Pancake Picture Poll Results

OK, OK, you’ve made your point!

The poll results are in on which pancake picture was better.

Picture One:



Picture Two:

whole wheat pumpkin pancakes

Turns out you like the first pumpkin pancake picture by a loooong shot.

Screen Shot 2014-10-17 at 6.32.34 PM

I was wrong, Rachel was right. Blah blah blah.

Maybe next we will show you the photos I took of our meatballs and see if you think they resemble “poop balls” as Rachel kindly named them.

Food photography is tricky, people!

Thanks to those who voted and we will be sure to take up any future photo discrepancies with you all.

Apple Butter Weekend 2014


“It’s Apple butter Weekend.”

Anyone who has known me for a while knows what I mean by this. For over 80 years my family has been gathering in October to make homemade apple butter. LOTS of homemade apple butter. Like 42 gallons of homemade apple butter. IMG_5831

It is quite the endeavor to do this and it takes everyone chipping in to get it done. I think that is part of what we like about it though. The fact that it requires work and the fact that we have to rely on each other and work together to make it happen.

It all starts Friday night…IMG_5788

Reader Poll: Pumpkin Pancake Picture Problems

Guys. The pancakes have come between us.

Between Rachel and me that is.

See, the deal is we can’t agree which picture of our pumpkin pancakes is the best. She likes one and I like the other. In fact we both feel very differently as to which is the best picture to represent this yummy pancake recipe.

We also like a little friendly competition and aren’t afraid to put this question before YOU!

Which picture do you think should be used on our post?

Picture One:whole-wheat-pumpkin-pancakes


Picture Two:

whole wheat pumpkin pancakes



Results will be announced in a few days.

We appreciate your cooperation in helping Rachel and I work through our differences. And giving one of us the chance to gloat to the other.