the book to keep him interested. A few flap books are on their way. Gift ideas for two year old boys

Bubble Mower

I sense a theme here. Bubbles and pushing things around. Two year olds are simple creatures aren’t they?
Gift ideas for two year old boysBaseball Set

We actually have this but my kids like it so much that I thought it was worth mentioning. We like this one in particular because the balls can be stored inside the bat when not in use. Gift idea for two year old boy


Duplo Blocks 

We have a few of these but I’d like some more for my guy. Building tall towers to be knocked over are these primary use at the moment. Hoping for a bit more creativity in the future.Screen Shot 2015-03-21 at 4.15.52 PM


Again, we have this and have not regretted the purchase for a day.

Gift idea for two year olds

Sound Puzzles

Got a few of these for Christmas. My little man particularly likes the cars and trucks puzzle.

Screen Shot 2015-03-21 at 4.36.16 PM

Gosh, I could go on and on of ideas but I’ll stop there. If you’re itching for more ideas, swing by this post for more gift ideas for two year olds.

Please add any other major ones I missed in the comments!


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  1. Beth Bishop says:

    Great ideas! I dislike my kids getting so much “junk” for birthdays and Christmas, so I encourage people not to get them stuff. But if they really want to get stuff craft supplies are always welcome in our home. My kid’s very favorite Christmas gift is from their aunt and uncle who give them an iou for an outing with them. They have done a zoo and aquarium at different years, but this year they moved far away so they got the kids a year membership to a science and nature museum. It’s not as fun as an outing with them, but one we’ll get lots of use out of.