The Banana Boat: The perfect after school snack!

Banana Boat: The Perfect After School Snack

By Rachel Tiemeyer
January 25, 2017

Banana Boat: This old-school snack makes a perfect afternoon treat for kids and mom alike.

It began many, many years ago. About 35 in fact. My mom used to make these for me as a kid, sans the chocolate chips. She was a better mom than me, I guess. But, here I am three decades later making The Banana Boat (with some little sailors or aka chocolate chips) for my kids after school quite often.

And, to be honest, this is a go-to snack for me when I have the 2 p.m. munchies, too. It’s satiating and sweet, but healthier than a cookie or chips. What’s the recipe for The Banana Boat? Three simple steps:

1 – Hollow out the “canoe” by cutting out a “V” shape along the inside of the banana curve.

2 – Fill with peanut butter.

3- Top with chocolate chips. Or, if your kids will bear it, raisins. Mine don’t. They are spoiled now. 😉

Bonus: My mom used to pop the top back on. Or your kids can eat it by itself.

The Banana Boat: The perfect after school snack!

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  1. Lisa Jarnigan says:

    These banana boats are also great when camping. Wrap them up in foil and stuff them around the bottom of the camp fire and they make a warm, yummy snack!